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Andre Drummond bongo-drum truthers vindicated after hoax admitted

Remember all those articles about Andre Drummond playing the bongos?

Well, you might want to sit down for this.

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones:

TBJ: Are you getting any better at the drums?

Drummond: That was a joke. I don’t really play the drums in practice.

TBJ: You don’t?!?

Drummond: I was joking around in practice one day. I don’t really do that.

I knew it all along!

But so many questions remain. What was Arnie Kander’s role? Was Lawrence Frank duped or part of the conspiracy? How high does this go? Who knew what and when did they know it?

Or is Drummond fibbing now in attempt to protect a training method Kander hoped to keep secret?

I will not rest until we get to the bottom of this.


  • Feb 16, 20134:09 pm
    by 19880607


    Too funny! I find it far more believable that Drummond would prank us than that Arnie Kander would prank an injured player.

  • Feb 16, 20134:39 pm
    by Chris N


    Methinks you will rest long before getting to the bottom of this.

  • Feb 16, 20134:44 pm
    by trav


    Manti te’o started it.

  • Feb 16, 20135:12 pm
    by Kobina


    I love this kid.  The Future is bright for the Pistons.

  • Feb 16, 20136:03 pm
    by joe dumars


    On PTI they talked about Drummond playing the drums. Wilbon seem to heard of this method before. Maybe he is just protecting Kander?

  • Feb 16, 20138:13 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    Kid has an infectious personality.  Bet he knows how to keep it a bit of a mystery for the fun of it . Nice balance of maturity and playfullness at the same time. Really refreshing considering the attitude problems that some (few(  players come with.

  • Feb 17, 20134:34 am
    by Mark


    LOL, Drummond was probably just playing coy to keep his teammates from calling him Lil Drummond Boy

    It was cool seeing him sitting courtside with LeBron during the Saturday Night festivities. Future superstar with current superstar

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