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3-on-3: The Andre Drummond Aftermath

Modeled after ESPN’s 5-on-5, three of us will answer three questions about a Pistons-related topic. Please add your responses in the comments.

1. Are there any positives that come with Drummond being out?

Patrick Hayes: No, none at all. I could grasp at straws and say something like Drummond being out will help the Pistons get better position in the lottery or that I guess it’s good that the medical staff was thorough and checked Drummond out despite his repeated assertions that his back issue was no big deal. But there is no silver lining to this news.

Jameson Draper: Well, he’s only been out for two and a half games, so we are yet to see things that will come out of it, but I guess the positives are the fact that we get to see other players find their way into the rotation and we get to see what they have to offer. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we get to see Viacheslav Kravtsov more and see what he brings to the table.

Brady Fredericksen: Zero. It appeared Drummond was starting to gain a little bit of trust from Lawrence Frank and was about to be introduced to the concept of competent NBA point guard play with Jose Calderon coming in. Now, the only positive that could come out of it is Drummond, who gets a de-facto vacation of, say, 12ish games during the month of February, has enough energy come back in March and April to get some bigger minutes and potentially make a Rookie of the Year push.

2. What’s the biggest negative with Drummond’s injury?

Patrick Hayes: The fact that, finally, it looked like Lawrence Frank was ready to stretch out Drummond’s minutes. He’d averaged 23 minutes per game in the four games prior to his injury, four minutes per game more than his season average. There were subtle signs that Drummond’s workload was going to increase soon. Now, due to the injury, when he returns, the Pistons will rightfully be back to square one as far as being cautious with his minutes.

Jameson Draper: The Pistons don’t have Andre Drummond, who not only is super talented and one of the best players on the team, he was kind of the mental revitalization piece to the Pistons playoffs hopes, if that makes any sense. He seemed to be kind of the piece that gave fans and the team hope for the playoffs, and now that’s gone.

Brady Fredericksen: That we’re not going to get to see any Calderon-to-Drummond alley-oops until March. But seriously, the team’s most exciting and athletic player, arguably its top rebounder and its lone shot altering, interior defender is going to miss a month. This upcoming stretch of games would have given him a real taste of the real grind in an NBA season, one that saw the Pistons kind-of-sort-of in the hunt. Now, that’s gone.

3. Where does the team go in this next month without him?

Patrick Hayes: Ben Wallace. The team already had a roster spot since the Pistons gave up two players to get Jose Calderon. Now with a rotation big man out, they have a need too. Give Wallace one last mini-retirement tour while Drummond heals.

Jameson Draper: Try to get a better draft pick, I guess. The team’s not going to make the playoffs now, and if they do, they’ll be knocked out in the first round. There’s really no point in trying to win now, although it’s what the fans want to see.

Brady Fredericksen: Ben Wallace. The idea of letting Kravtsov get some playing time makes sense, but he was signed as a big body for the end of the bench. Wallace is going to be in shape, he’s going to help with some defense/rebounding and he gives you the potential flexibilty of floating Jason Maxiell and his expiring contract around the trade deadline. Plus, once Drummond comes back, he’s got a veteran like Wallace around for the rest of the season. If there’s any way for Wallace to retire and pass the proverbial torch, this would be it.


  • Feb 11, 20139:34 am
    by David


    sucks we’re missing out on a Drummond-Davis matchup tonight. Would’ve been the first, right?

     I’m excited for the AD-AD matchups/comparisons/competition over the next few years in the same manner as Monroe-Cousins and even BK-Irving has been.


  • Feb 11, 201310:04 am
    by ryan


    I’ve been hoping for Ben Wallace as well for the same reasons you all mentioned. I just seems like a good idea and maybe even a good fit for a retirement tour next year.

  • Feb 11, 201310:11 am
    by XstreamINsanity


    Here are my answers if I were on the panel:  :)

    1. There are a few positives that CAN come from this as long as the training and coaching staff do their parts.  It was mentioned in a recent TBP article that one of the main focuses of this coming off season was going to be getting Drummond’s core in better shape.  This injury is something that likely wouldn’t have happened had his core been in better shape.  Since he’ll be able to move and work on his core, this can be done during the time down rather than having to wait until the off season.  This should bring back a more conditioned and coordinated Drummond.  Also, he’ll have plenty of time to work on his free throws.  Bring in Rick Barry, I heard he helped Joakim Noah go from around 30% to 70+%.

    2.  To me, the biggest negative is what the fans will miss.  Yes, the fans want to see the playoffs for hopes of moving in the right direction.  Most fans aren’t stat-heads and can only measure success/progress in wins and losses or playoffs.  It seems, and I haven’t looked at the actual numbers, that Drummond was attracting more fans to the game.  The fan base was growing again.  The more fans at the games, the more encouragement for the players (rather than feeling like they’re playing a middle school game), the better they are likely to perform.

    3. Bring Back Ben!!!  Sign him for the rest of the season and next year on the MLE. Brandon learns alongside Jose, Drummond learns alongside Ben.  I think Ben is in good enough shape to play 15-20 minutes a game backing up Monroe and Drummond.  Fans would love to see that, would love to know Drummond has one of the best to learn from, and the games will be anything but boring.

    • Feb 11, 20132:00 pm
      by Brigs


      We won’t have the mle next year but im sure Big Ben would come back at the veterans minimum 

  • Feb 11, 201310:16 am
    by DasMark


    I like Nasty’s idea of bringing in Barry to help Drummond. If he could help Noah, why not Drummond? Noah also developed a reliable jump shot, whomever worked that out with him needs to talk to Monroe ASAP. 

    Bringing back Ben Wallace doesn’t solve anything. I think it would be more detrimental to his legacy than anything.  

  • Feb 11, 201311:35 am
    by Georgio


    No Ben, with Prince’s trade the cord has been cut to the 2004 team, leave it cut. Slava just needs minutes and confidence, just like Andre did, and he’ll look the part of a good back up center. Play him 10-18 minutes a game and by the time Andre gets back both our new starting center and his backup will be ready for action.

  • Feb 11, 201312:00 pm
    by Corey


    No Ben. It’s over. I agree we’re better off giving Kravtsov some time and seeing if he can be a useful backup with some experience. And I wouldn’t want to insult Wallace by saying he’s not good enough for the full season roster, but he’s good enough to come back for a couple months as an injury sub.  And committing money for next year to him would be foolish.

  • Feb 11, 201312:08 pm
    by Ryank


    The positive I see is CV will get more minutes and hopefully do more work in the paint.  This will increase the chance he gets traded before or after the deadline.  As a fan, I do have to be concerned about Gore’s checking account…if they can trade CV instead of amnesting him this summer, it will make spending money on new contracts easier for Gores to swallow. 
    I’m also hoping Jonas gets the boot out of there when we see him in more minutes.  He’s really never done anything particularly well…not particularly bad at anything either.  He’s not the type of guy who’s making a positive impact on the floor very often as a result. 
    Ben Wallace…  Forget it.  We don’t need a link to the past anymore, we need new leadership to step up.  Ben might be washed up, but they are still going to look at him as a leader.  Knight, Monroe, and Drummond need to be the guys who get on the same page and lead this team.  The three of them should be captains and they should have regular meetings about team problems to create a united position moving the team in a positive direction.

    • Feb 11, 20131:27 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      I think the main problem with Jonas is coaching.  If you remember his rookie season, he was the only player on the team worth watching.  Unfortunately he got injured and missed the whole next season.  Since then he has been playing for Frank or most of the time not even playing.

  • Feb 11, 201312:22 pm
    by Crispus


    Bring back Terrance Williams to try some experiments at Point-SF/SG? I think the idea of “You play to win the game” will get in the way of experiments and evaluations that can answer some burning roster questions. Don’t be a square Frank!

  • Feb 11, 201312:28 pm


    1. Are there any postives that come with Drummond being out?

    YES, As I fan I dont need to be pissed out at Frank for not playing him more than 20 minutes per game, I dont need to be yelling at the my laptop or TV like a madman because Dre and Monroe only spent 7-8 minutes on the floor together, and It exposes exactly how weak our interior defense and rebounding is without him as an option. In other words Frank wont know what he had in Dre, until its gone.

    2. Whats the biggest negative with Drummond injury?

    The biggest negative has nothing to do with us missing him on the floor, Drummond is a 19 year old kid, and you’re telling him for a month he cant play basketball or engage in any real physical activity. The biggest negative would be him to coming back in 20-30 days, 15-20 lbs heavier, Drummond at 320 or 315 WILL NOT BE OKAY! Also, on the floor when he gets back if the Pistons continue with the up and down pace his conditioning and getting back into game shape could be a problem

    3. Where Does this team go in this without him?

    The same place like even if he was healthy, we will have a subpar record, either way below .500 basketball or a little below .500 basketball. I love Dre and what he brings to the Pistons, I love the idea of what he can become for this franchise, but at the end of the day 23 minutes per-game from almost ANY player in the league is not gonna shift the tide for a team. Frank still didnt seem like he was ready to start Drummond or play him 30 plus minutes, so yeah.

    • Feb 11, 20132:01 pm
      by Crispus



      • Feb 11, 20136:37 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        im making my push to be part of the next 3 on 3

  • Feb 11, 201312:37 pm
    by brgulker


    Apart from sentimentality, I don’t agree that Ben Wallace makes sense. I’m probably the dude’s biggest fan, too. 

    Unless there’s a trade that clears Max or CV, and the Pistons don’t bring a rotation big back in return, what’s the point of signing Big Ben?

    The team isn’t making a playoff push. It makes more sense to play Slava and see what’s there. It makes more sense to play Max and CV as the trade deadline approaches. And it’s not like Dre’s out for the season.

    On top of that, the Pistons may not be done trading. Having an open roster spot could prove significant. 

    • Feb 11, 20132:49 pm
      by Matt


      I wonder about that point on whether Drummond is out for the season or not. Apart from the kool aid this organization routinely puts out, why in the world would they even think about bringing Drummond back before he’s absolutely, positively 110%? A stress fracture in your spine is a serious injury and he’s the future of the team, so why risk bringing him back early to a team with for pointless month of play? To worsen your lottery position I guess. Anyway if I’m Joe D the whole ’4-6 weeks’ thing is just PR and I’m shutting the big fella down for the season.

  • Feb 11, 201312:59 pm


    BIG BEN BACK!, Hell lets see what Chuckey Atkins is doing to!!!…anyone then Jon Barry would wanna play for half a season???


    and if he wanted to mentor Dre, he would have been done it….

  • Feb 11, 20131:12 pm
    by D-Tove


    Sign Benjie.  Tank some games.  Get in the lotto.  Trade Max.  Let’s be real, were not the Lakeshow, no big name free agents are heading to the D.  Get another pick out of Max and use the other to continue to build the team.  Dre, GMon, BK, Singy + 2013 first rounder/Eric Gordon is a young strong unit.  

  • Feb 11, 20132:50 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I like Ben as much as anyone else but if the team is going all in on a youth movement why bring back Ben for half a season? It would be cool to have him come in on a coaching/mentoring capacity but other than that let Slava get more playing time and see what you have (if anything) for next year and beyond.

  • Feb 11, 20134:29 pm
    by brandow


    isnt jon barry in his mid 40s
    plus arent we in a two game wining streak with drummond out. give slava some minutes damn it, hell give kim english some minutes too. these guys are young and are willing to give it all they got in their rookie year and how is it fair for them to not recieve any minutes.

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