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Will Bynum: Rodney Stuckey should start over Kyle Singler

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Bynum has a simple solution. Reinsert Rodney Stuckey (who’s out with an ankle injury) into the starting lineup to take the pressure off Knight and his ballhanding duties, move Singler back to the second unit where he’s another shooter on the floor.

"That’s what I would think, Rodney starting at the point and Kyle coming off the bench with us," Bynum said. "Different looks, a different momentum. And BK can just score.

If the Pistons are trying to win right now – and I believe they are – this would be a good move, provided Rodney Stuckey plays a role with Brandon Knight like he did last season as opposed to how he played early this season. Before moving to the bench this year, Stuckey struggled as a spot-up outside shooter while Knight handled all point-guard duties. Last year, Stuckey shared point-guard duties with Knight, which allowed Knight to play more off the ball.

But in terms of the franchise moving forward, this would be a poor move. As much as we’ve criticized Knight’s turnover problems, they’re a necessary step in his development and the Pistons’ assessment of him. Knight, for all his tools, has not yet put together a sustained run of competent point-guard play. I much prefer Knight going through this learning process to Stuckey masking Knight’s deficiencies.

Stuckey might be the crutch Knight needs right now, but the Pistons will be better off if Knight tries to walk unaided.


  • Jan 2, 201310:16 pm
    by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


    Will Bynum just wants more minutes as back up PG cause if Stuckey comes off the bench when he gets back, it makes it harder to find minutes for Bynum…but I can’t be mad at Will wanting to play more he deserves it

    • Jan 2, 201311:21 pm
      by Bo


      Agreed 100%. 

      And it’s time to evaluate Knight fully. Give him a chance to develop point guardy-ness. If he can, position problem solved. If he can’t, we move him. If Stuckey gets in the way of that evaluation, it hurts the organization. 

    • Jan 3, 20131:01 am
      by Jodi Jezz


      That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while…If Stuckey is put back in the starting line-up(which he should be) we could still run a Knight/Stuckey/Singler rotation without Bynum playing a single minute…Use your noodle…Everyone that has some sort of basketball IQ knows that Singler is a bum…Bynum was just speaking the truth, Singler isn’t a freaking starter!!!

      • Jan 3, 20139:50 am
        by apa8ren9


        Dude please come off of it.  Your obsession with Singler is ridiculous.  We are trying to win, not run a popularity contest.  Bynum is going to play until he runs out of gas and that’s it.  There is nothing to see here.  Singler is doing just fine and playing his role the way he is supposed to.  Guess what, if everyone produces when they play then we win games.  Any body with any basketball IQ understands that.

      • Jan 3, 201310:00 am
        by tarsier


        No, Jodi, you are the only person who “knows” Singler is a bum. Would he be a starter on most teams? No. But the Pistons are worse than most teams. And Singler is no worse than say Danny Green, a starter on one of the best teams in the league.

        • Jan 3, 201310:16 am
          by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


          1st off Green is better than Singler, and not trying to sound like a hater but Sngler is playing out of position and would be better at SF cause he lacks speed. I won’t agree with Jodi and say he’s a bum, but he shouldn’t be starting neither. We’re just in a situation were we don’t have much of a choice but like Maxiel at PF, I’m pretty sure Singler wouldn’t be a starting SG anywhere else in the league

          • Jan 3, 20131:17 pm
            by tarsier

            Green may be better, but it’s pretty much a 50/50 call between the two. They are very comparable players and I think you are under-attributing Green’s success to Poppovich (see how he looked on a terrible Cavs team).

            I’d be fine with Singler at another position, in or out of the starting lineup.  But Singler is arguably the second brightest spot on the Pistons’ season after Drummond.

        • Jan 3, 20133:25 pm
          by Jodi Jezz


          Green actually plays defense, Singler doesn’t…I wouldn’t hate on Singler so much if Frank would play him off the bench…Starting Knight/Stuckey together would make our team better, Stuckey just had a bad start of the season…I know it’s not a popularity contest, but we all know Stuckey is a better player than Singler…And Tarsier, Singler is more of an eye sore than a bright spot on our roster…4 points in 33 minutes doesn’t scream “bright spot”, it screams “10 minute role player”…

          • Jan 3, 20134:58 pm
            by tarsier

            4 points in 33 minutes doesn’t scream “bright spot”, it screams “10 minute role player”…

             Alright then, let me know when Singler is averaging 4 points in 33 minutes. In the meantime, I’ll take a total unknown who is playing like a top ten rookie as a bright spot, whether starting or not.

            Also, Singler sometimes gets burned on D, but he’s been, on the whole, pretty average on that side of the ball. Very comparable to Green.

    • Jan 3, 20138:33 pm
      by Stuckey and Whoever


      Bynum is just calling out a guy who is over matched every game just about now.  Who may defend ok and grab 5 rebounds a game.  There is a warm spot on the bench all day long for guys who can do that.  Put Singler were he belongs, is was a great switch for a week or two.  Really pointless though, and until we get better guards Stuckey is the best guard on this team. 

  • Jan 2, 201310:48 pm
    by sb3


    Yeah I definitely think there’s at least a little bit of self-interest in Bynum’s desire for Stuckey to start. Once Stuckey gets back, most of those backup minutes will go to him and Bynum will get left off the rotation at some point. 

  • Jan 2, 201310:49 pm
    by S.J.


    Bynum needs to shut his mouth up. He is not the future of the franchise, Knight is. 

    • Jan 3, 201310:02 am
      by tarsier


      “Bynum needs to shut his mouth up.”

      Who is he hurting by expressing his opinion? If he was saying something offensive, that’d be one thing. But he isn’t and he has as much right to run his mouth as Knight or anyone else does. 

    • Jan 3, 20138:23 pm
      by Stuckey and Whoever


      Knight is future??? really…no

  • Jan 2, 201310:58 pm


    Knight has been an average at Pg, but last year he was poor at PG… he has got much better since last year.

    That was my point, when everyone was like just bring in a veteran PG… the desire to just move Knight to SG..is just too tempting

    he is a capable PG ….

    The 2nd unit play the style f basketball that Knight would be most effective in… 

  • Jan 2, 201311:15 pm
    by Mark


    I think this move could be beneficial to the future as well as present. If Knight suddenly flourishes at SG, maybe they give up the PG experiment, make him their SG of the future, and then not have to waste anymore time trying to find out if he is a PG ir not, and will know exactly what they need to go get – a PG.

    The difference between Knight moving to SG and when Stuckey did it is that Knight can flat-out shoot with the best 2guards in the league from long distance. Which is the only thing preventing Stuckey from playing that position. So I don;t see why Knight can’t be our SG longterm. He’s a tad undersized, but he’s really long and athletic so I think he would be fine defensively. 

    If Knight were destined to be a PG, the more we watch him, the more we’d see him as a PG. But as is, the more I watch him the more doubt I have that he’s a PG. Which should be a sign that he’s not one. The fact that we’re now talking about Stuckey finally starting to “get it” at PG, tells me maybe Knight needs to go through the same thing. Move to another position for a while, just to take the pressure and see the game from a different angle. Then maybe in a year or two he will “get it” like Stuckey appears to now. Heck, if Stuckey gets it finally, might as well just stay with him at PG.

    • Jan 2, 201311:25 pm
      by Bo


      I also agree with this. Put Stuckey at the starting point…I think he gets it now. How many years in the league did it take for Chauncey to become “Chauncey”…?

      However, I don’t want an undersized SG. We’d have Rodney as a big PG. Let’s not settle for a smallish SG. If Brandon is not our PG of the future, I’d rather we move him and bring in a SG with size.  

      • Jan 3, 20139:50 am
        by Scott Free


        They don’t have to play the same positions on offense as defense.

  • Jan 3, 201312:17 am
    by Otis


    Knight is as useless at PG as anyone who’s ever had the title. We’ve all seen enough.

  • Jan 3, 201312:46 am
    by Nobody


    Currently, Knight should have a role like Jason Terry off the bench. Stuckey is simply the better PG right now, and if he can continue his PG development, that’s great.
    Stuckey’s worst TO average ever: 2.23 TO/game
    Stuckey’s worst Assist-to-TO ratio: ~2 (last year when he wasn’t the primary PG). 

    • Jan 3, 201310:04 am
      by tarsier


      This would be a bad idea. The starting lineup is more in need of 3 point shooting than the second unit.

  • Jan 3, 20131:19 am
    by Danny


    They’ve been doing something right over the last five games.  I wouldnt change too much.  I just hope they let Knight, Monroe, and Drummond grow together. To many teams give up on their players before they have a chance to develope and be cohesive.  Patience will likely be the key to long term piston success.   

  • Jan 3, 20131:55 am
    by ZekeKhaseli


    Knight and Drummond in pick and roll is painful to watch

  • Jan 3, 20132:44 am
    by steve-o


    This is a hard debate.
    Will and Rodney are both people that need the ball in their hands.
    Will and Rodney can both drive to the hoop for a hard fought basket or a dish out to and open guy, but aside from that, there isn’t a lot that comes from them. (Yes, I know they can have a nice pull-up jumper every once in a while – when they’re felling it).

    But Brandon is a point guard; he finds the man that creates a shot for himself, can drive and create a shot for someone else, or drive and hit the hoop/draw a foul. Rodney and Will don’t have the same “PG Prowess” (as my dad and I call it) that Brandon does.

    Kind of a side note:
    I really want to see Drummond play with Monroe more – twin towers baby! But for this season, I would love to see this line up as the second unit.

    1: Bynum
    2: Daye
    3: Jerebko
    4: Maxiel
    5: Drummond 

    I know, who do we start at 4 (hold your breath……) CV…  I think he would be a good compliment to Greg because he can spread the floor and open the lane for our big fella, but as of late, he has been showing he can rebound (who knows how long that will last).

    But think about the energy and hustle that 2nd unit would bring, the pick me up the bench might need. I LOVE JMax… but he’s not a starter, he is good enough to be a starter, and that’s why I think he should play in the 2nd unit. He will make the other teams 4/5 pay; Boards, points, physicality, JMax will bring it.

    So, I guess the gist of what I’m sayings is, the Pistons have a lot of great role players and 2nd unit guys, but they need a cut-throat scorer that can create shots without the ball (Rip is the closets thing we have had to it in a few years – even though I may not call him cut-throat).

    The Pistons have a GOOD team, not great, not above average, just good. They can take it too the next level (relevance, not contendership) with a player picked up in trade/free agency, not the draft. They have enough “good” guys (Monroe, Drummond, Knight) from the draft. They need a Melo, Wade, James, Kobe, Durrant, Dirk, Igudala, etc.

    I’m rambling… I have so many points and they don’t come out as well in text. I love my Pistons, and will always love them. DRUMMOND ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan 3, 20138:26 pm
      by Stuckey and Whoever


      What???  Did you miss the main point not to call out you and your dad out.  But Stuckey has been Knights crutch because he lacks real point point abilities.  smh prowess

  • Jan 3, 20133:12 am
    by Vic


    The square peg round hole thing is so tired… Shoot first pgs usually only excel with coaches that can make decisions for them (Popovich/Parker, Billups/brown, deron Williams/Sloan).

    I’m all for letting the better pg play pg. knight can score, let him be a scorer… Just makes too much sense

  • Jan 3, 20137:12 am
    by Corey


    Stuckey should be starting PG, with BK at SG. They can cross-match on D. BK can handle the ball and run the O enough to keep learning PG as well, while using everyone to their best.

  • Jan 3, 20137:32 am
    by Vince


    Will Bynum wasnts job security, fair enough. Just by taking the pulse of the comments around here I see everyone is about 50/50 on Knight, I personally think we should move him, never liked the pick, never liked his game, never cared for his shooting prowess.

    He is supposed to be a goddamn PG, I’m hearing people here and sports blogs everywhere labelling him a ‘combo guard’ or ‘shooting-guard’. Enough. Joe D’s infatuation with combo guards is pretty well documented, we almost draft one every year, but for this team to move forward we need a true PG, I’m not saying someone like CP3 or Nash, but a veteran who understands fundamental basketball and how to be a pass-first player. Honestly, pretty sure any old vet will do a better job than Knight. Personally, I’d love to have Andre Miller or Jamaal Tinsley. I’m not saying old guys do it better, hell, I’d take Grievis Vasquez or Jrue Holiday, but they would probably cost more.

    I’ve said it in other comments, Knight needs to go, get a real PG, or at least one who can pass consistently and watch this team grow. The Pistons have something that both Bynum and Stuckey have found here and there, Knight hasn’t, he forces the offense and his passing doesn’t look natural. Sure Bynum and Stuckey may not be as good as him, but they’re better passers and can drive to the basket and score, two things Brandon needs to improve on if he is to be of any good to this team.


  • Jan 3, 20139:22 am
    by Crispus


    Let’s get Scott Machado for cheap! The Rocket’s aren’t using him.

  • Jan 3, 201312:43 pm
    by HardyHar


    Sounds like a similar situation as the front court with each player complimentin. (Masking) the other’s deficiencies. I think it’s a fine plan IF both players are here long  term. Otherwise, you’ll be left with one-dimentional players that are ineI did anyone is traded or dealt away. 

  • Jan 3, 20133:39 pm
    by albert kapustar


    Some are talking about Knights being able to shoot out the lights but he is only shooting 40% last time i looked.Stuckey is up and down one day great and our leading scorer,the next 3 for 15,he is not consistent enough to be a starter.And Siegler hasn’t shoot well since after the first week he was inserted into the starting lineup.All 3 of these players are overrated and trade bate or 2nd unit players.Drummond should be in the starting lineup with monroe,Villaneuva is playing great because his contract is up and he is trying to impress people.When he gets a new contract i think he will go back to old charlie.The Pistons have 2 good big men to build around after that its a crap shoot,although Bynum has looked good  and Maxwell is staeady.My Pistons are a long way from a finished product.

    • Jan 3, 201310:46 pm
      by tarsier


      41% from three could certainly be considered lights out shooting. Unfortunately, he also shoots twos.

  • Jan 4, 20135:24 pm
    by Hemdon Barga


    I have Knight, Prince, Stuckey and Singler all on my fantasy team and believe it or not right now Im in 1st place out of 20 teams. What I like in watching Singler is that he can do other things to help you besides score…little things that don’t show up much in the box score. The book is long out on Bynum…undersized Jacker(see Ben Gordon, Nate Robinson, etc). they’ll win a few games a year for you….and when theyre on fire you love them…but more often than not they’ll be a minus for you. I happen to think Stuckey is the better player over Knight now…no knight may never be a legit pg. outside of knight being terribly undersized for the position….may be better to have Stuckey handling the ball more…and knight playing an undersized scoring guard for now…because that boy is no point guard. They do offer some excitement together though…if not sane basketball. Singler has the chance to be another Dunleavy…and once the  Pistons trade Prince to a contender, which is bound to happen, there will be room for Stuckey, Knight AND Singler Starting together in your push for your next lottery pick. 

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