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Will Bynum on London game: ‘We could’ve played the game in Chicago’

David Mayo of MLive:

"I don’t want to see nothing in London, man," Bynum said. "I’m fine right over here. We could’ve played the game in Chicago. I don’t really care."

The world is a big place full of interesting people and places, and personally, I’d advocate seeing as much of it as possible. But I can’t read that quote without smiling. Will Bynum, never change.


  • Jan 15, 201311:04 am
    by LT


    this is anecdotal to Bynum’s small minded nature. in my opinion, this dynamic is a hinderance for Bynum realizing his full athletic potential within the sport of Basketball

    • Jan 15, 20131:48 pm
      by tarsier



      • Jan 16, 20139:50 am
        by Scott Free


        Way to read into someones disinterest in foreign travel — especially someone whos experienced more than his fair share during a professional career which included a stay in Israel.

  • Jan 15, 201312:20 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Wow. Of all people to devalue a cultural experience, it’s interesting to see Bynum, who has played more abroad than any player on this team, to scoff at the prospect of going to London and seeing a different part of the world. Did he despise it more than most people would? Does that clue an outsider into how much passion he really had for the game? Did he just have an awful experience and not want to repeat it? It’d be interesting if a beat writer pressed him on this one… 

    • Jan 16, 20131:41 pm
      by sloppy joe


      hes not devaluing anything.  He is sim[ply staying he would prefer to stay in the states, relax and spend time with his family then being dressed up and put on a stage to play the washington generals against the knicks in london… I don’t blame him

  • Jan 15, 201312:38 pm
    by GaryN


    Well i’m sure excited as hell about the Pistons coming over here to London to give us UK Pistons fans a chance to see them Live, even if Will Bynum isn’t it. Difficult to judge the context of his comments, but a little disappointing to hear him say that all the same.

    • Jan 15, 20135:23 pm
      by Guus


      Dear Gary and/ or other UK Pistons fans,

      My name is Guus Teeuwen, a Dutch Pistons fan. Since I have great girlfriend who went through a lot of trouble to arrange my birthday gift, I am going to see our Pistons live in London. I’m over the moon!

      Now, I could use the help of my British fellow Pistons fans: I have to be at Stansted airport friday morning 6 a.m. (UK time), and have no place to stay between the end of the game (or the closing of the bar after the game :P) and my having to be at the airport. So I was wondering: would anyone have me surf their couch for a few hours to get some shut eye (maybe talk some Pistons and have a drink) before I am on my way to the airport? It would be greatly appreciated from one Pistons fan to another :)

      I’m not sure how we should proceed to contact one another (I’m on facebook: Guus Teeuwen, Eindhoven), but a reply to this comment would possibly get things started: we would find a way :)

      Thanks in advance,


      Guus Teeuwen           

  • Jan 15, 201312:45 pm
    by Johnford


    I’m pretty sure he meant that in a focused and professionnal kind of way, not as a knock on  the city itself. He’s focused on the next game and don’t give a damn about where it’s played, even if it was in rivals Chicago. I like that attitude.

  • Jan 15, 20132:40 pm
    by tim


    what an ignorant statement.  I guess he means he is focused on bball, but it comes across as typical of the very narrow mindset of many americans. 

  • Jan 15, 20134:50 pm
    by Ryank


    I don’t have a problem with this statement or opinion.  Bynum has lived overseas and has traveled all over this continent with basketball…more travel than most of us will ever do.  If he thinks this way because of his experience, I’m okay with it. 
    On the other hand when I hear stuff like this from someone who never leaves their home town, I’m offended by the narrow mindedness. 
    Like Bynum, I have been fortunate to have seen many other parts of the world.  I do not share his opinion and would welcome the opportunity to travel more.  I haven’t been to London, and it’s not at the top of my list, but I would certainly jump on the opportunity to go there on a business trip anytime…on someone else’s dime it would be fantastic! 

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