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Will Andre Drummond be the next Pistons All-Star?

With the All-Star Game coming up, I thought today’s Freep.com column was a good opportunity to discuss who, if anyone, on the Pistons roster could be the team’s next All-Star. There are really only three candidates — Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight. Here’s what I wrote about Monroe:

Last season, Greg Monroe had a legitimate case that he was snubbed from the game. Among centers — and whether you think Monroe is actually a center or not, that’s where he played the bulk of his minutes — his numbers compared favorably with anyone not named Dwight Howard. The backup center spot in the East went to Roy Hibbert, but Monroe and Tyson Chandler had compelling arguments in their favor. Monroe, however, was mostly an afterthought simply because Hibbert and Chandler played for teams that were winning and Monroe didn’t.

As close as he was, I think making the game is a more difficult proposition for Monroe now. First and most obviously, his numbers have dipped this season — his field goal and free throw percentages are down and his turnovers are up since he’s been asked to do more in the offense. His case was aided last year by the fact that two of the East’s top centers, Joakim Noah and Al Horford, battled injuries that removed them from the discussion. When healthy, both are better than Monroe, particularly defensively, and both also play on better teams. On top of that, this year the league eliminated the ‘center’ position from the rosters, so Monroe isn’t just competing against the relatively shallow (and now Howard-less) group of centers in the East, he’s competing for spots with all frontcourt players.


  • Jan 18, 201312:30 pm
    by tarsier


    I don’t really know exactly what to expect from Monroe. He is clearly slumping this season. But if he bounce back next year, he could easily get into all-star conversation. Especially if he plays heavy minutes alongside Drummond. That should improve both his performance and the team’s winning situation. So really, this feels like it could go either way.

    I highly doubt Knight will ever be an all-star. And if he is, he’ll be the Billups/Hamilton type all-star that doesn’t really have as good numbers as some other guys but is on a contending team. Regardless, I think Detroit’s undetermined 2013 lottery pick is more likely to be the next Piston in the ASG than Knight.

    • Jan 18, 20135:16 pm
      by G


      The Pistons don’t own their 2013 draft pick unless it’s in the top 8, remember?

      • Jan 18, 20135:42 pm
        by tarsier


        That’s the 2014 draft. In the 2013 draft, it’s lottery protected.

    • Jan 19, 201311:47 am
      by Revken


      I think we’re expecting more of Monroe than he is capable of doing for this team at this point.  The past couple of years we have expected too much of Prince, and his performance also suffered.  I think better PG play would make the biggest difference.  Hopefully we’ll get that through the draft or free agency, unless there is a trade out there that would bring us a solid PG.

  • Jan 18, 20131:06 pm
    by Crispus


    Other teams and their big men have figured out Monroe’s weakness and are now ruthlessly exploiting them. The mark of a great player is improving the weak parts of their game according to necessity. If Monroe can innovate a mid range jump shot, improve his pick and roll defense and find ways to get rid of the ball or make his move before the double team we’ll know he’s got the spirit of greatness. However if he just plods along and keeps getting pushed around we’ll know it’s time to send him on his way.

    • Jan 18, 20131:30 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      A lot of his growth as a player will come as we aquire better players around him.  No one man team will ever win.  He already is one of our better passer on the team.  I think he just feeling like he has to do it all.  Who would you pass to if you were him?

      • Jan 18, 20132:22 pm
        by Vic


        I agree with you, it’s not Monroes fault at all.

        This team is 1 true pg away from the playoffs . Then he won’t have to play the point forward. 1 true passing pg could take care of the offense.
        They also need a 3/4 with quickness and length that can defend small ball lineups.

        Trey Burke
        Jose Calderon
        Kyle Lowry
        Scott Machado

        Otto Porter
        Tony Mitchell
        Brandan Wright 

      • Jan 18, 20132:28 pm
        by tarsier


        The “who could he pass to” argument is one of the weakest ever made be NBA fans. It was most typically used for Kobe during his post-Shaq, pre-Gasol days. But what it fails to recognize is that everyone in the NBA is really, really good. Some are better than others, but it is less about whether they are players who can hit hots (yes, they are) and more about whether they have a good shot. A good passer can get the ball to open players, especially if he is drawing double teams. And almost every NBA player can hit a wide open shot at a respectable rate. Don’t believe me? Even historically awful, untalented teams don’t shoot the ball more than a couple percentage points below league average.

        But that is dealing with the “nobody to pass to” argument in general. Now, for this specific argument. Monroe typically plays alongside Maxiell, Prince, Knight, and Singler. Max’s midrange jumper has been pretty reliable this season. Tay has always been a decent but not great shooter. Singler has been pretty much league average shooting-wise for a SG (which is what he’s been playing), and Knight has been fantastic from three. So is Monroe surrounded by phenomenal weapons? No. But he has plenty of capable shooters on the floor with him who he should be able to pass to without ever worrying that when they shoot, it’ll just be a wasted possession.

  • Jan 18, 20136:01 pm
    by vic



    pretty much confirms everything i’ve been pushing for.
    a pg that can pass and manage 4 players on the floor.

    The iso gunner era is over, teams that win now are teams that can space the floor, execute cross court passes, and score efficiently from their 2nd and third options. 

    • Jan 18, 20136:06 pm
      by vic


      in essence – on successful teams. iso scoring is down, assists are up.

      So Pistons don’t need Shabazz or Rudy Gay.
      They need efficient passers and high percentage shooters.

  • Jan 18, 20136:31 pm
    by Mone


    Not if Drummon keeps only getting 17 mins a game.

  • Jan 18, 20137:11 pm
    by Javell


    Duhh drummonds a future SUPERSTAR!

  • Jan 18, 20139:30 pm


    Sullinger is now getting quality minutes helping the Boston win, over 30 minutes tonight…Doc River understands playing talent

    Frank does not

  • Jan 18, 201311:47 pm
    by jacob


    Wolves are shoppin derrick williams hard maybe Joe D should take a look. He can score!

    • Jan 19, 20139:04 am
      by Vic


      Backup PF- yes
      Small forward – no 

  • Jan 20, 20138:34 am
    by Maxzzz


    Drummond can be an allstar in his ffuture and Bynum is starting to step up in the pg postion. What the team needs is a new go to guy who can shoot the ball to replace the aging prince or just a new coach who knows how to handle his team. 

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