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Vincent Goodwill: Rodney Stuckey’s inactivation ‘seems like’ it stemmed from ‘something verbal at Sat practice’

What was the deal with Rodney Stuckey being inactivated for the Pistons’ win over the Magic last night? Lawrence Frank isn’t saying. David Mayo of MLive:

"Just coach’s decision," he said. "That’s as far as I’m going. I’m sorry to be evasive but that’s all I’m giving you."

"I know I’m not helping you guys do your job and I’m not trying to be a you-know-what, although I am a you-know-what," Frank joked. "It’s just a coach’s decision. You can probe. You guys have got to do your job and I’m sorry that I’m not giving you the answer you want but we keep that in the locker room."

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News dug a little deeper, via his Twitter:

Talking to the players re: Stuckey, they all appeared to be surprised when they found out he wasn’t playing via coach’s decision.

Doesn’t seem like Stuckey and Frank got into a knock-down drag out confrontation, from everything I’ve gathered. A bit surprising

Prince, Monroe and Villanueva were all around for Stuckey-Kue, so they know what it looks like. Seems like something verbal at Sat practice

You have to wonder if this was a slight disagreement followed by some thin skin.

I take that final tweet to mean Frank had think skin, but perhaps Goodwill meant Stuckey. Either way, both sides often have thin skins in these situations.

On one hand, it’s tough to give Stuckey the benefit of the doubt, considering his previous run-ins with a coach. On the other hand, those problems came with John Kuester, who seemingly everyone had issues with.

It’s really tough to offer other thoughts on this incident without knowing anymore information. But if Stuckey and Frank get back on the same page soon – or already back on the same page – I doubt it will matter. This seems like the type of minor dustup that quickly becomes forgettable if it doesn’t escalate.


  • Jan 28, 20131:38 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    I’m not really a religious person, but, PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE A TRADE IN THE WORKS!!!!

    • Jan 28, 20132:30 pm
      by james searcy


      This would be a fantastic time to move him. He is what he is. Not a point guard, can’t shoot well enough to be a shooting guard. Misses too many layups for a slasher, plays pedestrian defense at best, especially against elite guards. Grossly overpaid for his production. The one great thing is the 4 mil buyout. We can only hope that Joe exercises it. Time to get off the Stuckey rollercoaster

  • Jan 28, 20131:51 pm
    by Nick


    So if everyone is surprised and nome of the players has a clue as to what happened and Frank won’t say anything, then how does Vince conclude it was something that happened from Saturdays practice????

  • Jan 28, 20131:59 pm
    by DasMark


    Well, that sort of squashes the rumors swirling that trade is close to happening here. Oh well. 

    • Jan 28, 20135:32 pm
      by Scott Free


      If Dumars were trading basketball cards instead of players, he’d have a 30 page binder loaded with old Christian Laettner foil cards, when everyone else was dealing Jordans and Garnetts.

  • Jan 28, 20132:08 pm
    by mixmasta


    If the team does not want to divulge anything about the incident, I’d respect that. They want it to be internal and most probably avoiding another buffoonery.

  • Jan 28, 20132:14 pm
    by Pratik


    He’s going to Boston, as Rondo is out for the season.

    Pistons should move Knight to the 2, as he proved last night and throughout this season that he’s an offensive weapon off the ball, without point guard duties.

    We should then acquire Eric Bledsoe before the deadline, and then Rudy Gay this summer via free agency.

    We should also look to trade Prince and Maxiell and get some other young pieces, and let Charlie V go.

    Lineup would then look like:

    Eric Bledsoe – Will Bynum
    Brandon Knight – Kim English
    Rudy Gay – Kyle Singler, Middleton
    Greg Monroe – Jonas Jerebko
    Andre Drummond – Slava Kravstov  

    • Jan 28, 20134:13 pm
      by tarsier


      The idea of signing Gay in free agency this offseason has often come up on this site. Let’s repeat this basic fact: Gay will NOT be an FA in 2013!

      • Jan 29, 20137:57 am
        by Steve K


        Thank you for pointing this out.
        Gay will not be a free agent in the summer of ’13. Nor will he be a free agent in the summer of ’14. His final year ’14-’15 comes with a $19.3M salary. Uh… no thanks.

  • Jan 28, 20132:17 pm
    by menten


    “rudy gay via free agency” do you know that rudy wont be a free agent?

  • Jan 28, 20132:18 pm
    by menten


    btw i hope stuckey gets dumped, hes a cancer. trade him for a 2nd if neccessary

  • Jan 28, 20132:38 pm
    by Pratik


    Oops sorry yeah..Rudy Gay couldn’t be acquired through free agency. 

    Other interesting players that could work for the Pistons:

    Nick Young (if we do commit to Knight at PG, then Nick Young could help us at the 2)
    Ronnie Brewer at the 3
    O.J. Mayo (would have to overpay him, and sell the fact that Knight, Monroe, and Drummond are the all-star lineup of the future)
    Devin Harris
    Josh Smith
    Chauncey Billups (Could temporarily start with Knight instead of Singler, and be a great asset in the locker room)
    Aaron Brooks
    J.R. Smith
    J.J. Redick
    Jose Calderon 

    • Jan 28, 20136:47 pm
      by MNM


      What kind of an ultra universe do you think this is? It would take to long to hit everybody on this list, but Chauncey Billups is never coming back here.  Stop it.

  • Jan 28, 20132:43 pm
    by Ahmed


    Stuckey is not a shooting guard. They are forcing him to play that way, and that’s why he is struggling lately. He plays much better when he plays the PG position. Do you guys agree?

    • Jan 28, 20132:57 pm
      by G


      He’s more like a scoring point, which is what Knight is (although Knight looks more & more like a 2-guard). I’d like to see him run some PnR with Drummond off the bench.

    • Jan 28, 20132:59 pm
      by james searcy


      he really does’nt distribute the ball. he has always been a combo guard. he shot some shots in the chicago game that really contributed to the loss. just time for him to be an ex-piston

  • Jan 28, 20132:58 pm
    by menten


    yeah, he is better as a PG, but he still sucks and makes the players around him worse.
    we are 5-1 without Suckey this season, 12-26 with him

    • Jan 28, 20134:24 pm
      by G


      Pretty small sample size tho

  • Jan 28, 20132:59 pm
    by menten


    and knight is NOT A SG. he sucks when he doesnt have the ball in his hands and just stands around in the corner watching bynum brick another shot. he is at his best when hes aggressive

    • Jan 28, 20134:13 pm
      by Ahmed


      Actually when he plays well he is a beast. It very hard to stop him when he drives to the basket. Remember those day when Blaha would say “count that baby and a foul” Stuckey was so good at making the basket and creating fouls. I don’t know what happened to him now. It appears like he doesn’t want the basketball anymore. I feel like he can be the old Rodney Stuckey if he plays the PG again, where he can have the ball in his hands and attack the basket.

  • Jan 28, 20134:14 pm
    by Desolation Row


    D’OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I was hoping for a trade. Not more of the same :[

  • Jan 28, 20134:31 pm
    by frankie d


    stuckey is just the latest in the long line of young players horribly misused by this organization.
    stuckey and knight were developing a nice chemistry last year and one could reasonably expect that they would continue to do so this year.
    instead, frank had the bright idea to make knight a ball-dominant pg and reduced stuckey to standing in the corner waiting to shoot a 3.
    the result was the 0–8 start, and both stuckey and knight horribly confused about their roles.
    fortunately, knight is starting to recover and is slowly moving into his best role – off the ball scorer – but stuckey is now stuck in no-man’s land.  he doesn’t fit with the starting unit because he doesn’t shoot well enough to space the floor.
    he doesn’t fit with the second  unit for the same reason and because bynum and drummond – and then everyone else – is much more effective with bynum wheeling and dealing with lots of freedom and the ball in his hands.
    stuckey is now a 5th wheel.
    i just hope they trade him soon before they do their usual trash job on a talented young player and then end up moving him for nothing.
    (see delfino, johnson, afflalo, and the soon to be gone jerebko.)
    some things never change… 

    • Jan 28, 20135:17 pm
      by Vic


      This is sense. If he was starting pg with Knight at SG like last year this season would have continued where last left off.


  • Jan 28, 20135:04 pm
    by Ahmed


    Exactly. Hope they fire Frank. If he stays he will kill our future. 

  • Jan 28, 20135:36 pm
    by Scott Free


    At this point I think I’d be happy with a bad trade.  I’m tired of watching the least traded, most stable starting lineup ever, average it up every night.  

  • Jan 28, 20135:59 pm
    by piston moribund


    Stuckey, Bynum, and BK are different degrees of the same combo guard.  All three guards need the ball in their hand to be effective.  When you put them on the floor together, they don’t mix well.  If you took the best qualities of the three and mixed them together, you would probably come up with Harden. 
    That is why Stuckey is playing poorly and has been relegated to a spot up shooter, he is playing with MFWB, who also needs to ball even more then BK or Stuckey.  Since Frank has decided to abandon the midrange game for either a 3 or going inside, there are no more plays being run for Stuckey so he just drifts around with his head up his ass.
    Its not because he can’t be effective, its just that he is a victim of the system.  If one were to examine the shot charts, you would see that the majority of the shots are taken either at the rim or near the three point line.  There is simply no emphasis on the midrange game which means that if opposing teams were to clog the middle, and the 3 pointers are not dropping, then they dont score, which has happened on a few occasions. 
    I think this seems to be the offensive coaching philosophy.  The only person who has been given the mid range play is actually Bullwinkle and Max, both of which suck.  Max will often times shoot instead of passing it.  Bullwinkle, to his credit, has been a bit more decisive lately but he is still not hitting at a high rate, basically, its pretty obvious that the opposing teams will give him that from 15-20ft until he makes them pay.
    Not to get off the subject, but it seems that the ineffectiveness of Stuckey has in large part due to his team fit and he is not being used effectively, mainly due to the black hole nature of MFWB.  I dont believe that there can be such a large slippage in play in only half a season.  I would guess that his unhappiness with the situation and also the lack of control and his role as a spot up shooter has caused him to become rather…….(see posts above)

  • Jan 29, 201312:28 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    For what ever reason J Dumars doesn’t believe in “point” guards and “shooting” guards just guards. I’m guessing that he thinks that all these guards he is drafting are as versatile as he was: A very good defender and shooter that can also run the club.  For those who where not around he started at the 2 but moved to the point when Vinnie the Micowave came in.  UNFORTUNATELY they are not and he had both a great point and great back up shooting guard  (Isiah and Vinnie )  In most cases a real point guard that gets you 9 plus assists per game makes the rest of your players better and your shooting guard needs to be able to stretch the floor with good shooting. So even if they are multi skilled they need to be able to fill there primary rolls. All 3 of our guards are lacking.  As a point  W Bynum has the penetration but gets all selfish and fails often to  give priority of getting other going. B Knight pretty much the same skills more a 2 but doesn’t really know how to play off the ball.  R Stuckey just not that good a shooter and not that good a passer so really fits neither roll well.  Again poor roster planing by JD is to blame … Hopefully Kim English can develop into a suitable replacement for a real good 2 guard JD gave away Aaron Afflalo.

  • Nov 22, 201310:53 am
    by ?????????



  • Nov 22, 201310:54 am
    by ?????? ??



  • Nov 22, 201310:54 am
    by ???????


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