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Tayshaun Prince: Now isn’t the time to ask for trade to contender

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Could there come a day where Prince could go to Dumars’ office and ask out, later in his career? Of course, but not anytime soon, he said.

"One day it might hit me. I might get in a position where it’s time for me to win one more (championship)," Prince said. "To go to a contender-type team. I might go to Joe that day and say ‘it’s time for me to move on’ and play that route but now is not the time."

We’ll never know how accurate Tayshaun Prince’s agent was when he said, paraphrased by RealGM, “Prince is assured the Pistons won’t field trade offers for him” – unless the Pistons trade Prince, and then we’ll know the agent was wrong – but that quote sure makes it sounds like Prince, not Joe Dumars, is steering the ship when it comes to a trade.


  • Jan 17, 20139:10 am
    by Crispus


    Bah, that’s just great. Sounds like the front office has ruled out anything that resembles shaking things up. Mediocrity is our station this season.

    • Jan 18, 201312:07 am
      by Otis


      Right. “This” season. Unlike the past few and the next few.


  • Jan 17, 20139:20 am
    by Blocks By Dre


    If he plans on leaving at some point try and trade him NOW when he still has some value not next year when he’s a year older and not worth much. Prince has been good overall as a Piston but no All-Star so he shouldn’t be getting that kind of treatment. Joe is loyal which is good but sometimes he’s way too loyal!

  • Jan 17, 20139:22 am
    by Nick S


    Yea, Dumars is loyal to a fault with these overpaid vets.  Prince gets the minutes when they should
    go to Daye, Singler or JJ.  Max gets minutes because he is on the last year of his contract (the first 3 years he was out of shape and just collecting).

  • Jan 17, 20139:47 am


    Prince is truely the High school star athlete that graduated 4 years ago, but also still finds himself in the high school parking lot after school…

    He just like the feeling of being the man… he has been one of the biggest handicaps on this team preventing from advancing forward

      • Jan 17, 201312:47 pm
        by I HATE FRANK



        exactly…. he likes to feel as though he is value to this team, and Joe has given him that confidence…

        I dont even care if he retired as a life long piston…thinking like that will hold back a franchise…

  • Jan 17, 20139:48 am
    by Domnick


    well joe must think of a way to get rid of Tay

  • Jan 17, 201310:17 am
    by danny


    his contract is not that bad, he is a bit over paid but he is a leader.  He is guiding the ship right now in the locker room.  How do you guys not see that?  He is tutoring these kids and teaching them the finer points of the game.  We all know frank can talk all he wants but sometimes, and by that I mean a lot of the times, our players dont listen.

    • Jan 17, 201310:27 am
      by The Dude


      Yeah I don’t think Prince is the problem, we are in the minority thinking that. But the front office sees that too. Nobody else on the team can even begin to guard the typical SF star player. The problem on the team is Maxiell being considered a starting PF, that is the ridiculous part.

    • Jan 17, 201312:57 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      HE IS NOT A LEADER! just because you are the oldest and have experience doesnt make you a leader…

      If the players could vote, I’d bet anything Prince would be voted off the team…

      He is holding everything back…

      He is the Reason we didnt Draft Melo…not his fault…but its still true
      He is the Reason that we never repeated in our championship years, because he never stepped his game up…WHEN EVERYONE ELSE DID!
      He is the Reason we didnt go after any Legit or younger Wing players …because we were waiting for his contract to expire…
      He and Rip divided the team when Kuester was in charge, because Kuester wanted to play the youth
      He was re-signed, to a 4 year deal….which is holding us up again…so as a result…Singler is playing out of position, and Jerebko never got to play his natural position, and Daye was forced to play a stretch 4…..BTW: we drafted Daye to replace Prince 3 years AGO!!!!

  • Jan 17, 201310:24 am
    by Crispus


    I say Tayshaun is fine, but we can’t keep him and Maxiell. Together they put too much sludge in the engine of our offense.

  • Jan 17, 201310:40 am
    by Edgar


    Prince is a decent player on a bad-to-mediocre team, but he talks and acts like he’s got a Kobe no-trade clause or something. Like he’s co-GM. Does he want to be consulted on personnel decisions too? What arrogance. I don’t like it, but I can accept this kind of attitude from superstars like Melo or Dwight. But, from Isolayshaun Prince? Good lord.

  • Jan 17, 201310:41 am
    by Travis


    I’m upset that Tayshaun is nonchalant about being traded. I do wish trading him for a point guard or another asset was in the discussion, but it appears he has job security with the Pistons. 
    With that being said, it was never in the discussion in the Indiana Pacers organization to trade Reggie Miller.  IMHO, there was no talk amongst the Pacers fans that Donny Walsh or Larry Bird should trade him to a contender for a young & talented asset in ’05. I don’t see the difference between Miller/Walsh and Prince/Dumars.

    • Jan 17, 20136:51 pm
      by gmehl


      Are you seriously comparing Reggie Miller to Tayshaun Prince. Reggie is a HOF and Prince is will only have his number retired by the pistons because he played his whole career here.  No disrespect to Prince but he was nowhere near the player Reggie was. If he didn’t have Jordan to deal with then he would’ve got that elusive championship ring that eluded him or maybe more.

  • Jan 17, 201311:02 am
    by sebastian


    Note to Tay: Now is the time to trade your ass.

  • Jan 17, 201311:12 am
    by Nick S


    Prince a leader really?  He wasn’t around at all this summer, his buffoonery comments a couple years
    ago, you ever look at his presence when He’s on the bench?   Now this arrogance like He’s calling the shots on His future. (It looks like he is, good job Joe) 

  • Jan 17, 201312:43 pm
    by Scott Free


    I’m against trading him because we’d never get a player of value in return.  To most other teams interested in Tay, he is a stable backup capable of providing extensive minutes with a second group.  

    For our team, he is a bonafide starter.  Unless the plan is addition by subtraction (which I doubt), the Pistons would be trading their starting SF of the past decade for a bench player or cap space.  

    Both would be a slap in the face of any Pistons considering Detroit as their long-term home. 

    • Jan 17, 20137:06 pm
      by gmehl


      Hey if the starting SF on a contender was to go down injured like Butler did last year and they offered there 1st rounder for him and a contract to make the deal work then Joe should do it. He should of done it last year for crying out loud. I know it sounds bad but all we need is that injury to happen and i bet you Joe’s phone will start ringing.

      • Jan 18, 20132:54 pm
        by Scott Free


        THAT is different.  If you can grift a needy team using Prince, or any other player on the squad… GO FOR IT.  What I’m saying, is absent of that, we’d get screwed on ANY deal for Prince.

  • Jan 17, 20131:38 pm
    by am


    i really like his loyalty..thats rare. but as a fan we know its time for us to move prince to look at the future. unless you willing to except a back-up role and we go after a better SF. But even then that wouldnt make much sense seeing as the type of deal we just re-signed you for.

  • Jan 18, 20138:40 am
    by apa8ren9


    but that quote sure makes it sounds like Prince, not Joe Dumars, is steering the ship when it comes to a trade.

      LOL Dan, you sure do know how to get the Tayshaun haters frothing at the mouth.   I’ve stuck up for Tayshaun before and Ill do it again.  He is not the problem, never has been.   You have to have a baseline, a measuring stick.  He is it.   Its time to move on when your core players are better than him consistently.  They currently are not.

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