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Rodney Stuckey returns to rotation after Lawrence Frank deactivates him for something that happens ‘every single day’

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Frank on Stuckey: “Things happen every single day. You deal with it and you move on.”

Stuckey: “we’re good. Me and L are fine. Sometimes you have disagreements.”

Stuckey: “we talked it out, said what we had to say and we moved forward.”

Stuckey is active, will play tonight and is in the rotation. Apparently the two had a talk yesterday to move forward.

I’m not going to harp on this after this post, but I don’t understand Lawrence Frank’s explanation. If whatever happened between him and Rodney Stuckey was truly something that happens ‘every single day,’ why isn’t Frank inactivating someone for disciplinary reasons every single day?* This incident clearly, in Frank’s mind at least, crossed a line.

*Maybe he’s doing that to Khris Middleton or Viacheslav Kravtsov, but I doubt it.

I’m glad Stuckey and Frank are moving on, and I am, too.


  • Jan 29, 20132:28 pm
    by Tiko


    Patrick can u write more articles? Dan’s are always weak

    • Jan 29, 20133:16 pm
      by MNM


      I don’t think anybody knows what happened to him.

  • Jan 29, 20132:43 pm
    by Tom Y.


    I read that to mean something like “these kind of things happen every day”, that is, friction with players (including other players) can happen every day.

    • Jan 29, 20133:22 pm
      by Crispus


      Maybe Dan attended an ESPN symposium on misleading headlines.

  • Jan 29, 20132:48 pm
    by Pratik


    The Pistons have invested 5 years on Rodney Stuckey — only to see him STINK, either with his attitude or with his lack of professionalism and performance.

    Either the Pistons start shopping him, or bring him back to the starting line up and share PG responsibilities with Knight as they did last year when he performed well in the 2nd half of the season. Jason Maxiell needs to go to the bench, and Drummond should start after the All Star break. Pistons also need to make a call on Tayshaun Prince, and move Singler to the 3 or to the bench.

    If they shop Stuckey, Pistons should pull off a trade like this one: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ae9mya9

    Toronto would probably never give up DeRozan (depends on how far there willing to go to acquire Rudy Gay), but Pistons really need a great shooting guard at the 2. We also get Jeff Green and Jeryd Bayless (who has been playing great).


    Jason Maxiell/CV/Jonas

    • Jan 29, 20134:05 pm
      by Brady Fredericksen


      Why would Boston and Toronto — two of the teams Detroit’s battling for the final playoff spot — make a trade to improve Detroit (despite Jeff Green’s turrible contract) and blow up (particularly Boston) their rosters?

      Twitter: @Brady_Fred 

    • Jan 29, 20138:03 pm
      by Mongo Slade


      You may be able to attempt this http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine but Joe D is still trade sore from the whole Allen Iverson\Chauncey Billups deal, so he might not due this trade which would bring back either a pretty decent playmaking point guard or cap room and Amir would probably either come in and replace Maxiell or he would get be a decent but not great backup PF behind Greg Monroe.

  • Jan 29, 20132:58 pm
    by Scott Free


    I doubt Frank would know if Slava were insulting him

  • Jan 29, 20133:09 pm
    by Byron


    I don’t know if he meant that it happens every day with the Detroit Pistons; I thought he meant something that happens every day somewhere in the world. Though somewhat uncommon things probably match that literal description (I would guess someone dies on their birthday, somewhere in the world, every day, for instance), it’s usually meant as an infrequent but not unusual event. Like coworkers getting verbally frustrated with each other.

  • Jan 29, 20133:18 pm
    by MNM


    http://www.nba.com/reportcard/midseason/2013/pistons/  -from nba.com.. Im not sure if sports illustrated or espn does these, but here you guys go.

    • Jan 29, 20133:37 pm
      by lisa


      That sounds about right, a D+.

  • Jan 29, 20136:07 pm


    damn was hoping stuckey was gone

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