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Pistons reserves beat Pistons starters

Plenty of Pistons fans have suggested, some facetiously and some not, that the Pistons reserves are better than the Pistons starters. Here’s some ammo for that argument. Mike Brudenell of the Detroit Free Press:

After losing to the lowly Charlotte Bobcats in overtime Sunday, it was back to work for the Pistons on Wednesday — a practice that lasted almost three hours and included a scrimmage.

Will Bynum said he enjoyed the longer session. The bench specialist said his second-unit teammates took it to the starters in the scrimmage and "yes, we showed some good energy today."

The board at the Pistons’ practice facility reflected a 75-71 final score in favor of the reserves. Bynum, smiling, said the deficit between the units at one point "was pretty big," but didn’t exactly say who it was in favor of.

Without doubt, the bench has outplayed the starters lately. I chalk up some of that to small sample size, some of it to each unit’s opponent and and the rest of it up to Andre Drummond. But no matter the cause, the lineup numbers, from NBA.com/stats, are pretty astounding.


  • Jan 11, 201311:07 am
    by tommy t


    Hey, all the first unit is missing is a passer…and a couple shooters.

  • Jan 11, 201311:23 am
    by menten


    frank will still not change his starting lineup. because he’s a stupid idiot.

  • Jan 11, 201311:24 am
    by Alejandro


    Random thought while @ work…

    What do you guys think about Eric Maynor. He seems out of the rotation w/ OKC and is a good young PG who can pass. Any thoughts? Bynum is a FA at the end of the year and if he isn’t brought back, I’d like to see a guy like Maynor.

    No idea what his contract looks like. What do you think would take to get him here?


    • Jan 11, 201312:57 pm
      by frankie d


      maynor would be a great fit here.  if joe d had not spent all of his money on BG and CV years ago he may have been able to acquire him back when OKC stole him from utah?
      (utah gave him away because OKC took on the bad contract of, i think, matt harpring.)
      he would be exactly the kind of PG the team needs.  only question is whether he’d be able to play with knight – assuming knight moves over into more of a SG role – because he is not the biggest guy.
      but he would be a very solid player.  he was very instrumental in OKC playoff run a couple of years ago, as he was the guy who came in, ran the offense and settled things down when/if things got a little ragged with the starting 5.

  • Jan 11, 201311:47 am
    by Vic


    Drummond makes everything better.

    Thats why we need to add skilled shooters and passers at point and Ob the wing who won’t turnover the ball a lot.
    The best players in the draft at wing positions with shooting and A/to ratios:
    (From Draftexpress Stats)

    Trey Burke – not even close, the best combination of shooting and passing in the nation

    Ben MClemore – he scores so much better than Shabazz, and without the turnovees
    Victor Oladipo – 3 and D

    Otto Porter – best shooting and a/to combo other than Lamar Patterson who is 6’5 and is unathletic (not enough rebounds steels and blocks for the position)

    Id like for the pistons to get one or two of these guys and keep Austin daye.

     if they can get such a good defensive rating w Bynum at the point then Trey Burke will not be a problem at all. And his superstar level shooting passing and decision-making will really make the offense hum.
    people like to compare Treybird to Chris Paul, but really his numbers are more similar to Kyrie  Irving. Chris Paul is super athletic and a beast defensively, but trey and Irving are only elite offensively and they have deficiencies defensively.


    • Jan 11, 201312:25 pm
      by Big Rick


      Yep, I must say that my one concern with Burke was his size. But as of late it seems like big point guards are overrated. Just look at CP3, Irving, Kemba Walker, Calderon, Ty Lawson, heck even Will Bynum. I know everyone makes a big deal about big point guards like Rose and Deron Williams. I actually met Deron in person at a gym out here in California, and standing face to face with him he coldn’t have been more than 6’1. So IMO if you have the neceassry skills to be a point guard i.e…..facilitator, high basketball I.Q, above average handles, decent perimeter shooting, and can stay in between your man and the basket reasonably well then you can more than likely be a decent PG regardless of your height. Look at ZEKE, one of the greatest of all times at only 6’1 or 6’2. Magic Johnson 1A Zeke 1B (PG), but it’s very close. It would be a great article if you guys could get the greatest Piston of ALL TIME thoughts on Brandon Knight and if he see’s point guard potential in him.

      • Jan 11, 20132:38 pm
        by Crispus


        That’s funny, I was watching some broadcast recently where a commentator was saying that D Williams is way shorter than listed.

  • Jan 11, 201311:49 am
    by Ryank


    I attribute this to Knight and Singler.  They are both proving to be a liability on the floor.  Knight doesn’t protect the ball well enough to be a point guard…Singler is having a tough time even getting his shot off these days, little on making it. 

  • Jan 11, 201312:18 pm
    by George


    We seriously need to move BK while he has some value.  I think Joe is blinded by BK’s work ethic and attitude, but at the end of the day, he is a liability as a PG.  He is basically an undersized SG who is a negative defender.  Bynum has his flaws, but at least he gets how to pass and run the pick and roll.

    I would either trade BK for a Rd 1 pick in the teens (where Trey Burke and Carter-Williams seem to be going in mocks) or I would go after a guy like Dragic or Maynor.  Not having a true PG is only hurting the development of our youth.

    • Jan 11, 201312:50 pm
      by James Jones


      I don’t think you could get any of that for BK alone at this point.  Not unless someone really feel in love with him.

    • Jan 11, 20131:19 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m entertained by people who were talking after this past draft about how the Pistons had had crazy luck in who had fallen to them in three straight drafts. As if Knight is anywhere close to the caliber of player that Monroe and Drummond are.

      However, right now, I think Knight has more value from keeping him around and letting him continue to develop than he could fetch in trade.

      I doubt Detroit could fetch a pick in the 10-15 range. And even if they could, an elite 3 point shooter who clearly has the tools to be a very good player in spite of being a question mark as to whether he’ll put it ll together is probably better than what could be expected from a draftee in that range.

      Also, Detroit is set up to make a big splash in FA. And they have two excellent bigs. They should be on a serious upswing starting next season (kind of a blend of optimism and realism going on here). For those purposes, I’d rather have the guard two years further along in his development, all else being equal.

    • Jan 11, 20131:21 pm
      by tarsier


      It is very rare for a lottery pick who isn’t pushing star status to be traded early on and fetch anywhere close to fair value.

  • Jan 11, 201312:32 pm
    by Big Rick


    i stressed a similar point. I feel hat a veteran PG that is capable of getting players in their “sweet spots” is sorely needed. We might not get that trancendent superstar caliber player that makes everyone better but a real point guard should be able to make the game flow easier for everyone on offense and he is the quarterback on offense. The only exception think is CP3 cuz I think he is the QB on defense too. LOL
    Bottom line, I don’t think we should give up on Knight as a player but trying to force him to be our PG and investing 3 to 4 years in what is seeming to be more of a project than “Special Project Drumond” would not be in the best interest of our team and would NOT be the most efficient way to maximize our talent.

  • Jan 11, 201312:41 pm
    by Corey


    Don’t forget Maxiel.  He’s not really a starter-quality player either. So 3/5 of the starting lineup is sub-par.  All in all, it’s amazing that the starting unit’s offensive and defensive ratings are so close. 

    I’m starting to get on the “BK needs to be replaced” bandwagon. He might be a good PG 3 years from now, but for now he’d be better used as a 6th man kind of guard.  With his shooting ability, he should be very useful playing off Drummond. Heck, if he played regularly with Drummond and some shooters, I bet he’d look a lot more like a point guard.   

    • Jan 11, 201312:49 pm
      by James Jones


      As much as I hate the dumb turnovers BK makes i’m not ready to say he needs to be replaced yet.  PGs can take a long time to develop, there are a lot that are awful the first 2 or 3 years and then finally turn the corner.  

      If something way better comes along by all means but I wouldn’t put the fork in BK yet.  Give him this year and half of next year, if he still doesn’t get it by then send him on his way.

      I said the same thing about Stuckey (who I can’t stand and was never a fan of) after about halfway through the 3rd season we should have dumped him or moved him to SG.

  • Jan 11, 20131:09 pm
    by frankie d


    what is truly ironic is that the second unit is exactly the kind of team joe d was trying to build when he signed BG and CV.  he talked about the old 3 point shooting orlando team as an example of the way the league was moving.
    he could still put that kind of team on the court as a starting unit, but he’d have to get rid of two of his guys: maxiell and tay, who really don’t fit that style of play.  neither one moves the ball very well, and that is crucial for that type of offense.
    the fact that frank starts the 5 guys he starts is a result of contracts, team politics and bad coaching.  
    again, it is truly funny and ironic that joe d’s vision of his future team is right there…coming off the bench. 

  • Jan 11, 20131:54 pm
    by Vic


    The only place pgs take a long time to develop is Detroit and other places where pg talent is undervalued in favor of nonpg talents. Whatever talent a player has, the team that corrals it and uses it most effectively doesn’t have to wait at all for him to be effective at it. 
     The issue is that Knight has sg talent and he’s playing “pg” 
    Really they run the offense thru Greg and Tayshaun anyway.
    Bk does best when he’s in a scorers mode, not pg mode.

  • Jan 11, 20132:43 pm
    by Crispus


    Can’t we still just grab Scott Machado for free!? I know he’s not a proven vet but he’s one of the best pure passing rookies (he continued this trend in his D-league play) and just hasn’t had a fair shot anywhere yet. All we have to do is clear a roster spot and we can sign him to a gosh-darn 10-day contract and give him Bynum’s minutes to see how he works out.

    • Jan 11, 20133:23 pm
      by frankie d


      joe doesn’t believe that teams need a real “PG”.  
      he’s stated that view plenty of times and his actions totally confirm that he believes that. 

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