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Pistons’ reported interest in DeMarcus Cousins might be somewhat outdated

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Front-office sources say that Boston and Detroit, just to name two teams, have let it be known that they are highly interested if and when Cousins does become available. Rest assured there will be more.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

I’ve reached out to Pistons’ brass over the past few days and let’s just say a lot has changed since June 2010.

But let’s just entertain the thought the Pistons MIGHT be interested in Cousins. The Kings would be laughed out of the league if they agreed to any deal that didn’t include Monroe or rookie center Andre Drummond.

And let’s get this out of the way — the Pistons aren’t the least bit interested in dealing away Monroe or Drummond. Drummond is untouchable and Monroe is at the level just below.

The Pistons coveted Cousins so much before, I doubt their interest has completely vanished. He remains an intriguing talent, and the Pistons would be wise to at least inquire about what it would take to get him.

However, I really doubt there’s a deal to be made here. Even if Cousins hasn’t changed much since 2010, as Ellis says, the Pistons have. Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond give the Pistons’ two more high-value bigs than they had when the Kings drafted Cousins.

But if the Kings somehow decide they’d accept a package that doesn’t include Monroe and Drummond, I suspect and hope the Pistons would be very interested.


  • Jan 2, 20139:37 pm
    by Reaction


    I really like Cousins. I hope he can get his act together because many commentators just go after him now for the hell of it. I think if he were brought into Detroit he would be able to get it together and would definitely help the team out. However, I would definitely not give up Drummond for him.

  • Jan 2, 20139:41 pm
    by Bo


    i hear you. I hear you.

    But I want Cousins. 

    …and I’d like to suggest a trade scenario that I believe does work. It improves the Pistons, maintains cap flexibility, and is very fair to the Kings.

    I want Cousins.

    And, yes, I’m willing to give up Monroe (NOT Drummond).

    Here it is: Monroe, Bynum, Jerebko for Cousins, Isaiah Thomas (I’d love to hear that name announced again), and Jason Thompson. We maintain a three-guard rotation. We bring edginess back to the Pistons (I miss what Laimbeer, Rodman, Sheed brought…I want Cousins). We create a strong three power position rotation with Cousins, Drummond, and Thompson off the bench (I envision this for next year). We maintain minimum of $16M in cap space. This gives more time to evaluate Knight and (hopefully) draft someone like Shabazz. If we lose our pick because we make the playoffs (although I want Shabazz badly), it’d be worth it.

    I want Cousins. 

    I know this won’t be popular because everyone loves Moose (myself included), but I honestly feel Cousins is the better prospect. I also feel he WANTS to be in Detroit.

    Under my dream scenario, this is what happens in 2013-14:

    PG: Knight (or traded for/facilitated for pass-first point guard), Stuckey, Isaiah Thomas

    SG: Shabazz (or traded for/facilitated for scoring guard), Stuckey, English

    C: Drummond, Kravtsov

    PF: Cousins, Jason Thompson

    SF:Prince, Villanueva (amnestied?), Daye (brought back?), Singler

    We still have cap space. We still have value to trade. AND we have a talented, balanced roster. THIS team would be the next generation PISTON team….Bad Boys….Goin’ To Work…and this new incarnation.

    Joe, you reading this? Go get Cousins. 

    • Jan 2, 201310:22 pm
      by Reaction


      I doubt Isaiah will get along with Charlie V

      • Jan 2, 201311:12 pm
        by Bo


        I wouldn’t worry about that. Charlie probably won’t be around long. Isaiah hopefully will be. I wouldn’t let an on-court scuffle in the midst of “battle” deter me if I’m either GM. (And I’m sure there’s a large enough sample size of players from different teams not getting along, finding them on the same team through whatever act of GM-Godness, and got along just fine.)

    • Jan 3, 201310:40 am
      by MarkButter


      Well, that trade works using ESPN Trade machine.  But I don’t like it.

      First, Monore I see being a Tim Duncan type player (hopefully).  Consistent, good fundamentals, can play the 4 or 5 on most nites.  We’d be trading basically a 18-20/10 guy for the same person in Cousins, only with head problems.

      Cousins didn’t get along with Westphal, doesn’t appear to be getting along with Keith Smart and had the rep in college of the same immaturity.  it’s the guy’s 3rd NBA season, how long does it take?

      Second, no doubt Cousins has a really good low post game.  So where does that leave Drummond?  His range at this point is the paint.  There won’t be enough room under the basket for both of them.

      Third, I think in the long run Monroe is a better defensive player than Cousins and his passing from the post is also improved.

      • Jan 3, 201311:07 am
        by Bo


        I respect what you said with little argument. But you only focused on one aspect of the trade. Jason Thompson and Isaiah Thomas would be huge improvements (in my mind…am I crazy?) over Jerebko and Bynum. I think what those two would bring balances out your Monroe/Cousins argument above. 

  • Jan 2, 20139:45 pm
    by MNM


    I’ll believe Mark Stein before I believe Vince Ellis.

  • Jan 2, 201310:00 pm
    by tarsier


    Only way a Monroe for Cousins deal is fair is if Sacramento throws in a first rounder.

    • Jan 2, 201311:17 pm
      by Bo


      I’m with it. But I think it’s a deal breaker (only regarding my proposal above, of course…perhaps a second rounder?).

      I think my above proposal is fair for both teams–Detroit, I think, getting the better end of the deal regarding talent with Sacramento getting fair value (and not losing face) and ridding themselves of their headache.  

      Again, Joe, go get Cousins.  

    • Jan 2, 201311:39 pm
      by Pimp Zombie


      There is nothing Monroe does that Cousins doesnt do better. He’s just a KNUCKLEHEAD…thats why he’s on the block.

      • Jan 3, 20131:23 pm
        by tarsier


        Allow me to introduce you to a little thing called FG%:

        Monroe’s (career) is 51.7%
        Cousins’ (career) is 43.5%

        This fact is the primary reason why Monroe’s O rating is 111 to Cousins’ 98 (their D ratings are identical). 

    • May 30, 20139:20 am
      by Kings_fan_916


      No way would Kings Trade Cousins to Detroit if your unwilling to part with Drummonds or Monroe.  your forgetting the Maloofs are no longer Owners.  We have Smart Owners now.  and you can forget about Tyreke unless you plan on sending Monroe and drummonds to Sacramento for Cousins and Tyreke.  No way  will the Kings get involved with a Lowballing franchise and tire kicking fans under some kind of an Illusion they can get Cousins and Tyreke  without parting with Monroe or Drummonds.  piston fans must be on crack.

  • Jan 2, 201310:45 pm
    by alex


    if we make a run at cousins i really hope our GM’s include tyreke evans in that conversation

  • Jan 3, 20131:37 am
    by Josh


    I’m still meh about acquiring Cousins even without having to part with Monroe or Drummond. So let’s first imagine that we have those 3 big men on our roster. Unless one of them learns to play SF, one of them will have to settle for a bench role in the future. With 3 all-star caliber players like them, I don’t think it’ll come so easy for them to settle in as the 3rd big man on this team, especially Cousins. Ideally, it’s heaven, realistically, it’s farfetched. You also have to think about cap flexibility.  All 3 are due big money in a couple of years once their rookie contracts expire, starting with Monroe and Cousins. Both would deserve a near max deal and may want even more. Our frontcourt isn’t the biggest issue anymore on our roster and commiting say $30M for those 3 players is going to limit our choices for other issues on our team. We just have to be patient with what we got in Monroe and Drummond, which is a great duo for the future frontcourt.

  • Jan 3, 20138:57 am
    by paul


    trading drummond for cousins makes for a poorly matched frontcourt.  we have no one else they might want besides moose.  kings would have to throw in something extra to get moose, but not as much as a 1st rounder at the top of the draft.  i would go for a package that includes cousins, thomas and the right to swap first round picks if they end up higher.  trading a player like moose would be a bold move, and risky, but cousins can give us a championship shot in a way that moose can’t.  he’s just that talented, and getting that shot plus sweeetener is too much to pass up.   at least for me.  don’t see mcuh way any of this happens.   

    • Jan 3, 201310:17 am
      by MNM


      You would be trading Monroe for Cousins, not Drummond. And since Monroe was drafted 2 spots behind Cousins and has comparable numbers in certain areas and a good attitude 3 years in, it would basically be a 1 for 1 swap. The Celtics don’t have that, so they would have to package pieces together.

      • Jan 3, 201310:42 am
        by MarkButter


        “And since Monroe was drafted 2 spots behind Cousins and has comparable numbers in certain areas and a good attitude 3 years in, it would basically be a 1 for 1 swap’

        That is so false.  The only “1 for 1 Swap” is the two spots within each other.  Cousins is a head case and has been since high school.

        • Jan 3, 201312:37 pm
          by MNM


           Well it’s not “false“.. and if these “issues” keep coming up with Cousins vs. SAC then the organization might not have much of a leg to stand on in expecting Detroit to give up more than just Monroe, IF and/or when talks happen..If they haven’t happened already. Monroe, compared against Bostons young bigs, is more developed, at least offensively (scoring, assists, offensive rebounding..sometimes.) And when you look at the contracts of Monroes vs. Cousins, they are similar. With Cousins making slightly more than Monroe because of where he was picked…
            Your arguement with him having problems since high school, therefor it would be bad, doesn’t hold much water, providing the fact that it didn’t stop Dumars from wanting to trade up to get him and still hold interest in him today. They developed a good relationship before the draft. It has been documented by people who know more than you or me that Cousins then wanted to play here more than SAC and there was mutual interest from both sides. In the end, it’s being said without actually saying it, that Monroe was 2nd choice and a “consolation prize” for Dumars as much as many don’t want to believe it..like it or not.

          • Jan 3, 20131:26 pm
            by tarsier

            Monroe may have been the consolation prize once upon a time (although not really because there was no realistic way Cousins would ever fall to 7, not that Monroe should have), but that was a couple years ago. Monroe is now the more valuable asset. Kinda like Durant was the consolation prize for not getting Oden.

  • Jan 3, 20139:27 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    There is no way I would trade either Monroe or Drummond for Cousins.  Drummond has way too high a ceiling and Cousins isn’t worth the trade for Monroe, just because of all the problems he has had.

    Worse case scenario is we trade Monroe for Cousins and he explodes and then we are out both of them and down to just Drummond t build from.

  • Jan 3, 201310:27 am
    by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


    I’m still on board with Cousins for Moose. A front court with DMC and Dre would be scary and both can ACTUALLY BLOCK a damn shot. There’s no argument on whose the better player talent wise (or there really shouldn’t be) the only problem is Cousins attitude. He pulls down more rebounds, blocks more shots and scores more so if you get past his attitude and look at his upside he’s definitely the better player.

    • Jan 3, 201310:29 am
      by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


      And if we get Cousins and get Josh Smith in the offseason it’ll be a block party at the palace!

      • Jan 3, 20138:23 pm
        by Worm


        Cousins averages 0.6 blocks per game, same as Monroe. The notion that Cousins is a superior defender is a complete fallacy.

  • Jan 3, 201310:39 am
    by Revken


    The only realistic scenario is a swap of Cousins for Monroe or Drummond.  If Kings accepted a deal without either of them, they’d look like (and be) idiots.  Plus going forward we wouldn’t be able to keep all 3 of those guys.  At best, you can make an argument that Cousins is equal to Monroe.  And that’s ignoring the fact that he’s less efficient on offense and not a better defender.  So why would we make that trade?  We really don’t get a better player, but we do get a high likelihood of getting a problem child who may never grow up.  And no additional talent offer from the Kings would make me take that risk.

    • Jan 3, 20131:27 pm
      by tarsier


      Such a swap would be ok. But the Kings would have to throw in another significant asset. Their pick, top 5 protected, would qualify.

  • Jan 3, 201310:46 am
    by DoctorDave


    A Rodman? A Laimbeer?
    IF (a big if) Cousins is any of those, it takes a Daly or a Jackson to harness it. Dougie Howser is not a coach that can control Cousins. He can barely control Prince. (If you think Prince is as bad or worse than Cousins, think again, Oh man! Come on….)
    A Sheed?
    IF (again, big if) Cousins is a Sheed, (more likely than a Rodman, Laimbeer or Mahorn), then it takes the strong core of committed leadership – Billups & Fear the ‘Fro Wallace – along with a Coach like Larry Brown. No one on this team is anywhere near Billups/BenWallace as far as leadership and team discipline/control. It worked with Sheed because suddenly, he wasn’t the best player on the court, and he obviously was not the team leader.
    Bottom line is that a “NBA Problem Child” can work when everything else is optimum.
    What was Sheed like in Portland? Does “Jailblazers” ring a bell?
    What was Rodman like even when his teams were winning? You gotta be kidding me. (And I loved Rodman – he was my favorite Piston on the 88-90 teams! But that was before “wedding gown Rodman” showed up.)
    There is no way I give up a Moose to take on a Cousin. Nope. Not on this team, with this organization, with this staff. Uh uh.
    By the way – check the numbers. Cousin’s numbers are not significantly better than Moose. Maybe a little; but significant? No way.
    Kings taking Cousins and not Monroe was every bit of good fortune as Drummond falling to #9. I take Monroe every time.

    • Jan 3, 201311:10 am
      by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


      From a PER perspective DMC>Moose

      Side note Drummond is #18 in PER that’s crazy! 

      • Jan 3, 20131:30 pm
        by tarsier


        From a PER perspective, yes. But still not all that much better. Basically, they have comparable talent (Cousins has a bit more) but Cousins is a head case. That could make it difficult to employ his talent effectively.

      • Jan 3, 20131:41 pm
        by tarsier


        The fact that Drummond is 18th is definitely exciting. But PER is also a per possession number (kinda like per minute). Odds are his numbers wouldn’t hold up with a larger role. He is a very comparable case to Javale McGee, Andray Blatche, or Brandan Wright, who are 10th, 13th, and 20th in PER respectively and put up very similar numbers in near identical roles. Nobody else in the top 20 plays under 30 mpg or against primarily bench competition.

        Still, Drummond is much more exciting than the other three just because he is already doing this as a rookie. 

  • Jan 3, 20135:49 pm
    by Max


    If the Pistons really want to trade Monroe, can’t they do a lot better than Cousins?   If I’m trading Moose, I’m looking for at least an all star caliber scoring wing or even point guard.  It is not like 15-20 points to go with 10 boards young bigs who do not miss time grow on trees. That said, it would be absurd not to give the Drummond/Monroe pairing a real shot.  
    Personally, I want no part of Cousins.  The Rodman, Mahorn, Rasheed stuff is all fine and well and my favorite brand of basketball but those teams had real veteran leaders and hall of fame coaches and the NBA is increasingly policed. 

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