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Pistons’ five rookies sing Happy Birthday to St. Jude Children’s Hospital patient

For your feel-good moment of the day:


  • Jan 15, 20131:45 pm
    by HardyHar


    Dang, Slava even knows the song! Very cool, nice job guys!

    • Jan 16, 20139:39 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      Before I watched the video I was thinking the same thing.  :)

  • Jan 15, 20132:03 pm


    Kim English remains the mental Leader of that rookie screw

  • Jan 15, 20132:50 pm
    by Victor


    Really hope Kim English can stay in this league. He’d be doing every other player a favor just being who he is. 

  • Jan 15, 20133:09 pm
    by sebastian


    This may be a function of Rookie Hazing, but at least these guy appear to be genuinely interested and caring of Linzy and the other kids.
    Also, it was probably one the few times that the Ukraine and English will get the opportunity to play.
    For the last time: English should be starting at the “2″; Singler is an 8th or 9th-man; and why are the Pistons paying the Ukraine $1.5 million for ’12-’13 and ’13-’14, when he can’t even ever get onto the floor.
    But, this group of Pistons really do seem to be some good character guys.

    • Jan 16, 20139:40 am
      by XstreamINsanity


      Kravtsov is likely here to develop this year (learn the practices, better English – not the player, and the coaching staff) and will likely be Drummond’s backup next year.  Expect to see more of him after the trade deadline.

  • Jan 15, 20133:46 pm
    by Steve K


    Yeah, this is just another example of how the Pistons organization is still top-notch. Other organizations in this town may do stuff like this, but the Pistons are the best at showing it to the public.

  • Jan 15, 20134:55 pm
    by Revken


    Majorly cool!  English should be a point guard for how well he orchestrated the singing.

  • Jan 15, 20135:34 pm
    by Guus


    Dear UK Pistons fans,

    A bit off topic, but I hope you’ll forgive me, for I didn’t know how else to contact you :)

    My name is Guus Teeuwen, a Dutch Pistons fan. Since I have great girlfriend who went through a lot of trouble to arrange my birthday gift, I am going to see our Pistons live in London. I’m over the moon!

    Now, I could use the help of my British fellow Pistons fans: I have to be at Stansted airport friday morning 6 a.m. (UK time), and have no place to stay between the end of the game (or the closing of the bar after the game :P) and my having to be at the airport. So I was wondering: would anyone have me surf their couch for a few hours to get some shut eye (maybe talk some Pistons and have a drink) before I am on my way to the airport? It would be greatly appreciated from one Pistons fan to another :)

    I’m not sure how we should proceed to contact one another (I’m on facebook: Guus Teeuwen, Eindhoven), but a reply to this comment would possibly get things started: we would find a way :)

    Thanks in advance,


    Guus Teeuwen

  • Jan 15, 20139:47 pm
    by John


    Nice job guys! Really love to see all you guys do through your community outreaches. Probably her best birthday yet!

    • Jan 16, 20131:49 pm
      by The Pistons


      no problem, John

  • Jan 16, 20131:07 am
    by Serge Geara


    i think this is another episode of everybody loves kim

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