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Piston of the Week: Andre Drummond

Piston of the Week (1/13/2013 – 1/19/2013): Andre Drummond

11 points, 12 rebounds, two steals and two blocks per game, 71.4 field-goal percentage

The Pistons went to London and apparently only Andre Drummond and Will Bynum decided to show up. It was only one game, but even in an ugly 15-point loss to the Knicks on Thursday, Drummond continued to impress in his limited minutes.

He was active on both ends of the floor, easily one the most athletic players on the floor and proved yet again just have a knack for where to be. He picked up a double-double, his sixth of the season, and showed why he has the potential to be the kind of athletic, rebounding defender that NBA teams everywhere (see: Tyson Chandler, Serge Ibaka or Dwight Howard) are trying to find.

He struggled at times with foul trouble in the second quarter — and that could be a reason for his lack of playing time in the third quarter — but no matter how much Lawrence Frank wants to bring him along slowly, Drummond is making his case for an increase in minutes.

As frustrating ast it has been for fans to see flashes from the rookie in limited time, really, it’s only a matter of time until Drummond forces Frank’s hand.

He does present some inconveniences on offense end due to his game being limited to put backs and alley-oops. His defense in one-on-one situations can be, well, interesting at times, too — but, man, you see a glimpse of his potential with every flash of that athleticism.

He held his own against one of the NBA’s best in Chandler and even had one of his — maybe not his, yet — regular “steal an inbounds pass and turn it into a dunk for himself or layup for others” plays in the second half on Thursday.

It’s only based on one game this week, but chances are this isn’t the last time Drummond ends up here.

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  • Jan 19, 201311:26 pm
    by Tiko



  • Jan 20, 201312:55 am
    by gmehl


    I am voting for Drummond to go in the dunk comp. Who’s with me?? Well done Dre!

  • Jan 20, 201312:13 pm
    by Ryank


    I think it’s up to him what kind of player he wants to be.  Chandler didn’t develop a polished offensive game or mindset and thus will never be a dominate center on that end of the floor.  Drummond can improve defensively, but doesn’t have to make huge improvements to play the same type of game as Chandler.
    Howard has the rebounding and shotblocking Drummond can offer, but also some finesse going to the basket and a short-mid range jumpshot.  We really haven’t seen many attempts at this type of offense from Drummond, so to say he can’t do it would be speculating.  To me, developing offense at Howard’s level isn’t asking a lot for a player who has any type of offensive potential.  Drummond’s soft hands and quick feet lead me to think he can do it…his free throw shooting gives me reason to wonder if he’ll ever be a threat for the short-mid range jumper.
    Either way, the Pistons have a center who should be played as many minutes as possible going forward.  Teams have to stay honest guarding him if they don’t want a high percentage dunk to happen.  He makes his teammates better on both ends of the floor.

  • Jan 20, 201312:16 pm


    drummond handles and quick feet really sets him apart

  • Jan 20, 201312:22 pm


    Frank has blew every good opportunity to develop this team and these players this season…

    He gets too much praise for the bench production, and he is getting too much praise for bring Dre along slowly….

    He has ruined this team, and he has caused or allowed to be divided…

    He has not developed the talent of this team… he has done soo much wrong… 

    • Jan 20, 20132:00 pm
      by swish22


      Joe D is to blame. Stop hating on LF. Who knows what pressure JD is putting on him to play overpaid stiffs like CV. The roster is unbalanced. If you’re looking for blame to the horrendous start look no further than Rodney Stuckey and Joe D.

      • Jan 20, 20132:16 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        oh I blame Joe D too, but If he is allowing Frank to coach and develop the players…that falls on Frank…

      • Jan 20, 20133:05 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Not sure how true it is, but JD has always says that he leaves all the coaching decisions up to the coach.  If that’s the case, the only blame we can put on JD is for him keeping Frank as the coach.  We also don’t know how much freedom Gores is giving JD either.  Looks like we can only blame all 3 of them until we see some changes.

        • Jan 20, 20135:01 pm
          by Ozzie-Moto


          Throw in the major Detroit Sports writers in general as well, I can’t remember them ever calling out the Team JD or any of the coaches  … Mostly vague enabling fluff that never puts any blame on JD for the steady decline of the last 6 years  … 

  • Jan 20, 20131:09 pm
    by jacob


    How about a point gaurd like Bledsoe to pair with him?

  • Jan 20, 20132:15 pm
    by DasMark


    Drummond would easily be a ROY candidate if his minutes jumped to 30 per. He’s already been more impressive than Anthony Davis. 

    Detroit needs an elite perimeter scorer now. Rudy Gay could be a good fit here, even through he sometimes struggles with consistency.  

  • Jan 20, 20132:55 pm
    by bugsygod


    I just think that we are going to be having this same conversation all year.  Drummond needs to play more minutes!  #dumb frank   Just play him!

  • Jan 20, 20134:16 pm
    by Jayknowsball


    Prince and stuckey for Rudy gay

  • Jan 20, 20134:28 pm
    by Brady Fredericksen


    jacob, I’m not sure you’re improving at PG if you were to swap Knight for Bledsoe. Both are guys who are still learning the position, and part of Bledsoe’s appeal is thanks — in large part — because he isn’t relied upon at all to be a PG, that’s why LAC has CP3 and, to an extent, Chauncey.

    And complaining about Charlie V isn’t totally warranted. If Drummond is in that second unit and he’s going to float around the basket, you’re going to need a guy out there to space the floor (arguably the Pistons’ biggest problem) and CV does that.

    jayknowball, that’d be a terrible trade because Rudy Gay is owed upwards of $20 million a season in two years. He’d be an absolute salary cap albatross considering he doesn’t bring any other all-star level skill outside scoring (sometimes). 

    • Jan 20, 20138:36 pm
      by Jon


      if memphis took that trade, you don’t think it’d be a good one? c’mon gay is an elite athlete with a good jumper who is just entering is prime so it’s not like he’s old and with the right drafting, the only thing we need out of our 3 is scoring. our 4 already has proved he has good vision and passing ability, our center grabs every rebound in sight. if knight can be developed into a passer (that’s a big if) or if we draft a big pass first pg (MCW), our team would be a year or two from contending with gay assuming drummond’s development continues well. I personally don’t think memphis would take that since they would be losing an elite talent for not equal pieces

    • Jan 21, 201310:57 am
      by tarsier


      Such a trade would leave the Pistons’ cap situation virtually unchanged for next offseason. However, it would kill their cap space for the 2014 offseason. After that, all the contracts will be off the books so it will be irrelevant. Besides which, Monroe will be getting a big raise in 2014. So after that, it will probably be quite a while until they get cap space again anyway.

      So, such a trade would be a natural fit with the BG trade. Both moves would go brilliantly with a strong free agent haul in the coming offseason. But both would look idiotic without.

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