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Nate Robinson out-Will Bynums Will Bynum and the Pistons

Detroit Pistons 82 Final

Recap | Box Score

85 Chicago Bulls
Jason Maxiell, PF 32 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 11 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 6 PTS | +2Maxiell had an OK game. He was active on the glass, blocked a couple of shots and was solid defensively against a frontcourt that always seems to give Detroit problems. He just played too many minutes, but that’s not his fault.
Tayshaun Prince, SF 34 MIN | 5-12 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 11 PTS | +4Prince was a little too ball-dominant tonight and didn’t look to set up shots for others all that often. He’d been doing a better job of that lately, including five assists last night.
Kyle Singler, SF 25 MIN | 5-7 FG | 0-1 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 12 PTS | -5Singler seems to have bounced back from his shooting slump. He’s now 17-for-31 in his last four games.
Greg Monroe, C 37 MIN | 4-13 FG | 1-3 FT | 8 REB | 6 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 9 PTS | -4Monroe shot poorly, but he still gets an adequate grade because he passed well, only had two turnovers and, unlike their last meeting when Joakim Noah had 30 points and 23 rebounds, Monroe held his own defensively.
Brandon Knight, PG 34 MIN | 4-9 FG | 5-5 FT | 2 REB | 7 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 13 PTS | +2If not for missing all of his 3-point attempts, Knight would’ve had an A tonight. He distributed the ball well, he only turned it over twice and he shut down Kirk Hinrich (not the hardest task these days, but still).
Charlie Villanueva, PF 5 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -1Villanueva didn’t play in the second half and when he was on the court in the first half, he might as well not have been.
Austin Daye, PF 9 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 3 PTS | +4Ditto for Daye. Granted, neither guy did much of anything in the first half and Daye, in particular, has been slumping lately, but with the offense sputtering in the fourth and the team in the second game of a back-to-back, I’m mildly surprised that at least one of them didn’t find the floor again. Also, remember when we were coming up with nicknames for this bench? Good times those were.
Andre Drummond, C 22 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 7 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 8 PTS | -3Same broken record with Drummond. He played 22 incredibly productive minutes, more productive than any other big man the Pistons put on the court, and his coach is still spoon-feeding him as if he’s the second coming of Hasheem Thabeet.
Will Bynum, PG 16 MIN | 3-9 FG | 3-3 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -6Bynum’s shot was off and he didn’t really create many opportunities for others, disappointing considering he did a great job of both creating and taking care of the ball just last night. Tonight, Nate Robinson played the Bynum role for the Bulls, scoring nine straight points early in the fourth quarter, helping the Bulls erase a double-digit lead.
Rodney Stuckey, PG 26 MIN | 5-16 FG | 1-2 FT | 0 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 11 PTS | -8Stuckey’s shot was off and he led the team in 3-point attempts despite being a terrible 3-point shooter.
Lawrence FrankPart of the issue in the fourth quarter was obviously the Pistons running out of steam some on the second game of a back-to-back and the first game of a road trip. The other part of the issue was Lawrence Frank deciding the second half of the second game of a back-to-back was an appropriate time to stretch out his starters. Honestly, if Frank has seen enough of Villanueva and Daye, I’m totally fine with that. But are there not other options who could’ve just taken their second half minutes? Playing the starters extended minutes just made absolutely no sense tonight.


  • Jan 24, 20131:06 am
    by menten


    monroe B?! dude choked big time in the 4th like always

    • Jan 24, 201310:27 am
      by Hardy 3


      I agree, Monroe did C-H-O-K-E…………………..
      For someone who was supposed to have a chip on his shoulder about his snub from the Olynpic team he sure does act like it he has the vendetta to prove he is up and coming. I don’t mind that he is a great passer , but when you are supposed to be building block for this team you have to demand the ball and prove that you are that leader. I don’t want to blame Monroe for the entire game but he needs to put on display that he is the upcoming star that we want him to be.  Play like a Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan 24, 20131:37 am
    by ZekeKhaseli


    I agree with the report card especially on Frank. Don’t be square Frank. If CV is not working try JJ please. If Stuck is ruining the flow put English please. Work with what you’ve got. Don’t be too rigid

  • Jan 24, 20131:38 am
    by copper


    Monroe was coser to a c-, he was out of control and was seriously affraid to  shoot the wide open ft jumper that he wil have to hit if we have any hope of playing Drum and Moose in the future.
      Frank deserves a Z- for his comical handling of the end of third and into the 4th. Was he watching something in the crowd? he was certainly not watching the same game the rest of us had to endure.  If Gores wants to know why people are not spending their money on his team? may I present exhibit A.  Who would want to spend their time and hard earned money to watch  This?

  • Jan 24, 20132:06 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    My DBB brothers and sisters will likely want to skip this, as it will be a repeat of my angry moanings there. But Lawrence Frank deserves his F today, possibly more than at any other time in his two seasons in Detroit.

    Anytime you blow a(nother) 17 point lead and lose, the coach has to shoulder a lot of the blame. But a pity D- went out the window in the game’s final 30 seconds.

    Tie game. Bulls with full shot clock. In their dream world, the Bulls will run down the clock and try their damnedest to get
    1. a shot in the paint. If it misses,
    2. the offensive board. If they get it,
    3. another shot in the paint.

    They got all three.

    There is one Piston who is an elite (maybe even above average) paint presence and rebounder. His name is Andre Drummond. He was on the bench.

    As others have pointed out, we can’t know if Drummond would have made a difference. But would anyone outside of Lawrence Frank argue that Maxiell and Monroe are both better paint defenders and rebounders that Andre Drummond? ‘cuz that’s essentially what Frank decided.

    I encourage folks to rewatch the Bulls’ last possession. Maxiell played the first shot well. He made a good effort to get at Bellini’s game-winner. Not his fault, but I can’t help but think that if Maxiell were five inches taller, longer, quicker, a better jumper, and had fresher legs, he would have had a better shot at blocking or altering Bellini. In other words, if he were ANDRE DRUMMOND.

    Monroe should be ashamed of his effort. Again, watch the replay. First of all, no Piston (and I’m guessing that it was Monroe’s job) was within three feet of Noah (you know…possibly the game’s best offensive rebounder?) when he broke to the ball and he got there (and made a fabulous play) completely unobstructed.

    Secondly, watch Monroe as Noah was charging to the ball. He sat near the three point line and…watched. Noah saves the ball, Bellini gets it in a good position and Greg Monroe is all but glancing at the TV monitor.

    With the mixed blessing of countless angles and non-stop replays, a split second decision or failure to act can be magnified and it’s not fair to claim that “this is who Greg Monroe is”. And I’m not. But it was a lazy, loser moment and it may have cost them the game. And Larry Frank was the architect of this failure.

    Now that the dead horse is thoroughly beaten, I’m going to move on to my cat.

  • Jan 24, 20132:22 am
    by Trent


    A perfect game to give other guys minutes. CV sucked and had 3 fouls, try JJ. We want them to play the same kind of role so if one doesnt work why not try the other? And when Daye started to stink it up with basically no effort, why not go to Kim? A guy that always hustles, always give 110%. You can not tell me that Kim couldn’t guard Bellinelli, Butler or even RIP and Id even back Kim to match him at a shootout from deep. Reward effort. Andre makes a great hustle play of an offensive rebound to get us back the ball with 5 or so minutes to go and then he rides the pine till the end?! What?! I guarantee that last play doesnt happen if Dre is on the court. And has somebody told Moose not to shoot the ball? No wonder he aint scoring, defenders know they can just sit off anywhere outside 15ft. He is now a very predictable player and against A-grade defence he’s getting no where. SHOOT THE BALL KID!

  • Jan 24, 20132:32 am
    by Pratik


    We needed a 3 to tie with 7 seconds left, and Frank didn’t put Singler, Daye, CV or even Kim English in…we trusted Prince and Stuckey to shoot the 3 for us, when Knight was clearly the best 3 point shooter out on the floor.

    Stuckey and Prince can only make open 3′s, Stuckey got a good look but didn’t make it…just saying Frank’s gotta lose his ego and THINK LOGICALLY sometimes. 

  • Jan 24, 20132:42 am
    by Jayknowsball


    Frank is such formed fit for this team…..I think we should give Avery Johnson a shot!

    • Jan 24, 201310:28 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      I said the same thing when he got let go.  D’antonio might have even been a good fit, with our young guns.

      • Jan 24, 201312:40 pm
        by Worm


        Dantonio is the MSU football coach

        • Jan 24, 20132:50 pm
          by MIKEYDE248


          You know what I meant.  He will probably be looking for another job at the end of this year.

  • Jan 24, 20132:43 am
    by Jayknowsball


    Bad fit*

    • Jan 24, 20132:51 am
      by Venice



      • Jan 24, 201310:30 am
        by MIKEYDE248


        Hate the Zen Master.  He has never been a coach for an up start team, he has always just had to deal with egos of super stars.  If he never had Jordan, Kobe or Shaq, how many championships do you think he would have?

        • Jan 24, 201311:11 am
          by DasMark


          Phil Jackson wouldn’t even consider coaching a team like Detroit for an instance. He’s about winning and competing for titles. If the team doesn’t have the assets to win one, he’s not interested. That’s why he turned down the Knicks coaching job, despite rumors that Dolan was ready to compensate him in the area of 10mm a season. 

          Avery Johnson interviewed for the job before Kuester got it (LOL!), but wanted too much money. He inherited a championship caliber team in Dallas, and the team degraded under him after one great playoff run and a quality regular season with Dirk going bonkers. 

          Then he went to Jersey, and we only saw regression from the players there. Williams regressed, Lopez stopped rebounding, and Wallace’s defense got softer. 

          Avery Johnson isn’t a good coach. He looked good thanks to inheriting Don Nelson’s well built team in Dallas for a couple seasons. That’s it.

          There aren’t many established coaches I would be too high on. Nate McMillan doesn’t play young guys, and plays way too slow for this young team. They should try and get Spurs asst. coach Mike Budenholzer, he’s been with Popovich for years, he could be the next Tom Thibodeau. 

          • Jan 24, 201311:20 am
            by MIKEYDE248

            I think Flip is open again.

  • Jan 24, 20132:54 am
    by Ahmed


    #FireFrank #StartDrummond #FreeJerebko #Trade


    .Charlie V.

    Also Find away to play Drummond with Bynum. These two are scary together.

    • Jan 24, 20136:32 am
      by Vince


      Yeah no. If we’re trading people:

      Prince and Daye as part of a three team trade with Boston and Seattle:

      Prince and DeMarcus Cousins to Boston
      Daye, Green, Melo and cash considerations from Boston to Seattle
      Johnson, Honeycutt and a second-round pick from Boston to Detroit

      Detroit gets Johnson’s expiring deal, Honeycutt’s two year rookie contract (800K) and a mid round second round pick
      Boston finally get DMC as well as a veteran wing in an attempt to solidify playoff contention
      Seattle gets an expiring contract in Daye, a consistent forward in Green and an up and coming defensive presence in Fab Melo.



      2nd Unit 


      Bench warmers:

      Villanueva and Johnson




      • Jan 24, 20136:39 am
        by Vince


        2013 Offseason:

        Draft-day deal sending Maxiell and our Boston second round pick to the Timberwolves for a future 1st round pick
        Amnesty Villanueva
        Pursue and sign OJ Mayo
        Accept both Middleton and English’s options.

        Which gives us a 2013-2014 starting lineup of  

        Drummond – Monroe – Jerebko – Mayo – Knight

        Backed up by:

        Kravtsov – Drafted player – Singler – Stuckey – Bynum

        English and second-round draftee on the end of the rotation

        Honeycutt, Middleton in the D-League.


      • Jan 24, 201310:22 am
        by tarsier


        Sacramento gets killed in this deal, partly because they are being called Seattle even though they are not yet Seattle. Mostly because they get nowhere close to fair value for Cousins. They can get a whole heck of a lot more than Daye (worthless), Green (negative value because he is very overpaid), and Melo (a project big from the tail end of the first round who has a chance to be decent but probably won’t be).

  • Jan 24, 20133:02 am
    by Lorenzo


    I know most fans won’t want to hear it but hell….it’s a young team guys, this poison is part of the package of a yet to mature team. We are well versed in the blown leads department this year and it’s likely we will encounter the situation again. A squad in it’s formative years that’s still is not complete and can not close out games…..welcome to the growing pains people.

    • Jan 24, 20136:33 am
      by gmehl


      I agree with you Lorenzo but i think most people are complaining about how those leads have been blown. By memory we have now lost 13 games where we have lead by double figures. That in most cases comes down to the coaching. Frank is way too slow to react and usually waits until a lead has totally gone before he calls a timeout. Frank has been out coached on many occasions and if we could of just won a third of those blown double digit led games then we’d be right in the mix for the 8th spot.

      All i can say is i’m with Jerebko’s dad on this one in that i hope Frank isn’t coaching next season. 

      • Jan 24, 201310:34 am
        by MIKEYDE248


        I’d like to see Frank coaching next year, just in LA, not here.  Perfect combo.

  • Jan 24, 20137:35 am
    by Raphael


    I’m not convinced that Daye and CV can’t contribute. Daye had a bad 9 mins of play. Although he was aggressively looking for his shot, which was something he wasn’t doing in the past few games.  I think coach should have went back to Daye and CV in the fourth.  Especially since he his starters lost a 17 point lead and the offense was not running smoothly at all.  I don’t understand how Frank continues to stay with this unit when to lose big leads knowing that their offense doesn’t flow as well as the second units. 

    The second units play was disappointing because they didn’t move the ball well.  I saw a lot of one on one play from Stuckey and Bynum. If they don’t keep the ball moving, it’s probably best to shut down shop because that’s what makes that unit work effectively.That’s where the coach is supposed to come in and keep the guys playing the right way. Franks seems satisfied to let the offense fall into his lap and if it doesn’t produce, he replaces them with a starter.  What happened to getting the team focused on what’s needed to win?  I’m done with this coach.  It’hi hard to watch him in action and then he topped his bad performance with a sarcastic response to a question a reporter asked him. As if he has that coaching pedigree to not be questioned about his game time decisions, which are consistently questionable. 

  • Jan 24, 20138:55 am
    by Tommy B


    Jerebko needs to play.  Its really as simple as that.  We don’t need Charlie V and Daye out there at the same time…they are virtually the same player.  

    And a game like last night marks the perfect example of why JJ should play.  When Charlie V. and Daye are not hitting their shots…they are totally useless.  JJ could be missing his shots, but he can help out in numerous ways, whether through rebounding or hustle plays.   

  • Jan 24, 20139:08 am


    Make Monroe shoot that 15-17 footer…. He utterly mucked up the offense, passing on that shot…

    I just blame Frank for not making the proper adjustments early…

    I’ll even say, not having Drummond in on that last defensive position by the Bulls….

    • Jan 24, 20139:15 am
      by Crispus


      You beat me to my points. Monroe’s passing on that shot did indeed screw up the whole offense, as Brandon Knight never seems to be open, Stuckey takes 22 seconds to set up his shot or assist, Max won’t shoot, and Tayshaun also needs time to set up his shot.

      • Jan 24, 20139:59 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        Knight last night was playing like the True PG…

        Everyone wanted… but what happened was…

        Knight broke down the defense…passes it to a wide open Monroe who pump fakes, pump fakes, jab steps, and if the defender doesn bite he gives the ball up….

        Knight broke down the defense..passes it to Maxiell, who hesitates (since now his jumper is no longer falling) … the defense reacts …so he gives jump the ball…

        Knigh Broke down the defense…passes it to Prince…who dribbles , pump fakes and shoots that step back jumper…

        Knight look Great with Singler…it seems like they’ve talked and plan to be aggressive… no more hestitation…I even like when Knight came up…and stepped right into the 3 pointer..he missed but soo what…and when Singler came off that screen and just shot the ball…. thats what we need from Monroe…just shoot the damn ball

        • Jan 24, 201310:37 am
          by Nick


          Now thats the truth with some cheese on it LMAO.

        • Jan 24, 201310:55 am
          by Crispus


          Hear Hear.

  • Jan 24, 20139:13 am
    by Crispus


    I actually got to see parts of this one, but I wish I hadn’t. What a shameful collapse. I just couldn’t understand what Frank was doing out there. He seems completely agnostic about situational basketball. No Drummond on Chicago’s last offensive possession? No CV, Daye or even English when we needed a three to tie? Even his stop-the-bleeding timeouts seem grudgingly taken.

    The starters seem fundamentally unable to create quality shots. The Bench are so much better at setting up alley-oops and open threes, which is why they can swing games so dynamically and create so much emotional momentum.

    I had read a lot about Greg Monroe last year, never really seeing him play and thought “cool, a smooth hard-playing big man with a good head on his shoulders”. But now I am realizing I can’t stand Monroe at his current stage of development. His defense is ranges from mediocre to terrible, he’s slow, he’s deathly afraid of shooting from the free throw line (him and Max playing hot potato with the ball at the end of the game nearly made me tear my hair out) and his offensive moves are predictable and only effective half the time. Granted he’s young, has his moments, and will probably get better, but I don’t see how he can hope to improve in Frank’s goofy, dysfunctional starting lineup. I was so angry and ashamed watching last night’s debacle that I have one foot aboard the Fire Frank bandwagon.

    • Jan 24, 20139:48 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      Jump on board….

  • Jan 24, 20139:21 am
    by Jerebko's Daddy aka PAPA REBKO


    seriously this team needs 1 more star.
    Anybody in the NBA can get hot and have a good night, or have a hot streak. They are still role players.

    This team needs one more star that gives consistent production no matter what.

    Ben MClemore
    Otto Porter
    Trey Burke

    free agent
    Jose Calderon
    Brandan Wright

    One more star, one more vet, and it becomes less likely that Frank can mess the games up next year. They really need a pg that can void Frank’s bad decisions and execute regardless. Next year we won’t have to worry about them not playing Drummond…  

  • Jan 24, 20139:23 am
    by Scott Free


    This would have been a good game to see English and Jerebko in action.  Why even dress them otherwise?

    • Jan 24, 20139:46 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      no cause that would make sense

  • Jan 24, 20139:37 am
    by Nathan


    Singler played 25 minutes after getting over 30 minutes the three previous games and playing well.  He was 5 out of 7 and then taken out for almost the entire fourth quarter in favor of Stuckey.  Singler wasn’t tired last night he should have been in there.  He was 2-2 on three-pointers and looking confident.  Good time to bench him in a tight game.  What the fuck?

    • Jan 24, 20139:42 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      Yup! thats our Coach!

      Knight was running the offense looking confident, finding the open man, getting into the lane, either finishing or getting to the line…

      But what do you do? Sit him in favor of Bynum who wasnt defending, didnt have it going on offense …all in the mist of a Bulls run, you call a time out and go right back to the same line up


  • Jan 24, 20139:38 am


    Half way through the season, and Frank has yet to find a way to play Drummond and Monroe together effectively…..

    Half way through the season…and you can argue Drummond has been the most consistent pistons player….and your still talking about bring him along slowly

    Half way through the season, Drummond has out played, out produced, and just flat out earned the right to start…but still comes off the bench only getting 22 minutes per game…


    • Jan 24, 20139:47 am
      by tile


      I wonder why you still keep going on about this. It’s obvious nothing is going to change before the trade deadline. If afterwards the rotation is still the same, you have as much reason to hate Dumars as you have to hate Frank.

      Much more frustrating than the rotation right now is Monroe’s unwillingness or inability (or both) to take a  wide open jup shot. He was completely redundant in the fourth quarter. If Monroe does not learn to utilize that jump shot he will never be an all-star and certainly not a building block for this team!  

      • Jan 24, 201310:14 am
        by Clint in Flint


        I have been Joe’s number one fan for many years but like you I would like to know why he isn’t doing his job. I also thought  Gores was suppose to be a winner, wrong again. 

  • Jan 24, 20139:50 am
    by Geoge


    It was interesting watching the game with Bulls color commentators. They were questioning Franks substitutions too. They thought it was weird how Monroe was given wide open jumpers near the ft line, and he kept differing.

    Maxiell works out there, but honestly, most teams have no answer or Drummond. I liked how even BK is starting to underhand how to play with him (throw up some oops).

  • Jan 24, 201310:16 am
    by copper


    Tis team is a rudderless ship with Larry” where am I” Frank at the helm.  I am beginning to get worried that his moronic decisions and lack of any real direction will in fact hinder and possibly regress our youngsters.
      The starting unit is completely devoid of identity, can anyone say with any real certainty what they will do from one minute to the next?  at least with our second unit  they know what they are and what they can do…we know will will drive and lob to dre and the others will stretch the defense and fire away.  They arent the best on defense but Drum can clean up alot of mistakes.
      With our starters we have no direction or purpose with the ball,  they kind of fart around until the shot clock is low enough and someone fires it up.   

    • Jan 24, 201311:03 am
      by Crispus


      Truth! The starters have to climb this huge mountain just to get the ball to the rim. It’s like watching 5 guys who have never played together, and two of them are afraid to shoot anything but their signature shot.

      Knight and Monroe are lost in the wilderness, and wildly inconsistent because the starters aren’t being utilized to either play to their strengths or branch into areas of improvement.

  • Jan 24, 201310:25 am
    by nick c


    what a bummmer to watch this one slip away.
    Monroe has to shoot those 15 footers when he catches in flow… even if he misses its still a good shot and we have cutters going to the rim for O rebs. Moreover, it just chokes offensive movement because everyone is expecting him to shoot. When he doesn’t, you can practically see the whole team collectively sigh. Just fire it up Moose!
    Also, every decision Stuckey made in the fourth quarter was poor. He was forcing shots early in the shot clock and playing shit D. When Knight came in with 10 to play I about lost it when it was Bynum going to the bench and not Stuck. Stuckey and Monroe need to buy into team baskteball again: it’s not rocket science, just take what the defense gives you.
    Totally agree with what everyone else is saying about Drummond vs Max (as if Drummond wouldn’t have send Berinelli’s layup into the 4th row!)
    Also, when a dude is getting as fired up as Robinson was after scoring four in a row someone needs to put him on his ass. Not maliciously, but just a good old Laimbeer hard foul as he’s sneaking around a pick to make him think about gesturing to the crowd like that.

    • Jan 24, 201311:10 am
      by Crispus


      To be fair to Stuckey, he was in that hot potato offense with Max, Monroe and everybody else just tossing the ball around. He probably was thinking “Well if nobody else is going to shoot, I will, dammit”. He did find Max on that crucial play at the end.

      • Jan 24, 201311:18 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        that was a nice play, but we should not have needed that play….

        BTW: The play that Noah made is the plays that JJ always made

  • Jan 24, 201310:30 am
    by ZekeKhaseli


    Frank really makes the players confused about their roles. Why? because the division of the 1st team and 2nd. It happens first wit JJ when they decided to make Stuckey a sixth man. Since then JJ’s number went down real fast. He gets no redemption and veteran Maggette came into the scene. He costs us about 3-4 games. Took too long for Frank too realize he is giving the veteran too much credits. Now with the bench mob only comfortable playing among them its getting harder to find the good chemistry with the best players available. Case in point fourth quarter meltdown against the bulls. The early fourth with Greg, Dre, Singler, Will and Rodney looks like a good bunch however the chemistry wasnt there. Largely due to Stuckey who likes to force things instead of moving the ball. if they just let Will and Dre do their things offensively we’d be better. Singler doesnt get too touch the ball. And Monroe yielded from becoming a go to guy. Bad decision by the coach

  • Jan 24, 201310:38 am


    Knight in the last 3 games has been LIGHT YEARS! better than Bynum….

    Bynum production is based off of two man basketball with him and Drummond…and Drummond Size,Speed, Explosive jumping ability…has made Bynum look very good… Drummond flash toward the basket on pick and rolls plays even open the floor for Bynum to find shooter or get his own shot…

    While Knight has the opposite going on….He does not play with any superior athletes, he only plays with one shooter, and Monroe and Prince are Iso players… they need the ball in there hand posting and dribbling to be effective……

    But Knight is not being more aggressive, yesterday someone needed to get ion Monroe face…. once again this team has no Idenity…

  • Jan 24, 201310:51 am
    by hoophabit


    A lot of good points here!  I’m equally puzzled as to why Singler, who had it going shooting-wise, didn’t even get a look when the team seemed desperate for shooting?
    Monroe needs to just shoot his shots in the flow of the offense.  How many open 15 footers did he pass up?
    No Andre during key defensive stands at the end of the game?  Coach seems to decide that he is going with a group whether it’s effective or not.

    • Jan 24, 201311:13 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      “Coach seems to decide that he is going with a group whether it’s effective or not.”

      That what scares me, its when its not working there seems to be a lack in ability to adjust….

      However, he will get another pass for this season because of the slow start, and we will likely finish the 2nd half of the year with a .500 record or something slighly better…

  • Jan 24, 201311:19 am
    by G


    Stuckey’s foul on Belinelli was HUGE. It was a stupid touch foul, and it gave the Bulls a 3pt lead instead of 2, and I’d say Frank not subbing in any 3pt shooters for the last offensive possession was pretty bad.  They called the timeout but then started the possession with Monroe, Maxiell, Prince, Stuckey and Knight. At that point Knight was 0-3 (.378% on the year) from distance, Stuckey was also 0-3 (.304%) and Prince was 1-1 (.438%). On the bench was Singler who was 2-2 in the game (.366%) and Austin Daye at 1-1 (.529%). Why not sub in Singler for Stuckey and Daye for Maxiell?

    • Jan 24, 201311:24 am
      by MIKEYDE248


      Has Max ever even attempted a 3 before?  Same with Monroe.  I know you need someone for rebounding, but then why wouldn’t you put in our best rebounder?

      • Jan 24, 20131:09 pm
        by G


        Stuckey was awful, he played the last 15 minutes of the game. Singler was pretty solid, he sat the last 7 minutes. AND he’s a decent defender and good 3pt shooter. I think Frank would’ve been better in the last 29 seconds going with Defensive & Offensive lineups.
        Defense – Knight, Singler, Tayshaun, Maxiell and Drummond
        Offense – Knight, Singler, Tayshaun, Daye and Monroe
        I’d leave Drummond out of the offensive sets because his FT% is so bad, if he touches the ball they’d just foul. This was clearly a game where Frank’s insistence on sitting Jerebko hurt the team.

  • Jan 24, 201311:39 am
    by Scott Free


    A back-to-back against a good team isn’t the time to give your veterans 30+ minutes unless they’re hitting… especially since we’re particularly deep at SF & PF.  

    I dont want to armchair coach in Frank’s stead, but honestly, what more can Drummond do to get minutes?  He’s improving steadily, he was good to begin with, and he’s more than likely the team’s future… They act like he’s every bit the project he was projected to be!

  • Jan 24, 201312:47 pm
    by piston moribund


    Stop blaming Frank, the roster sucks and Joe D needs to do something or he should take the blame and get fired.  Frank cannot risk fracturing the roster with half a season to go with the history of mutiny that exists.
    Mr.”D” was the true architect behind the championship teams.  Three franchises, multiple ships.  nuff said.
    Bullwinkle’s play is not conducive to winning.  Too indecisive, too predictable, and too slow.  Trade, trade, and trade while you can.  Not a franchise cornerstone for a championship team.
    No one on this teams knows how to play the pick and roll except Dre.  When the pistons play against a competent defense, they are screwed.
    MFWB, no “D”, cannot get away with what he is doing against good “D”
    Spacing is still awful, when the ball goes into the block, there is no wing player parked on the strong side perimeter for the outlet.  Bad coaching and dumb basketball.
    Daye sucks and is playing his way out of the rotation.  Only a matter of time before JJ is free.  Cant wait for THOR!!!!! to bring the wrath.  Hope not to be eating my words any time soon.
    Everyone still making dumb plays when it matters most.  
    Spell check is obviously pissed off in Orlando, bring him back.
    Just waiting and hoping while the trade deadline approaches.  Please oh please.

    • Jan 24, 20131:05 pm
      by frankie d


      both frank and dumars should go.  
      both have performed poorly.
      yes, the roster sucks.  it has no leadership and no real on-court maestro.
      i know i am in the minority, but i think the team is one solid point guard away from a 45-50 win season.
      that one player, and a coach who knows how to utilize him, will bring the weird collection of talent together.  unfortunately, it appears that joe d simply is philosophically opposed to bringing that type of player on board, and frank doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how to bring together the odd collection of players.
      rick carlisle would have this team in the playoffs.
      look at the rosters of the teams he coached to 50 wins here in detroit.   chucky atkins was the starting point guard.  michael curry the starting small forward.
      that team was as weird and limited and screwy as this team.  but carlisle made it work.
      good coaches win.  
      run of the mill, mediocrities like frank, make excuses about their rosters.

  • Jan 24, 201312:52 pm
    by frankie d


    didn’t see the game, but i have to say that i am amused by the reactions.
    seems like lots of fans are finally coming around to the view of frank that a few of us malcontents have had for quite a while.
    when a team consistently blows large leads, it is not a coincidence.  if it happens once or twice, maybe.
    but when a team repeatedly blows double digit leads, it usually means that opposing coaches have figured some things out, made adjustments and the team blowing the leads has not countered.
    again, didn’t see this game, but i’d bet that the same pattern held. 
    watching the games, it often appears that frank is coaching the game without regard to what is happening on the floor.  
    (what is weird is that sometimes he seems to be obsessed with matching up, and he often puts guys on the floor just to match up with what the opposing coach is doing.  and this results in keeping some of his more effective players on the bench. this usually happens when he puts his small ball lineups out there.)
    it’s sort of a bobby knight attitude.  knight used to say that he wasn’t coaching against the opponent; he was coaching against the game.  that as long as his team went out and played the way it should play, that he would be ok.
    when you have overwhelming talent, that approach might work.  but when you have a roster full of flawed players, you have to be more flexible.
    i will be glad when this guy is fired.  i’ll give him till mid-season next year.  unfortunately, pistons’ fans will have to suffer till then. 

    • Jan 24, 20131:07 pm
      by piston moribund


      The argument is predicated on the fact this team is good enough to compete with the upper tier teams.  They are not and when the good teams play up to their ability, then the Pistons are in trouble.  Everyone on the floor at the end of the game is justified in being there last night.  The simple fact is that the team is just not that good an once everyone comes around and accepts that fact and stop blaming Frank, then we can all move on and make moves which will help the team.  Everyone is suffering from the JOE D syndrome.  The inability to accept the obvious, the pistons suck. plain as day, no amount of over coaching from the couch can change that.

      • Jan 24, 20132:16 pm
        by G


        I disagree. The Pistons were playing in Chicago on the second night of a back-to-back, and they really only lost because Nate Robinson got hot and the starters got tired and missed a bunch of shots in the 4th. Once Knight came in for Bynum, Robinson stopped making shots. Coaching was a huge difference in this game.

      • Jan 24, 20133:12 pm
        by frankie d


        nonsense.  the argument is predicated on objective facts.
        the team has lost a great number of games where they have had huge leads.  while i haven’t gone back and looked at specific games, one in particular comes to mind, the orlando game.  
        is orlando a top tier team?
        last time i checked, no.
        anyone who watches nba BB knows that every team, even top tier teams often take quarters, halfs and sometimes even entire games off.  
        well coached teams that play hard can jump up and surprise those teams and often come away with wins. 
        do those teams sometimes come back and overtake that “bad” team and still win?
        sure.  but that is not what is happening with detroit.
        that cliche abpout any team being able to beat any other on a given night is absoplutely true.
        they don’t play consistent defense.
        their offense seems to happen by accident.
        they don’t have a true team identity.
        he hasn;t been able to figure out how to play his two best players together.
        all of that comes down to coaching.
        if the team was establishing itself, solidifying it’s identity in some fashion, whatever that might be, i’d watch and endure the losses, no problem.
        but this incoherent mismash, where you never know what type of team will show up from game to game is a clear reflection of the coaching.
        i’d stopped following the pistons as rabidly until those carlisle teams.  
        but those teams played their tails off, they were obviously well-coached, they were never seemingly out of games, and they won a lot of games in the last minute because of their grit and because of excellent coaching.
        this pistons team seems like the polar opposite of those teams.  
        when the team shows grit and resolve, it is so unusual that it seems like a miracle.
        and the team obviously has little faith in their coach,, as they often appear to be waiting for the disaster to happen in 4th quarters. 
        again, good coaches find ways to win games.
        with frank, there is always an excuse as to why he can’t get it done. 
        and yes, joe d is certainly to blame for the weird roster he’s assembled.  but he should also know that he needed a certain type of coach to handle this odd collection of talent and frank aint that guy.

        • Jan 24, 20135:21 pm
          by G


          Sorry, I stopped reading after your 4th sentence. If you’re going to cherry pick 1 game vs. a bad opponent that the Pistons lost 2 while ignoring the good opponents the Pistons beat, I have nothing to say to you.

          • Jan 24, 20135:49 pm
            by frankie d

            lol!  i personally don’t give a flying flip if you have anything to say to me.
            the record is the record.
            the team has lost 11 games after having double digit leads.  
            not good.
            bottom line.
            the team is 16-26 this year and 41-67 since frank has been head coach.
            i guess i am not supposed to cherry pick a season or a pesky stat like win/loss record.
            makes perfect sense.

          • Jan 24, 20138:57 pm
            by gmehl

            It is now actually 13 games where they’ve lost where they have led by double digits.

          • Jan 25, 20138:09 am
            by G

            You seem perfectly willing to accept the 11 double digit leads that have turned into losses and all the sub-par opponents the Pistons have lost to, why not accept a 10 pt victory over the Heat? A couple double-digit victories over Boston? The Orlando game you’re talking about had to be back in November, because the last time they played Orlando they won by 15.

            They’ve beaten Miami, Atlanta, Boston (twice), and Milwaukee (twice), all of would be playoff teams if the season ended today. I’m not saying the Pistons are world beaters or anything, I’m saying they look like they could be a playoff team, and with better coaching they would’ve beaten the Bulls the other night.

  • Jan 24, 201312:54 pm
    by jacob


    If Frank coached Lions he would only play Calvin half the game. The Pistons must be trying to stay in the lottery. This is the only thing I can think of. They could trade some expiring contracts for better players and play Dummond more. They don’t. Stern should fine them for tanking.

  • Jan 24, 20131:34 pm
    by G


    Anybody else notice that sick moving screen Noah laid on Stuckey? It pulled Monroe out of the paint & allowed Noah to make the save at the end since he didn’t have a body on him.

    • Jan 25, 201312:07 am
      by inigo montoya


      I don’t think it was a moving screen, Noah just held Stuckey and put him on the floor.  Should have been a foul on Noah and Frank was livid about the non-call.  I also think Noah was dragging his feet when he saved the ball.  And by the way, why was that out of bounds save not reviewed?  I am under the impression that it is reviewable in the last 2 minutes. Two bad calls on one play.  Also the difference in the game were free throws where the Bulls made 10 more than the Pistons.  

      The Pistons lost their confidence in the 4th quarter.  Maybe being tired had something to do with that.  The Pistons only made 3 shots out of the paint in the 4th, that tells me that the players on the court lost confidence.  

      The Pistons are dead last in the league as far as FG% for shots taken from 10 to 15 feet, 34%.  As a comparable OKC and SAS are 1st in the league at the same distance, 47%.  That is a big difference. 

      Another complaint I have is that the Pistons should not consider themselves to be an above average team when they rank 27th in the league in FT%.

      I believe that the Pistons have the players that can make the shots all the time in practice, but lack the confidence to do it in the games.  Monroe’s got to get confident soon and so does Stuckey.  Stuckey has got to realize that soon the speed advantage he has will be gone in a couple of years and if he wants to excel he has got to become a consistent shooter.

  • Jan 24, 20132:09 pm
    by Prelove


    hammond was the mastermind behind the championship teams. not a half dead Mr. D..

  • Jan 24, 20132:27 pm
    by jamesjones_det


    Moose should be an F. 
    His 4th qtr performance was absolutely awful on both ends of the floor.  On defense he didn’t block out, I can’t even count how many times his man got free and was just in general soft.
    However for as bad as his defensive performance was his offensive performance was what bothered me the most.  Why he was constantly 20 ft away from the basket not trying to back or break his man down is beyond me.  My only guess is he’s scared to take the shot or Frank is just an idiot (I lean to the ladder).
    Awful loss in general.

    • Jan 24, 20133:14 pm
      by Georgio


      He wasn’t trying to back down because  the paint was crowded and he has trouble finishing over Noah, did you see some of his shot attempts, just wild throws. He couldn’t break his man down because Noah was playing 10 ft off him daring him to shoot the jumper and he wouldn’t. If he would shoot and make a few jumpers then Noah would have to come out and THEN he could use his quickness to get pass him and at least have a cleaner look at the basket, but if he won’t shoot it then all the defense has to do is sit back and wait for him to come to them.

      • Jan 24, 20133:55 pm
        by frankie d


        exactly.  and that has been happening all year. 
        just a guess, but it looked like monroe made a point to try to get to the line more this year.  hence, fewer outside shots – which he seemed to take more readily last year – and more shots nearer the rim.
        unfortunately, it looks like he has completely lost confidence in his shot and teams are just laying off him.  his hesitancy s screwing up the entire offense, as it is allowing defenders to jam the lane and not play him honestly. 
        he needs to watch some old tapes of the dobber, bob lanier, whose game was very similar to monroe’s.  like monroe, he was not a great leaper, but he used his skills to dominate offensively. when teams gave lanier that shot he killed them with it, and once they tried to guard him, he’d put it on the floor and go right around defenders.
        monroe can do the same, but he needs to make that shot. 

      • Jan 24, 20134:15 pm
        by jamesjones_det


        So take a dribble and force your man up.  He wasn’t really even trying out there offensively IMO.  Just standing there with some half baked pump fakes wasn’t helping anyone.

  • Jan 24, 20133:14 pm
    by Mone


    Why does Daye always get an F when he only plays like 6 minutes? Hell, even the beloved Prince, Monroe, or Knight wouldn’t do anything in that time..

    • Jan 24, 20135:28 pm
      by apa8ren9


      I tried to lay off of Daye, but he gets an F because while he was in there only negative plays were happening.  Offensive rebounds, fouls, turnovers and missed shots.  They all start happening in bunches with him as the central figure.  When he played well, his shots didnt necessarily fall but he was rebounding and was semi competent on defense.  Now he again is not doing anything to impact the game positively.

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