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More nicknames for Pistons bench, as suggested by Pistons bench

Ryan Field of Fox Sports Detroit:

Charlie V’s nickname for #Pistons bench–>T.E.A.M.="The Extremely Angry Men". Austin Daye likes "Bench Mob", Will Bynum says "The Splinters"

Field’s reporting of Charlie Villanueva’s nickname is slightly different than the previously reported version, “Extremely Angry Young Men,” and I sort of like the “T.E.A.M.” acronym.

Austin Daye, where is your imagination?

Will Bynum is the clear winner. Let’s not nickname the Pistons’ entire bench, but just the Bynum-Daye-Villanueva trio. So, if we’re leaving out Andre Drummond and Rodney Stuckey, “The Splinters” is perfect. I’m running with that for those three.


  • Jan 15, 20132:10 pm


    The ABC Crew…

    Austin , Bynum , Charlie

    • Jan 15, 20132:49 pm
      by lisa


      I like that!   Already been chewed!

  • Jan 15, 20132:16 pm


    imma huge fan of the “Redeemed Team”

    it speaks to every last one of them..


    All three spent alot of time on the bench and not productive


    Dissapointing at the start of the season


    Had low expectation and was barely getting minutes

  • Jan 15, 20135:32 pm
    by Guus


    Dear UK Pistons fans,

    A bit off topic, but I hope you’ll forgive me, for I didn’t know how else to contact you :)

    My name is Guus Teeuwen, a Dutch Pistons fan. Since I have great girlfriend who went through a lot of trouble to arrange my birthday gift, I am going to see our Pistons live in London. I’m over the moon!

    Now, I could use the help of my British fellow Pistons fans: I have to be at Stansted airport friday morning 6 a.m. (UK time), and have no place to stay between the end of the game (or the closing of the bar after the game :P) and my having to be at the airport. So I was wondering: would anyone have me surf their couch for a few hours to get some shut eye (maybe talk some Pistons and have a drink) before I am on my way to the airport? It would be greatly appreciated from one Pistons fan to another :)

    I’m not sure how we should proceed to contact one another (I’m on facebook: Guus Teeuwen, Eindhoven), but a reply to this comment would possibly get things started: we would find a way :)

    Thanks in advance,


    Guus Teeuwen

  • Jan 15, 20137:38 pm
    by brandow


    “The Sixth Sense”

  • Jan 15, 20138:00 pm
    by Nick


    “Zoo Crew 2″. Since Stuckey was on the first Zoo Crew and Drummond is a beast.

  • Jan 15, 20139:24 pm
    by gmehl


    How about ‘The Expendables’ :-)

  • Jan 16, 20137:40 am
    by nkname


    I have a few, the cathedral, like CV’s idea, detroit rock city, D-day…

  • Jan 16, 20132:06 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    I think they need to come up with more than one week of good play before they should start coming up with nick names for their performance.

    Before this one good week, we would have nick named the slugs.

  • Jan 16, 20133:01 pm
    by sebastian


    The undesirables, the unwanted, the who cares you are all scrubs, except for Stuckey (for about 40 games per season).
    But, I’m with MIKEYDE248, they’ve only have played decent basketball in maybe 3 games. Let’s not get them confused with the current Clippers bench.

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