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Magic success to continue versus Pistons?


  • Teams: Orlando Magic (14-26) at Detroit Pistons (15-25)
  • Date: January 22, 2013
  • Time: 7:30 p.m.
  • Television: FS Detroit Plus

What to look for

Entering tonight, the Orlando Magic have lost back-to-back games against the Charlotte Bobcats and Dallas Mavericks and will be looking to bounce back this evening when they take on the Detroit Pistons.

Jacque Vaughn’s group has been victorious against Lawrence Frank’s twice this season already; with both games having completely separate identities.

The first contest in mid- November proved to be a shootout as evidenced by the teams scoring a combined 216 points. Orlando was a little better, as they stretched the court with their shooting — they converted seven of their 17 attempts from downtown — and simply dominated the rebounding battle. Indeed, the Magic finished the contest with a 44-30 rebounding edge as well as 14 offensive rebounds.

The second game occurred in Orlando less than a week later and was a tough defensive battle in which both teams struggled from the field and points came at a premium. Orlando grinded out a double-digit victory by making a few more shots than their opponents.

Both teams devised better strategies the second time around to make the game a little ugly; and the Magic flexed their muscles on the interior and held Detroit to 16-for-29 shooting (55.2 percent) right at the rim per Hoopdata.

Not so coincidentally, the Orlando Magic have won the battle on the boards in the previous two games, and have been victorious in both instances. Needless to say, this area will go a long way towards determining the winner tonight.

Glen Davis in particular has been a menacing player on this front, averaging 13.5 rebounds per game against the Pistons this season, as well as 4.5 offensive boards.

While focusing on Big Baby, it will be important to pay particular attention to J.J. Redick because he has hurt Detroit this season. On November 16th, he came off screens and also took advantage of a rotating defense to score 23 points on 13 shot attempts.

On November 21st, with Detroit keying in on him a little more when coming off screens and daring him to put the ball on the floor, he struggled from the field but did a good job of creating scoring opportunities for his teammates and dished off seven assists in their comfortable double-digit victory.

The Pistons will have their work cut out for them tonight when they take on the Orlando Magic in what has been a one sided feud so far this season. However, Detroit will get a chance to strike back tonight and will travel to face Orlando one last time on January 27th. But if they plan on tying up the season series, they have to start with a victory tonight.

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  • Jan 22, 20136:55 pm
    by Detroit P


    I think we will win tonight, need to consistently beat worse teams

  • Jan 22, 20137:08 pm
    by Vince


    I think we’ll win this. This is one of the most exciting parts of the year imo, late January is when all the trade rumors pick up, speaking of which, I’ve heard Minny is actively looking for a PF to replace Love whilst he is injured, they’re thinking of going after Millsap and have ruled out JJ Hickson, is there anyway we could interest them in Maxiell and/or Villanueva?

    Also been hearing some chatter about Bynum being considered for Sixth Man of the Year if he keeps up the production he’s put up in Jan and the Pistons keep winning-ish. Thoughts?

    • Jan 22, 20138:29 pm
      by tarsier


      Max or CV? No. If they are trying to replace Love, it would have to be Monroe+.

      Also, ideas of trading CV have got to stop. He is a bad contract. Even with his resurgence this season, he is worth much less than he is owed. So the Pistons would have to throw in assets or take back another bad deal to move him. That would be an absurd decision when they can simply amnesty him in the offseason. At least Max and Prince have value. Charlie has negative value.

      • Jan 22, 20138:37 pm
        by Vince


        I just want CV off the roster haha I’d trade him for an empty bag of chips just to get him off the team. I doubt the Wolves would want Monroe, they’re looking for a big on an expiring deal who can fill in for Love whilst he’s away and provide backup minutes when he’s back, that sounds a lot like a job Maxiell could do. Unfortunately the Wolves don’t have many interesting assets, so I’m not sure how a trade would work…

        • Jan 22, 20139:11 pm
          by Chris H


          Last I checked they’ll still have a draft pick at some time.  I’ll take that for Max or CV, or both. 

          • Jan 22, 20139:34 pm
            by Vince

            Ah but do they have cap space? Knowing Khan he would probably pull the trigger on a deal like that.

      • Jan 22, 201311:40 pm
        by jacob


        A big man that can shoot has value.

    • Jan 22, 201310:37 pm
      by Lorenzo


      The CV contract is actually starting to look better by the second…at this point I would rather hold on to him till next season and use his expiring contract as an attractive bargaining chip. Who knows….. some contending squad may actually find a stretch four an alluring addition to the roster as well.

  • Jan 22, 20137:52 pm
    by frankie d


    we should win this one?
    heck, the last two games, orlando’s rookie coach clearly outcoached lawrence frank.
    let’s see if frank steps his game up tonight and is able to make a few adjustments that give orlando trouble.
    vaughn has already made one adjustment: he started jj redick, who had a really good game last time.
    he obviously is looking to win the game, not stay consistent to a starting lineup. 

  • Jan 22, 20138:06 pm
    by Daye and Knight (Team Redemption)


    Knight starting to get hops!

    • Jan 22, 20138:07 pm
      by Blocks by Dre


      whoops, forgot to change my name, haven ‘t been on this site with my laptop in awhile 

  • Jan 22, 20139:37 pm
    by Vince


    Can Frank put Slava and English in for some garbage time minutes? Hell why not put JJ or Middleton in, this game is over.

    • Jan 22, 20139:39 pm
      by Vince


      HA. English just checked in.

  • Jan 22, 20139:41 pm
    by Chris H


    OMG a Kim English sighting?!?! This better be talked about next entry Dan and Patrick!

  • Jan 22, 20139:52 pm
    by vic


    Great game!

    dominant play all around. good passing and shooting by the guards, all 3 bigs dominated defensively and offensively.
    That’s Detroit basketball. 

    They are one star player away from contending. 

  • Jan 22, 201310:51 pm
    by Lorenzo


    I want to temper the win by noting it is the Orlando Magic….. with an anemic front line…. none the less it is a solid win. As noted we were loosing to bottom rung squads in the first third of the season with some frequency, we are finally starting to compete and beat teams one would expect. All in all the recent up turn in form and wins is a definite sign of progress. Perhaps the arrow for this franchise is finally starting to teeter up wards, a good sign.

  • Jan 23, 201312:11 am



    Knight Dunking…Stuckey catching Alley-oops….and Drummond Jumped from the Dotted Line…


  • Jan 23, 201312:25 am


    folks last 10 game Drummmond 10ppg 71% from the floor 9rebs 1.9 blks 1.1 stls 23mins

    maybe he needs 6th man of the year consideration  

  • Feb 6, 20137:01 pm
    by Bonuses


    Great information. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon).

    I’ve saved it for later!

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