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Lawrence Frank: Andre Drummond has become ‘arguably our best screener’

Tom Haberstroh of ESPN:

All in all, Frank says he couldn’t be happier with Drummond’s progression as a rookie. But don’t expect Frank to give him the starting gig anytime soon. Little steps.

“I’ll tell you what, (Drummond) went from a guy who didn’t understand screening at all, to now becoming arguably our best screener,” Frank said. “You see the progress made and you love his effort, his spirit, his makeup. If he continues to maintain that type of approach, then he has really good things in front of him.”

I’ll use this as an opportunity to remind everyone that Patrick named screening as the biggest area Drummond could progress this season. Drummond has answered every challenge so far.


  • Jan 30, 20134:36 pm
    by Brian


    Patrick also wrote “What I hope happens is Drummond is able to do enough to earn a consistent rotation spot, even if it only means 10-15 minutes per game, by the end of the season.”

  • Jan 30, 20135:46 pm
    by gmehl


    I don’t know if everyone knows yet how lucky we were to have Drummond fall all the way to us in the draft. Yes Joe screwed up the Darko pick but getting Drummond i feel has made up for it. No he doesn’t get credit for it but it is funny how things work out.

  • Jan 30, 20139:54 pm
    by sebastian


    Drummond: Now, can I start coach?

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