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Knicks and Pistons battle in London


  • Teams: New York Knicks (24-13) at Detroit Pistons (14-24)
  • Date: January 17, 2013
  • Time: 3:00 p.m.
  • Television: NBA TV

What to look for

After losing three games in a row against the Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks rebounded last Sunday to defeat the New Orleans Hornets at home thanks in large part to Chris Copeland’s big scoring performance.

Today, the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons will be the face of the NBA in Europe as both teams will square off against each other at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Coming into the contest, the Knicks have dealt with an assortment of injuries to key players. Ray Felton and Rasheed Wallace should miss this contest while Tyson Chandler missed practice yesterday due to illness.

And yet, for all of these injury woes, the Knickerbockers still produce great results on offense as evidenced by their offensive efficiency of 108.9 (third best in the league).

Mind you, New York is a peculiar team offensively because of the way they produce points.

Typically, great offensive teams do a good job of creating high percentage shots from high percentage areas. Sounds simple enough, but the Knicks don’t exactly subscribe to that theory.

Indeed, according to Team Rankings, Mike Woodson’s group is the second worst team in the NBA at scoring in the paint. Instead, they run a couple of post up plays for Carmelo Anthony and should defenses converge, he finds open teammates for shots from 3-point range. Obviously, that’s not much of an offense, thus the Knicks love to run pick-and-rolls to create open shots.

Once Tyson Chandler sets a screen for a ball handler, he dives hard to the hoop for an alley oop or defenders rotate to him thus freeing up the perimeter for wide-open shots from downtown. MySynergySports tells us that 23.2 percent of the Knicks’ offensive plays finish with a spot up jumper, the highest figure of all their plays.

Granted, living off spot up jumpers can be dangerous, especially if your team is only converting 40 percent of them like the Knicks are per MySynergySports.

Therefore, Woodson mixes things up by running a steady dose of pick-and-rolls and isolations. We’ve already covered the pick-and-roll plays, but the isos are a different animal.

Carmelo Anthony does a decent job of bailing out his team in these types of situations, but New York usually struggles when the team tries going to the isolation well too often. Between J.R. Smith, Chris Copeland, Ray Felton (when healthy) and Melo, the Knicks have a tendency to take some low percentage shots out of one-on-one situations, which often results in bad misses.

These instances aren’t as frequent as last season, but they still happen nonetheless.

But again, this is statistically the third best offense in the league, and this is by virtue of their ball control. No team in the league turns the ball over less than New York and they also do a good job of sharing the ball amongst each other around the perimeter to put up their league leading 28.8 shots per game from 3-point range.

In other words, the Detroit Pistons’ defense will be tested early and often in London. New York will force them to defend the roll man in the pick-and-roll as well as the plethora of shooters that will share the court.

This task might prove to be difficult for Lawrence Frank and company, but the Pistons’ size might just force New York’s coaching staff to match up with Detroit especially if they dominate the boards.

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  • Jan 17, 20133:17 pm
    by Jayknowsball


    I’m guessing local piston fans can’t watch this game then huh

  • Jan 17, 20133:43 pm
    by Mrshourite


    This is suppose to be a quote on quote “home” game for us. But why don’t we have our broadcast team of  Blaha and Kelser? Instead we have to listen to Clyde Frazier and the Knicks super bias announcers. Pistons always get screwed one way or another. Frazier was a hell of a player but he sucks as a commentator!!!

    • Jan 17, 20134:43 pm
      by Chris N


      My guess is that its hella expensive to send a production team across the Atlantic.  Would’ve been redundant and expensive to fly both teams production units in and my guess is the NBA tapped the Knicks crew because theirs is the larger market.  But I agree with you, I’d rather hear George Blaha.

  • Jan 17, 20134:06 pm
    by Mrshourite


    Looking like Awesome Dre is the only Piston that showed up to play so far.

  • Jan 17, 20134:23 pm
    by Mrshourite


    Poor display so far. 

  • Jan 17, 20134:44 pm
    by frankie d


    another head scratching half of decisions by frank.
    even though lots of his decisions – taking monroe out just after he connected nicely with drummond, taking drummond out, with 2 fouls, going small to match the knicks – can be justified on a case by case basis, each one, and others, just seem totally disconnected to what was happening on the floor at the time.
    drummond looked like he was on pace for a monster half.
    why not play him as much as possible, with monroe, and force the knicks to deal with their size.  size has been a huge problem for the knicks this year, especially with sheed no longer available. 

  • Jan 17, 20134:48 pm
    by danny


    god the coaching here is horrible. how many freebies are we going to miss?

    • Jan 17, 20135:08 pm
      by frankie d


      yea…one guy wasn’t missing freebies. drummond.  and he plays 9 minutes.
      great move to limit your best player to 9 minutes in a half when you are getting blown out. 

      • Jan 17, 20135:15 pm
        by frankie d


        and monroe is finally rolling and frank takes him out.  go figure.

  • Jan 17, 20135:27 pm
    by Mrshourite


    The only team gaining anything from this supposedly global exposure are the Knicks! This game sucks! Our lineups are puzzling to mind numbing!!!!!

  • Jan 17, 20135:33 pm
    by danny


    this is becoming pathetic and im becoming ashamed of this team.

  • Jan 17, 20135:52 pm
    by Mrshourite


    If our goal along with the NBA’s was to showcase the Knicks…..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  • Jan 17, 20135:52 pm
    by Mrshourite


    Knight sucks! 

  • Jan 17, 20135:53 pm
    by Vic


    Now we all know Frank coaches for the process, not to win.

    coach Frank in his Iversen voice: “we need to win practice! Not the game. Not the game. Not the game…”

  • Jan 17, 20136:08 pm
    by Ozzie-Moto


    The starting line up is the most boring in the NBA  it is one thing to be bad or rebuilding but this team has NO identity,  Knights LOST  i trade him Prince and Max for a nickel… Singler is a joke as a starter (OK back up guy)  and GM, JD thinks the teams so great he can keep his buddies nice and warm in Detroit instead of actually wanting a better team…… Pathetic   and you thought ownership would help?  not with this front office  … SHAME SHAME SHAME 

  • Jan 17, 20136:33 pm
    by Big Rick


    Well… at least Awesome DRE had a nice FEW minutes. 

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