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Jose Calderon to wear No. 8 with Pistons

Ryan Field of Fox Sports Detroit:

Jose Calderon will wear #8 with the #Pistons

Just in case you wanted to buy a jersey.


  • Jan 31, 201312:16 pm
    by LT


    will he start? any chance JJ can crack the starting lineup at the 3?

  • Jan 31, 201312:29 pm
    by Mr BlockedShot


    Hope he’s starting straight away, that would be  the reasonable move in the starting lineup. On the jersey…well, I love him coming to Detroit but will wait a bit more and see if he stays next year…hopefully he does!

  • Jan 31, 20132:04 pm
    by thetruth


    I hope Jose starts but here in detroit I’ve become accustomed to seeing players that are capable of starting but instead they come of the bench. I feel like if Calderon started he could defiantly play a factor for brandon knight as tries to learn how to play as legit Point guard. Right now BK is stuck between a PG/SG with the way he has been playing. He doesn’t make a pass where a normal PG should  and instead goes for a contested layup at times which just drives me crazy

    • Jan 31, 20136:14 pm
      by Mr.BlockedShot


      Totally agree.
      Might this player lead to a trend change?

  • Jan 31, 20136:20 pm
    by DasMark


    All hail Calderon! The herald of change in Detroit! 

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