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Jonas Jerebko’s father reportedly calls Lawrence Frank ‘a square type,’ wants Frank fired; Jerebko blames media

Jonas Jerebko has not played in 28 of the Pistons’ last 29 games, and he played just six minutes in his lone appearance. It’s a long string of DNP-CDs for a player accustomed to be a superstar in his native Sweden and a productive starter and reserve in Detroit.

Well, Jerebko’s father appears to blame Lawrence Frank.

In a translated version of an svt.se article (hat tip: Sean Corp of Detroit Bad Boys), Chris Jerebko said:

Detroit’s coach is a square type and hopefully he is not there next year

To be fair, approximately 100 percent of parents of NBA players who ride the bench want their son’s coach fired. This is only newsworthy because Chris Jerebko said it, not because he thought it.

Jerebko – who previously said, “Of course I’m disappointed, but all I can do is keep working hard, and that’s what I’m doing” – doesn’t seem to care about the report. Jerebko, via Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

"I didn’t read the story, so I don’t know what it said. Everybody has a right to their own opinion. It’s media. They probably twisted it."

That’s certainly possible. I don’t know enough about svt.se to vouch for its credibility. But I’d guess the quote is accurate. And if Chris Jerebko didn’t actually say he wanted Frank fired, I could find plenty of people to say it instead.

As far as controversies go, this one rates as pretty small. Jerebko played poorly to start this season, and initially, Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye played well in his place. Villanueva and Daye have slipped lately, and it appears Jerebko is in line to regain his rotation spot.

At that point, it will be up to him to prove he deserves to play, and if he does, this will all fade away.


  • Jan 24, 20133:20 pm
    by Mone


    To be honest, Daye and Charlie V has slipped because there minutes have been drastically reduced. Hell, even the highest scorer yesterday had only 13 points in 33min. Meaning if Brandon Knight played on 5 or 6 minutes, he probably wouldn’t even have scored.. How can we call these games poor games, when they don’t even get enough time to get some rhythm going? Frank took Daye out almost immediately after he made a 3 pointer. We really could’ve used Daye and Charlie V and the second half.


    • Jan 24, 20134:37 pm
      by Crispus


      Daye does tend to vanish out there sometimes. Weirdly he only played something like 11 minutes the game after his best game this season. Maybe he did something to piss off Frank, but not enough to get benched completely. I was giving Frank props for building up Daye’s confidence and then Lawrence goes and sneezes and knocks down the house of cards. Frank might actually be retarding the development of our young talent.

  • Jan 24, 20133:23 pm
    by Mone


    I hate how, no matter how bad the starters play, they are guaranteed to get their 30 mins or more, and stay on the starting line up. I would love to get Daye and Jerebko in there at the same time. They compliment each other pretty good and make up for each other weaknesses, but no, Frank has to give 30 mins to Maxielle, and 35 mins to Prince every night.

  • Jan 24, 20133:24 pm
    by Michelob Mike


    what does ‘square type’ mean?

  • Jan 24, 20133:27 pm
    by Mone


    And one more thing, I want Frank fired like yesterday, It’s honestly starting to make me question Joe D’s ability to put a team together. Does he even have passion to win anymore??? If so, then do something aboout..

    • Jan 24, 20135:09 pm
      by tarsier


      It takes Frank to make you question Joe D? How about absolutely everything else he has done in the last several years? Frank is proving to be a poor coach. Joe is proving to be at least as bad a GM.

  • Jan 24, 20133:55 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Problem with Daye is, if his shot isn’t falling, he can be virtually useless on the floor. Jonas contributes in so many other ways. And his body language is always that of a hustler. I could easily see him being another Afflalo; undervalued by the organization in favor of other guys who were drafted higher or signed to stupid contracts and eventually given away for pennies on the dollar only to flourish elsewhere. I like Jonas and I hope he gets his chance. We need to move Maxiell. And Tayshaun. And CV, if remotely possible for a reasonable contract in return.

    Our ceiling, in an ideal world, is making the playoffs and getting eviscerated by Miami. Let’s just develop the young guys and make a splash next year…

    • Jan 24, 20138:50 pm
      by gmehl


      Yeah if Jerebko was in on Chicago’s last play then i guarantee that Joakim Noah’s path to that offensive rebound either a) wouldn’t have been there or b) been a lot harder than it was.

    • Jan 25, 20131:51 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      I agree with you 100%. JJ has been one of my favorite players since his rookie season.  Back then, he was the only positive thing going on the team.  I can’t wait until the trade deadline in hopes that we can rid ourselves of some of the dead weight and then hope that JJ gets back into the lineup.

  • Jan 24, 20139:01 pm
    by gmehl


    “I didn’t read the story, so I don’t know what it said. Everybody has a right to their own opinion. It’s media. They probably twisted it.”

    Jonas’s translation: “Trade me the f**k outta here” 

  • Jan 24, 201311:05 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    I thought Jonas would be one of Frank’s “guys.”. I don’t get how his minutes vanished, even alotting for his poor start.

    • Jan 25, 201310:13 am
      by Scott Free


      I think he’s the only Piston that wasn’t allowed to play through a slump.

  • Jan 24, 201311:06 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Ditto for Kim English.

  • Jan 25, 201312:22 am
    by Angelo


    Just read the article in Swedish (i live in Sweden). The translation is without errors. SVT is one of the most credible information in Europe and more than probably 99.9999% of the USA-based. It is known for independence and absolutly not for inventing things to have attention. On the other side basketball understanding in Sweden isn’y so high so I can’t confirm if the journalist is an expert or not (reading the article it seems mord or less a report without any deepening)

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