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Joe Dumars: No Rodney Stuckey trade in works

David Mayo of MLive:

Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars, asked via text message moments before the game if there is a trade brewing for Stuckey, replied, "Not at all."

So that answers that.


  • Jan 28, 20135:27 pm
    by Scott Free


    Well that pretty much ensures its a disciplinary action.  Fantastic.   

  • Jan 28, 20135:28 pm
    by Crispus


    We should trade Joe Dumars for the guy Jonah Hill played in Moneyball.

    • Jan 28, 201310:43 pm
      by tommy t


      there’s got to be a Drummond comment in there somewhere

  • Jan 28, 20135:40 pm
    by Brigs


    Was hoping that was just to Thorpe everybody off but I guess not 

  • Jan 28, 20135:52 pm
    by Tiko


    who the hell is gonna trade for Stuckey?

  • Jan 28, 20135:59 pm
    by al


    trade stuckey to boston for draft pick, then draft victor olaidipo

  • Jan 28, 20136:38 pm
    by DasMark


    Of course he isn’t going to be traded! He’s too valuable to Detroit’s future lottery teams! 

  • Jan 28, 20136:48 pm
    by copper


    This i the reason Ive lost all confidence in Joe D as a GM.  There is obviously no place for Stuckey on the team now or moving forward , yet here he still remains, taking the valueable minutes from developing our youth.  Joe Hasnt made a proactive move since he picked up Sheed in mid season.  He has hamstrung us financially by handing out rediculous contracts to specialist players and resigning average players to stupid contracts instead of bringing in better players.  Hopefully Gores is paying attention

  • Jan 28, 20136:52 pm
    by am


    crazy. This formula has not worked since stuckey has been drafted. we are a losing franchise and yet we just hold on to players that clearly dont fit. stuckey didnt panned out to what Dumars and other front office people thought he could. so why we are holding on to him and other players doesnt add up. Charlie V, Terrible, Prince, not terrible but no reason to re-sign him, Maxiell, decent but only if off the bench, austin daye, bust as of now. this team frustrates me beyond reason

    • Jan 29, 201312:10 am
      by rick


      Your post is terrible. When and if you become a Gm then come back with some analysis. I hate fair weather fans more so than losing teams. Always got these bandwagon cats who cant seem to understand how the NBA works or how to be a GMM  Yet everyone wants to fire the only one since trader Jack to help franchise when a title. So who smarta$$ will we replace him with?? ……. I’m waiting……..Still waiting……..

      • Jan 29, 20132:40 am
        by oats


        No, that post was terrible. First off, calling someone’s post terrible is not particularly constructive. My doing so to you should make that perfectly clear, or at least I hope so. You have completely set the discussion off on the wrong foot, unless of course the goal is to just be a jerk. If you are trying to be a jerk, then congrats, you succeeded. You even criticized him for a lack of analysis without giving any more analysis than he did. Also, it should be readily apparent that there aren’t any bandwagon cats here. Your disagreement with people does not make them bandwagon cats (That phrase sounds really weird with out that third word in the middle, but I’ll leave it out partially since you did and partially because it could be considered profanity and this site takes a negative view on it. Then again, you used the a dollar dollar for that word later, so I don’t know why you left it out of the Sheed quote). This team is terrible, no one is on their bandwagon because there is no bandwagon to be on. You aren’t fair weather because you criticize the team when they stink. You are a fair weather fan, or a bandwagon cat, if you stop following them when they are bad. Expressing displeasure is how fans try to get some kind of change, no matter how little impact the complaint has. The “fair weather fans” just want their team to head in the right direction, something even diehards should support.
        The crux of your argument seems to boil down to 3 things.
        1: The commenter here is not a GM and therefor can’t comment on the job performance of the GM. That is ridiculous, any fan can give at least a basic performance evaluation of their GM. You don’t have to be a GM to see how far this team has fallen despite Dumars refusing to go into a full rebuilding mode. This has been a huge failure, and an obvious one. By the way, are you a GM? Because if not that seems to disqualify you from defending Dumars, and what is more you apparently shouldn’t get to comment. Ok, now I’m moving on.
        2: Ringz. This argument is terrible. At one point in the past Joe performed well at his job, but that doesn’t mean he will always be a good GM. The game is played quite a bit differently now than when Detroit won a championship, no one holds teams under 70 points a game any more for one example. What’s more, Joe’s fundamental philosophy on being a GM seems different than the one he used to build the Going to Work Pistons. His vision this go round seemed to be less based on hard nosed defense and instead based on getting 5 shooters and a pair of interchangeable guards on the court at the same time. He also seems to have given up on the idea of getting undervalued veterans either on Free Agency or via trades and instead started paying a premium for over rated players like Gordon and CV. He also hasn’t made a trade for a useful basketball player in a really long time. He isn’t building the team the way he used to, and the results are significantly worse. It’s been more than a decade since he built the core of that team, that doesn’t cut it anymore. By the way, Jack McCloskey is still alive, certainly he’d be an improvement because he won 2 championships. Or is it possible that at a certain point someone is no longer as good at their job as they used to be?
        3: Who would replace him? Ok, this question makes sense to ask in a very simplistic way. There are no obvious candidates more qualified to do Joe’s job and looking for work, at least not that I can name. Who cares? First of all, what’s so bad with firing a guy for incompetence? You can’t just keep employing incompetents because you are afraid to look for a replacement that might be worse. You know why, because then you’ll always have an incompetent working for you. At least canning him gives you a chance to do better. Most importantly, my inability to name the candidate means nothing. I had no idea who the heck Sam Presti was before the coaching search that resulted in his hiring. It seems like he is doing a pretty good job. There are smart guys working in or around basketball, and one of them probably has what it takes to be a good GM. As an outsider I have no idea who that person would be, but he definitely exists. Sports just attracts too many smart people for this guy not to exist. Considering Dumars has been incompetent, I’m good with a search for the hypothetical man.

        • Jan 29, 201310:22 am
          by rick


          Here u go man . Didn’t we have this discussion last year? I am not even entertaining this with you because its clear you have a problem. It would be on thing had I called you but you go co-signing on someone else that I am having a discussion with. Hell the next time he gets a ticket why dont you pay it. For my reasons I said what I said and I’m gonna leave it at that Dont have to explain my rationale to you. Dont even go there with me. I Don’t have the time for u and this shit again, especially since I wasn’t talking to your a$$. Yeah I’m being flippant but so what. You sir are the jerk for assuming, and as we all know what they say about people an assumptions. Take you and your long winded Steven A Smith dissertation and shove it. The length and body of the work does not make it board worthy. Jus so know. Guys like you literally crack me, because you try so hard. Always trying to be funny and act as though you somebody big but in essence the internet allows for you to make up for you other areas of deficiencies. #TRUTH#

          • Jan 29, 20131:22 pm
            by oats

            Man that is a childish take. He wasn’t talking to you when you go off on him, so why can’t I respond to you? That makes no sense, and it isn’t the way thread discussions usually go. I don’t get what your big deal with my so called cosigning despite the fact that I’m making different points and in a different manner than the above poster. I made an intelligent, thought out response, and I guess that doesn’t fly with rick. And I didn’t assume anything. I said you came off like a jerk because you did. No assumptions necessary.

      • Jan 29, 20139:18 am
        by tarsier


        Ummm, replace him with anyone. yeah, he helped the team win a title. How many years of terrible moves does it take before you realize that is history. The key to that period of contention was getting potential stars on cheap, long-term deals when their values were low. Dumars has not shown the acumen to do that since.

        When Dumars is replaced as GM, he should be thanked for his great work building those Pistons. But there is no reason to keep employing a visionless, risk-averse GM who flat out sucks at his job just because he did some nice work a decade ago. 

  • Jan 28, 20137:08 pm
    by Mark


    As I stated yesterday Stuckey will be here as long as Dumars is the GM. He is Dumars “draft gem” next to Knight and Drummond. Hopefully Gores rectify’s the situation at season’s end. 

    • Jan 28, 20137:21 pm
      by tarsier


      Why wait? Dumars can be removed from his position as GM right now.

  • Jan 28, 20137:23 pm
    by frankie d


    its the same old story.
    too many redundant parts.
    too many guys who do the same things and don’t compliment each other.
    i like stuckey and have always thought he was a solid player the team should keep.
    but if i can have bynum at half the price, and if bynum is healthy, then there is no sane reason to keep stuckey around. 
    if stuckey had developed defensively, so that he was a reliable defender, he’d justify his presence.  but he isn’t any better defensively, most nights, than bynum.
    makes no sense to have both guys around.
    trade stuckey while he still has some value. 

  • Jan 28, 20138:30 pm
    by Will


    I agree with everyone on here why do we keep giving mediocre players huge contracts Charlie V and Ben Gordon eating up our salary cap when all of those stars were FA  and lets not forget that we could of had WADE or ANTHONY instead of Darko Joe should of been fired after that so what if we won a championship that year the next 4 we lost because we were one scorer short of a dynasty  Joe D has to go  

    • Jan 29, 201312:16 am
      by rick


      None of em still have the contract that Big Country Reeves got back over 15years ago. Stop complaining it aint your money. Why does every discussion have to begin with and end with what they make. The owner signs the check man. Let me throw an example out there for all the people who seem to think a salary justifies whether the guy stays or goes. Say on yoru job you are doing units and you produce 500 units of whatever it is that you do for five years straight at your salary. Now the next two years you go half that. Should your job drop your pay or should everyone walk around talking about he shouldnt make his money cause he isnt producing now. See where I am going with this. If not then that’s sad because I could care less about who plays moreso than who tjhe coach is. People keep acting like Joe running everything when we have a Chip and Dale owner behind the scenes pulling strings. So stop it!! Joe aint going anywhere and you better believe that Gores in on every decision. It gets to be a bit redundant on here with the same tired argument. We went through this last year. Nothings changed. Patience is virtue.

      • Jan 29, 20133:14 am
        by oats


        Big Country Reeves was a terrible contract, and one signed under a completely different CBA. Contracts from that era aren’t really relevant when discussing newer deals. Oh, and Reeves deal was 6 years, 61 million. That is less annually than Gordon’s deal. So yeah, you also have your facts wrong.
        As for the salary justifying keeping a player, you have heard of the salary cap right? I’d like to think so since you are responding to a comment that references it. See, the team is limited in how much they can spend. While the cap is flexible, the luxury tax has some real restrictions in it that make it much harder to add players. In short, capping out on bad players is a terrible strategy. That’s why people think salary justifies whether a player stays or not, because in order to win you have to use your limited resources wisely. I can’t believe I actually have to answer that. I’m not worried about the owner’s money, I’m worried about the team’s ability to field a good team under the rules.
        Ok, on to your example. If I get paid for doing my job well, then I stop performing at a rate that justifies my salary then I should be fired. That is not only what should happen, it is what happens. The company only stays in business if they aren’t throwing away money on bad employees. Similarly, basketball teams have a hard time winning if they are throwing away too much money on bad employees.
        I don’t know what the Chip and Dale owner thing means, so I’ll just skim by that. As for whether Joe is going anywhere, that isn’t the point. As a fan you can either follow the team and never talk bad about them, or you can voice your opinion when the team stinks. I’m not crazy enough to think my complaining about Dumars has any real impact on his job status, but if fans are outspoken long enough then the owners start to notice. As someone who wants the team to improve I feel obligated to chip in my opinion of what is happening. Even though it won’t actually amount to anything I have to speak up. Let’s be honest, hardly anything fans do make any logical sense. Can we all agree that my cheering for my team that I am watching on TV has absolutely no impact on the game, and as such there is no logical reason for me to do it? I do it anyways because that is what fans do. I also gripe about incompetent executives. Hell, I had several fantasy football teams named Fire Millen, and even a couple Fire Rich Rods. So nope, I won’t stop complaining about Dumars. I don’t care if you don’t like the same tired arguments and instead defend Dumars with the same tired pro Dumars arguments. Although, I’ve never seen the argument for overpaying guys. I have to admit that was original, even if I think it is a really bad argument.

        • Jan 29, 201310:24 am
          by rick


          Like I said Go To Hell!

          • Jan 29, 20131:23 pm
            by oats

            Not constructive dialogue.

      • Jan 29, 20139:23 am
        by tarsier


        We care about how much the players are paid because we realize that the owner is neither willing nor allowed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in payroll. In other words, overpaying BG and CV means Detroit can’t have as much other talent. Which means the Pistons lose a lot. And as a fan, you never want to see your team lose a lot.

        And as for your hypothetical question: yes, if the quality of your work significantly drops, you should make less money. 

        • Jan 29, 201310:38 am
          by rick


          But you probably wouldnt accept it and be very unhappy is my point.

          • Jan 29, 201311:39 am
            by tarsier

            Would I be unhappy if I got a pay cut because my work sucked? Sure. I would also be unhappy if I knocked up a girl and had to pay child support. However, both of these consequences are still what should happen.

  • Jan 28, 201311:15 pm
    by Trent


    Nick Young, Marcus Thorton, Eric Gordon, Marshon Brooks and Jordan Crawford. All volume scorers who can create their own and all exactly what we need. Forget defense, if these guys get beat off the dribble we have the best shot blocker in the league protecting the rim and cleaning the glass. Let Stuckey and his inflated contract and sense of expectation go. Its over, it didnt work. I would love see us draft and athletic SF, sign or trade for a out and out scorer to have a line up that looks something like this – KNIGHT-GORDON-ROBINSON III-MONROE-DRUMMOND. Couple that with a couple of nice, hard working vets to run with the 2nd unit and all off a sudden we have a structure that could be successful. 

    • Jan 29, 201312:11 am
      by rick


      And none of them have won a damn thang. Fair weather cats I tell ya.

      • Jan 29, 20139:24 am
        by tarsier


        Who on the Pistons has “won a damn thing”? Prince? Great. So has Dumars as a a player. Maybe he should sign himself to play for the team. Because he has won in the past, it must up the odds of winning in the future, right?

  • Jan 28, 201311:28 pm
    by swish22


    Can’t see Joe D moving any of his big money guys unfortunately. Prince looks borderline awful and just doesn’t mesh with our younger guys. C V he’ll somehow reason is improving (agreed). He was probably one of the worst players in the league last year and his hard work has him inching past a few stiffs in the league. Stuckey is just bad news for any real chemistry on the floor. Kudos to L Frank for sitting him and his crappy attitude. The leftovers from the Philly fiasco still need to go!! Along with my favorite all time Pistons player Joe D. As we all know great players DON’T automatically make good g.m.’s. Case in point MJ.

  • Jan 29, 201310:16 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    I love how everyone is calling for Joe D to be fired.  Everyone keeps saying, what has he done for us lately.  Well, he stole Drummond in the draft.  I guess the other 7 or 8 GM ahead of him should all be fired than right, people can’t keep bringing up Darko.  He also brought in Monroe, Knight and Singler.

    I can see that people can complain about some of his signings, CV, Gordon, Stucky, Max and Prince, but at the time the team was going thru an ownership change and he couldn’t find anyone worth wihile that would want to take the risk to signing with the Pistons.

    Everyone wants to see him trade for a superstar.  To do this you also have to give up something, you can’t just lump together all you junk and trade it for Lebron James.  The only players on the team that anyone would want are Monroe, Drummond and maybe Knight and the players you would get in returned probably won’t be as good.

    I would say that his biggest mistakes have been his coaching decisions.  He started out with a good coach, brought in a couple of good/great ones and then just keeps bringing in bad one after bad one.

    Just getting rid of him and not having a plan is the same thing the JD has been doing with coaches.  The can’t afford to open the revolving door at GM like they have with their coaches.

    • Jan 29, 201310:36 am
      by rick


      Thank you man. These folks are fair weather in every sense of the word. They act like such and such just fell into their lap as if Joe didnt have to pull trigger on said player. Far too impatient is my point and it bugs the hell out me to hear grown men bitching and moaning about the same thing everyday. Theyll tell you that Joe screwed up by drafting Darko in the argument but tell you that you are wrong for talking about the title they won at the same time. Unrealistic if you ask me. Every team in the league is chasing the same thing. When Durant and LeBron get ready to leave then maybe we will enter the discussion, but folks around here act like those two are not running the league. To hear some of the crazy souped up combos’ of players people want on the team that they talk about further lets me know that cats really dont know what they are talking about or at least by what they say show it. Oh well the “haters gone hate”.

      • Jan 29, 201311:55 am
        by tarsier


        I am a fair weather fan of Dumars in that I only want him to be the Pistons’ Gm as long as he is proving to be minimally competent. That has not been the case for years.

        Yes, Dumars had to pull the trigger to draft the obvious choices in a couple recent drafts? You or I or 95% of the commenters here would have done the same thing.

        So if you want to give Dumars props for being about as good at his job as random internet commenters who have other full time jobs and just follow the NBA as a hobby (perhaps one of many), that’s your prerogative. But that is some pretty weak praise.

    • Jan 29, 201311:51 am
      by tarsier


      A) Knight doesn’t look like he was necessarily a great draft pick.

      B) Would you have drafted Monroe? How about Drummond? Or Knight? Those are the guys I would have taken. I’m just a contractor. If I can do the job as well as he can, there should definitely be better options available.

      C) I for one have long been saying that ideally, Dumars isn’t fired outright but instead replaced as GM and made head of the scouting department as he has done very well in drafting.

      D) The BG and CV signing were not when “his hands were tied”. And, as we have seen when that excuse wasn’t available, he doesn’t do much better with signings when given free reign. Also, since when do players care about going to a team that is going through an ownership change even if you had your timing right? Besides, supposing Dumars could not have signed anyone else, he would have been better off just not using his cap space. Heck, it would have been an extreme longshot but he could have had a go at the 2010 FA class.

      E) Yes, everyone would love to bring in a superstar. The commenters on this site are pretty decent though (a lot better than on ESPN comment boards or whatever). They mostly realize that  even if Dumars was willing to trade his best assets, it would be real tough to get a superstar. The complaints with his performance are not that. They are that he displays no direction and no vision. Instead of committing to the future when the current season has already proven to be a lost cause, he stubbornly refuses to make moves which would sacrifice 5-10 wins in a lottery bound season to bring back future assets. That is MORONIC!!

      But you’re right that Dumars does not deserve to be fired over Darko. That was just one mistake and it could happen to anyone. It’s his body of work (and mostly a lack thereof) from the past several years that display it is not in the Pistons’ best interests for him to remain GM. 

      • Jan 29, 201312:23 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        I did put a maybe next to Knight, but as far as Drummond goes, you must be smarter than the other 8 GM’s ahead of the Pistons, because they didn’t sign him.

        When JD first started as GM, he was known as the guy who made great trades, but drafted very poorly.  Now he has completely flip-flopped and has been drafting pretty well and can’t pull off a trade to save his life.  I think a lot of that is that is because he doesn’t have anything worth trading.  The only way he will get a higher caliber player in here is by getting rid of expiring contracts or draft choices for a player asking to be traded.

        I think a lot of the vision for the team is a result of bad coaches (which I do blame him for), but sometimes you have to give a coach enough time to see if his vision is the correct one for the team.  I’m one of the first guys that would love to see Frank fired, but who would we replace him with?

        • Jan 29, 201312:33 pm
          by tarsier


          Well, I am guessing most GMs, drafting for Detroit at 9th, with the guys that were already taken off the board, would have taken Drummond. Detroit needed a big man and there wasn’t anyone left with a floor enough higher than Drummond’s to make up for how much higher his ceiling was. The only guys that went before Drummond that wouldn’t have given me pause are Ross, Waiters, and Lillard. And as it turns out, Lillard may be the third best player in the draft (behind the ADs)

          • Jan 29, 201312:36 pm
            by sebastian

            tarsier, forgive me for correcting an opinion, but Lillard is the best player from the 2012 Draft.
            The dude has a Chauncey-like game, already.

          • Jan 29, 20131:11 pm
            by tarsier

            Yeah, that’s fine. And he is arguably the best from the draft right now. I am just guessing he will end up with he third best career, tops. There are so many good PGs in the league that I don’t really expect him to stick out. Drummond and Davis I expect to be game changers. But of course, at this point, that is all speculation.

        • Jan 29, 201312:39 pm
          by rick


          Thats the funny thing they tried lumping him in the same category as Millen and Rodriguez at Michigan as if he has not won here in Detroit. Thats my point. Noone can look in my head an know that I am just as frustrated but to continually bitch and moan about it online is not gonna change a damn thing. Thats all Im saying. Its like a competition to see who can have the longest winded argument about why Dumars should be fired when most act like the demise didnt start when Davidson started to get ill and ultimately passed. The wife handcuffed him and wouldnt allow him to do anything. I am upset about certain things as well but to continually bitch about it does absolutely nothing. Most of the arguments center on this and that but dont make sense in the grand scheme because had Joe not made whatever move he made certain parts of the team may not be here. That is how I choose to approach things and look at them. Not in some fantasy basketball league.  

          • Jan 29, 20131:16 pm
            by tarsier

            If he was really so stymied by Karen Davidson, explain his lack of activity in the Gores era. That was just a convenient excuse for Dumars apologists.

            I agree that complaining doesn’t do a thing. But it is cathartic to see that one’s fellow fans recognize that  the reason for the franchise’s failure are the same ones you identified.

          • Jan 29, 20132:01 pm
            by MIKEYDE248

            We still don’t know what Gores is willing to let JD do or not do.  The next thing is if you were another team negotiating JD for a trade, this is how it would go.  JD would say I’m willing to trade anyone but Monroe or Drummond, the other coach say ok, bye.

          • Jan 29, 20133:52 pm
            by tarsier

            Dumars has veterans with value to a team trying to win now but none to this team. Plenty of GMs can work out trades to turn such players into assets. If Joe D can’t, that just supports my point. Maybe he is a terrific guy, but he is not a competent GM.

            Again, if all he does is turn down lopsided trades for Monroe and Drummond (or even offer other trades that will never get taken), why keep him on board? Gores could pay me $100K/yr to do that. I’m not asking him to do the impossible. But I am asking him to do more than the unbelievably easy. I think that is fair to expect.

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