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Greg Monroe still considering changing his number

Remember when the Pistons’ retired Dennis Rodman’s No. 10 while Greg Monroe was wearing the number? If it seems like nearly two years ago, that’s because it was. At the time, Monroe said he’d consider changing his number.

Well, he’s still considering it. Tom Read of #believethehype:

Why is the number 10 jersey so special to you and has there been any with the Pistons retiring Dennis Rodman’s number?

“It was just a number that I had been wearing my whole career from way back in the youth league when I was 10 years old, I wore it through high school, through my summer days and into college. At the time me wearing 10 wasn’t a problem, they hadn’t wanted to retire his number yet. If they had said I was a problem coming into the drafted then I wouldn’t have asked for it, but because of NBA rules and long process, it took time.”

“When I got drafted I wasn’t told that the number was retired but when he did come back from retirement, I asked if I could continue to where his number, even though I planned on changing it, he said he didn’t mind. I said that I will try and change my number at some point and let his number rest like it deserves to be.”

Will you be changing your number Greg? What to?

“I’m not sure yet. I’d have to figure it out because we have other numbers that I’ll have to look out for because some are already retired & being used.”

Personally, I think Monroe can pay tribute to Rodman by wearing No. 10 and playing hard in it. It’s a cool and rare – though not unprecedented – situation that Monroe has the opportunity to wear a retired number without tackily requesting it after the fact.

If Monroe wants to change his number, more power too him. But as someone who respects Rodman as much as anybody, I’m not pressuring Monroe to make a switch.


  • Jan 11, 20136:55 am
    by MrCarter


    Perhaps to 20(as in, 10pts + 10rebs)

  • Jan 11, 20136:58 am
    by Geof


    But what if Greg has an awesome career and then the team decides to retire his number. Wouldn’t it look awfully stupid to have two number 10s up in the rafters?

    • Jan 11, 201310:45 am
      by MNM


      They retired the #2 for a head coach winning 2 championships..It already looks “stupid”.

  • Jan 11, 20137:08 am
    by Dan Feldman


  • Jan 11, 20137:39 am
    by DasMark


    He should just stick with it. Rodman doesn’t care about him wearing it, why should anyone else? 


  • Jan 11, 20139:36 am
    by Crispus


    If he keeps wearing it he’ll have to start playing defense and going harder in the paint.

  • Jan 11, 201310:57 am
    by sebastian


    I say Moose needs to change his number. And, maybe to the number “19″, as his game is very much similar to Willis Reed than anybody else that has played the game.
    And, I wish that folks would stop comparing him to Tim Duncan. There are no similarities in their games.
    Willis Reed is also a Louisiana native, by the way.

  • Jul 15, 201311:22 pm
    by Miguel


    He should wear number 91 like dennis on the bulls

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