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Charlie Villanueva shoots back at ‘4-foot-11’ Isaiah Thomas: I don’t know him

David Mayo of MLive:

"Dirty player?  Not at all.  I just saw an open lane, I tried to block (him) and he’s 4-foot-11, 100 pounds wet, so it looks bad," Villanueva said.  "But I’m not a dirty player.  I didn’t try to hurt him at all."

Villanueva said he was surprised that a Flagrant-Two was administered and he was ejected, calling it, "just a regular foul."

"He’s a little dude, man.  It looks worse than what it was," Villanueva said.

That’s a fair point by Villanueva. Sure, he’s probably having a bit of fun at Thomas’ expense with the size comments, but it’s valid that the foul likely looked worse than it actually was considering the difference in stature between the two.

But, no Villanueva didn’t make his point and stop there. Mayo:

Villanueva said he knew little about Thomas, a second-year player who has played 94 career games.

"He has less than 100 games?  Wow.  I didn’t know that.  He was a rookie last year?  I didn’t even know that.  That’s how much I know about him," Villanueva said.

Sorry, Charlie. Kobe does it better.


  • Jan 3, 20133:49 pm
    by Ryank


    I wish I had never heard of CV…so do the Pistons.

  • Jan 3, 20133:54 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I know this is way far fetched and in fantasy land but, could Charlie make the Bill Laimbeer transformation from sap to Bad boy?? LOL

    • Jan 3, 20136:28 pm
      by Ryank


      Laimbeer had the most rebounds in the entire league for a 10 year period…CV can try to be a bad boy, but he doesn’t have the game to back it up.

  • Jan 3, 20133:57 pm
    by Delray313


    Great for the pistons they need something to get them going  bring back that bad boy image baby maybe we will win again. This team is soft as it comes and they need some sort of a haywire episode every now and again.

  • Jan 3, 20135:27 pm
    by Gareth Masters


    I like it. A lot !!

  • Jan 3, 20136:47 pm
    by tim


    that flag 2 was bogus.  Especially since it was basically due to the overreaction of thomas after the foul.  He went for ball and hit him on the follow through.  Flag 1 at best.  And IT deserves at least a tech for his overreaction extracurricular bullshit.  Terrible call by the refs and worse job b the league. 

  • Jan 3, 20137:09 pm
    by Holy Crow


    It certainly was lucky for Chilly that he got to knock down that sorry excuse for Isaiah Thomas at the Palace. I’m just happy that his NBA career seems to be coming off life-support; I was beginning to think Villanueva would be most useful as a half-time dunk-tank promotion: fill the tank with milk and have disgruntled fans try to dunk the Nilla Wafer…

  • Jan 3, 201311:21 pm



  • Jan 4, 20131:01 am
    by Paul


    This whole situation is stupid, the foul wasn’t that bad, CV didn’t deserve to be ejected.  I’ve seen much worse fouls than what CV did. That was nothing, C’mon refs/league, chill out.
    Also I think people are hating on CV a bit much, he hasn’t produced much the way we expecting him to since he’s been in DET.  But he’s been playing well coming of the bench for us this year knocking down big 3′s. 

  • Jan 4, 201311:36 am
    by Rodman4Life


    CV actually got some points in my book.  I didn’t think the foul was that bad (flagrant 1 I can see).  But CV attempting to protect the rim????!!!!  Now that’s what I call progress.  Engaging him mentally on the defensive side of the floor is great, even if it results in some clumsy fouls around the rim.

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