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Charlie Villanueva nicknames Pistons’ bench ‘Extremely Angry Young Men’

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

They are the Extremely Angry Young Men. The nickname is not official yet, but it is the one Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva ran by assistant coach Charles Klask.

The name seems to fit the bench players who have made the Pistons a tougher team to beat. They are fueled by finally getting a chance to play after being thrown in "The Box" by Pistons coach Lawrence Frank. The box is the end of the bench, out of sight and out of mind, where playing time is scarce but coveted.

Will Bynum, Austin Daye and Villanueva all escaped The Box. Guard Rodney Stuckey gave up his starting spot.

Eh. I don’t really love it. We all knew a bench name was coming. It’s definitely no Alternatorz, but it’s probably better than my idea: The Jects, considering the bench features four rejects and a project.

My biggest objection with Extremely Angry Young Men is that it leaves out Andre Drummond, who’s not really angry at all. (Plus, I’m not sure Will Bynum is young.) Now, if Drummond moves into the starting lineup that would solve a lot of problems, and I could overlook Bynum’s age.


  • Jan 11, 20132:24 pm
    by Crispus


    I thought the Chicago Bulls’ “Bench Mob” Was clever in so many ways as it subtly reclaimed the identity of a Lynch Mob for a group of mostly black men, and paid tribute to Ice Cube’s crew at the same time.

    Charlie’s idea isn’t as good, but it’s a tricky naming. In keeping with the Piston theme maybe the Turbochargers? The Seabiscuits? 

  • Jan 11, 20132:53 pm
    by Ryank


    How about the “Thank You Andre Squad”.  Drummond makes it possible for these poor defenders to see floor time. 
    These guys taking credit for the good bench play is like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise.

  • Jan 11, 20133:38 pm
    by Crispus


    Haha yeah they should just call it something Motown-Inspired like “Dre Drum & the Heartbreakers” or “Big Drummond & the Last Chance Boys” or some such.

  • Jan 11, 20134:02 pm
    by Tiko


    I’m glad we got a bench worth having a nickname for. We are slowly turning a corner. Reminds me of 10 years ago

  • Jan 11, 20134:29 pm
    by gmehl


    How about ‘Drummond and the tradbaits’

  • Jan 11, 20134:30 pm
    by gmehl


    **Whoops…Drummond and the tradebaits**

    • Jan 11, 20134:52 pm
      by Brigs


      Lmaoo hope that nickname turns out to be true

  • Jan 11, 20136:27 pm
    by Stuckey and Whoever


    Love it!  Alternators is KORney

  • Jan 11, 20136:37 pm
    by L Boogie


    I like to call them “The Electricians”, because they restore the power, and they shoot lights out; or “The Suburbs” because the suburbs are a long distance from the city, and they are subs, who shoot from long distance.

  • Jan 11, 20136:38 pm


    why are millionaires angry?

  • Jan 11, 20137:36 pm
    by Jay


    Haha I remember when Chauncey named the bench the Zoo Crew. Loved it

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