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At least one British writer wasn’t impressed by the Pistons and ‘franchise player’ Kyle Singler

This column by Oliver Brown of the Daily Telegraph is full of musings from someone who seems to have watched basketball for the first time in his life when the Pistons played the Knicks Thursday. No passage cements how little Brown knows about basketball than this:

The telltale sign we were in London, not Michigan, was the reception for the Pistons. This was supposed to be a home game for Detroit, and yet franchise players such as Greg Monroe and Kyle Singler ambled into the arena as anonymously as a pair of very tall men rounded up from a rush-hour Tube train.

I, like most Pistons fans, appreciate the contributions and effort of Kyle Singler. But if Kyle Singler is a franchise player on this or any NBA team, that team is in serious trouble.

And speaking of Singler, via The Basketball Jones, Rasheed Wallace got him:


  • Jan 18, 20131:03 pm
    by Crispus


    He forgot the part where a thunderous dunk from Tyson Chandler “…jarred loose my Monocle, causing it to tumble, tragicomically, into my nearly exhausted champagne flute.”

    I can’t tell if the writer is performing “snark” to make satirically light of our cultural and sporting differences, or if he really is cartoonishly haughty.

  • Jan 18, 20131:05 pm
    by Ryank


    Even thought it’s called English both here and there, they do speak a different language than we do.  There’s a good chance the word franchise player doesn’t mean the same thing to us as it does to them.

  • Jan 18, 20132:14 pm
    by Blocks By Dre


    Kyle Singler is barely a starter at this stage in his career…let alone a franchise player. Still the worst starting SG in the league just like Maxiell is at the most bottom 3 in starting PF

  • Jan 18, 20132:20 pm
    by tarsier


    Maybe Brown means he plays for the franchise, the Detroit Pistons???

  • Jan 18, 20132:23 pm


    Sheed LOL…North Carliona

  • Jan 18, 20133:15 pm
    by Brigs


    Lmao sheed has gotta be the funniest guy in the league 

  • Jan 18, 20135:09 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Singler is the complete opposite of Piston basketball..Dumars should be ashamed to have this lame dude in our starting line-up…

    • Jan 18, 20135:46 pm
      by tarsier


      Come on dude. Every time Singler is mentioned, do you have to talk about how awful a player you think he is? If you were presenting a case to back it up, that’d be one thing. Though hopefully you still wouldn’t repeat it over and over unless you are adding new arguments/supporting evidence.

      But seriously, everyone knows you hate Singler. Try adding some nuance, or at least diversity, to your comments. 

      • Jan 18, 20135:51 pm
        by Jodi Jezz


        Hahahaha, I’m sorry man…

  • Jan 18, 20135:39 pm
    by City of Klompton


    You can’t be serious… He may not be the best player in the league, or anywhere near it even on his own team, but I think this “dude” exemplifies a lot of the qualities of a true, blue-collar work ethic type of player the Pistons have historically had.

  • Jan 18, 20139:39 pm
    by Jacob


    I love Sheed.

  • Jan 19, 20132:56 pm
    by Jenks


    Don’t take Brown seriously He knows nothing about it. Probably the first time he was at a game. Enjoyed myself at the o2 just wish the pistons had turned up. No energy and poor skills.

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