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Andre Drummond deserves All-Star berth, says one ESPN panelist

I admit, I’ve read every national article about NBA All-Star reserve selections I can find – curious whether I’d see a writer who remembers Greg Monroe’s All-Star candidacy of a year ago and hasn’t noticed Monroe’s slight regression this season or a writer who goes against all convention and picks Andre Drummond.

Well, those efforts weren’t in vain.

Tom Sunnergren of Philadunkia chose Drummond in an ESPN 5-on-5:

Andre Drummond. The Pistons are reportedly brooding over whether to try to win now or hazard a youth movement. The fact that they think these two ideas are in conflict tells you a lot about the state of the organization. In just 19.8 minutes a night, their rookie center is 11th in the NBA in PER and leads all qualifying players with .363 wins per 48 minutes.

I don’t think Drummond should be an All-Star, but I love that he was mentioned.

If he played more, maybe he would deserve an All-Star berth this year. Though, if he were playing 30 to 35 minutes per game, his per-minute numbers would probably drop. The question is, how much? I definitely think Drummond deserves a chance to answer that question on the court. But until he does, I’d side with established players for the All-Star spot.


  • Jan 24, 20135:43 pm
    by DG


    I think it would be fun to see Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin in the slam dunk competition.

    • Jan 25, 20133:57 am
      by George


      read an interesting article on NBAtradeaday.com…said to trade Moose, Prince and Daye for Cousins and Garcia…Pistons should make this move…Cousins has way better potential than Moose

      • Jan 25, 20139:09 am
        by Keith


        Not a good trade. Cousins may have more potential, but he also is a bigger headache and worse fit alongside Drummond. Cousins actually shoots worse than Monroe (which barely seems possible), and just loves to toss up as many bad shots as he can. He’s too slow-footed to play PF, and would clog the lane with Drummond. Maybe if we had a bevy of shooters, but we don’t, and there’s little to suggest right now that Cousins will actually be better than Monroe.

  • Jan 24, 20136:44 pm
    by DasMark


    Drummond in the slam dunk competition with Bynum as his set-up man would be sweet. 

    If Aquaman was playing 30-35 minutes, his PER would almost certainly drop. He still gets gassed at times when he’s playing 20 minutes, because he goes all out when he hits the court (which is great!).

    But, that 10-10 production would certainly increase. Something like 15 and 13 wouldn’t be out of the question at all. When he finally does start, I’m certain we’ll see 20-20 games here and there. 

    • Jan 24, 20139:43 pm
      by gmehl


      “He still gets gassed at times when he’s playing 20 minutes”.

      This is why i think it’s now time to start Drummond and start extending his minutes. We need to start building his ‘tank’ to get him ready for next season. I know everyone knocks him but Maxiell is going to get some reasonable offers in the offseason so it’s in our best interest to throw Dre into the deep end of the big boy’s pool to see if he can swim.

    • Jan 25, 20139:11 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      he gets gassed because they run that high Pick and Roll play about 85% of the time when he is in the game…

      No Center or PF probably runs that play more than Drummond in a 19-20 minute time frame…

      However, he has not looked tired,drained or lost since in over a month of so, maybe the game against Denver…

      Mentally, he has impressed me soo much….alot of rookies would have been upset about the minutes, vented on twitter, or started rumors…..Drummond as been a class act…and its not even fake…he is a big kig that loves the game of basketball

    • Jan 25, 201311:44 am
      by Big Rick


      Who the hell is Aquaman!? Who comes up with all these lame azz player nicknames? Moose is bad enough, but Aquaman? WTF

  • Jan 24, 20137:17 pm
    by Anon


    As a TrueHoop affiliate Dan, I was wondering if you saw Thorpe’s argument with Henry Abbot in which Thorpe said that Drummond would get worse with more minutes. Abbott responded by saying that Hollinger had done a lot of research and discovered that reserves who then got extended minutes almost always maintained their per-minute numbers and in many cases even got better. So, I’m going to have to disagree with your assertion that Drummond’s numbers would drop based on that.

    • Jan 24, 20139:53 pm
      by gmehl


      His per-minute numbers will more than likely drop but the question is how much rather than will it or wont it. One thing i do know is that he will start to encounter more foul trouble with extended minutes once he starts. As i said above i really think Drummond has to start sooner rather than later so he can build up his tank. It is well known that a player tends to foul more when he is fatigued. The last thing we need is for Drummond not being able to play for long stretches because he gets gassed and fouls out all the time.

    • Jan 24, 201310:01 pm
      by Vic


      Right I don’t think they drop either. That’s a common assumption that’s not really true

    • Jan 25, 20133:26 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I haven’t seen that study specifically. Do you have a link?

      Without knowing more, my rebuttal would be that teams boost minutes only of players they believe can handle it.  So, it’s not really a conclusive sample. But I’d like to read more. 

  • Jan 24, 20137:39 pm
    by copper


    He would also not have to play the straight 9-10 miute stretches which are obviously more tiring than the 7-8 minutes per quarter that he could play if he started. get him 7-8 minutes per qrt and he can extend or shorten based on activity…but at least he would have that option.. By bringing him in for end of 1st qrt and 3rd h is almost certain to be exhausted by the end of half and ed of game while only getting 20 min per game. Its a truly stupid substitution pattern by the coach and almost guarantees fatigue on the youngster.

  • Jan 24, 20138:00 pm
    by Ryank


    Surprises me that Drummond is getting attention for the allstar game.  Normally stats are what get you in that game…impact on the game from intangibles have little to no recognition.  Drummond puts up decent numbers, but has much more effect on the game than what his season averages indicate.

    • Jan 24, 20139:55 pm
      by gmehl


      Yeah unfortunately they don’t record stats for shots altered/changed. Drummond would’ve had a coule of triple doubles already if they did :-)

      • Jan 25, 20137:40 am
        by Ryank


        It’s not just the altered shots, it’s his ability to protect the rim on defensively.  That keeps offensively player out of the lane and gives guys like Daye and CV the defensive crutch they need.
        Offensively he is a guy who can handle a pass inside or an alley-oop over everyone…most big men don’t have good hands and guards risk turning the ball over making a pass inside.  This gives guards the ability to penetrate more because he’s always there to bail them out when the defense fully commits.  Shooters have been more open at times…not sure if that’s because of Drummond yet, but it will be in the future as they start to send more defenders at him inside.

  • Jan 24, 201311:33 pm


    My concern is what we think a youth movement is hazardous, but the current movement has us 11 games under .500

  • Jan 24, 201311:57 pm
    by Edd


    Andre Drummond Top 10 Dunks

    • Jan 25, 20139:15 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      I’ve never since ANY BIG MAN of Drummond size, take off from the dotted line…not saying it hasnt happen but I havent seen it…. #Dunk 6

    • Jan 25, 20137:53 am
      by Ryank


      Ain’t gonna happen.  If we were on the verge of being a contender, then you might take a risk and bring in someone like Cousins…but when we are so far away, this trade doesn’t make sense.  It could fail miserably and that would send the team through a prolonged rebuilding process that it looks like we are about to escape. 
      I do believe Cousins is a better fit in Detroit, but he just brings too many potential problems.  If he mellos out over the next season or two, then they might revisit this idea.  Until he proves he is more of a positive then a negative, we will not trade away a guy like Greg Monroe for him.
      Cousins was kicked off his high school team.  Cousins’ problems in Kentucky were well documented.  He’s been suspended over and over by the Kings for conduct detrimental to the team.  The NBA has suspended him for his headcase antics as well.  Would Joe D unload a model citizen like Monroe for a guy who would keep you up at night wondering what’s trouble he’s about to create?

  • Jan 25, 20139:36 am


    Dont know where else to express this….

    But Kyrie Irving …should NOT be an All-Star… he has Great numbers on a bad team…Monte Ellis did those kinda numbers for years when he was with Golden State…

    Irving is great scorer…but at the end of the day his record is 9-23 as a starter…..

    • Jan 25, 201310:01 am
      by tarsier


      When you are arguably the best at your position in your conference, you deserve an all-star berth regardless of record. The all-star game is for the best players in the league, not the “most valuable”.

      Monta was a several time snub in GS. But that was largely because there were more worthy candidates for those spots. This year, in the east, there is Wade, Rondo, and Holiday who had to be in. Who is your 4th guard if not Irving?

      But if there is any good argument against him, it isn’t his team’s poor record, it’s his time missed to injury. 

      • Jan 25, 201310:39 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        He is not the best at his position…Deron Williams… is better and his team record shows it…he didnt make it because if got Avery Johnson fired…coaching politics….

        Im not a Josh Smith groupie…he is having a All-Star…

        Lopez from the Nets….

        JR Smith….

        All four of these guys deserve it more than Kyrie…. Im not question his talent…but he is 9-23 ….he score soo much because his team is always playing from behind… 

        Great personal numbers… but thats it….

        • Jan 25, 201312:35 pm
          by tarsier


          Have you seen Deron Williams play since leaving Utah? The dude is the second coming of Baron Davis. Incredibly talented, looks like he has the full package with strength, speed, smarts, and skills. But somehow, his play is just not that good. He puts up decent but not great bulk stats on terrible efficiency.

          And the Nets have a good record primarily because of Brook Lopez. 

          • Jan 25, 201312:54 pm
            by tarsier

            People don’t seem to realize that since joining the Nets, Williams has shot under 33% from three, shot under 40% from the field, and averaged over 3.5 TOs per game. Also, his FTA/FGA has dropped about 10% since leaving Utah.

            D-Will is no longer the superstar he once was.

            In fact, I remember earlier this season, when the Bobcats were actually winning and the Pistons were off to their atrocious start, you defending Knight as better than Walker. Based on the exact same reasoning, Irving has a much stronger case to be better than Williams than Knight had at that point to be seen as better than Kemba.

          • Jan 25, 20133:01 pm
            by I HATE FRANK

            Its still LAST PLACE!…

            but thanks for the convo…just had to get that off my chest….

        • Jan 25, 201312:39 pm
          by tarsier


          Lopez definitely deserved to be in (over Deng). Josh Smith, not so much. But his case isn’t even arguable against Irving’s because Irving is a guard and there have to be four of them.

          J.R. Smith???
          You just lost all credibility there. He’s a bench player putting up incredibly mediocre overall numbers (17/5/3) on terrible shooting numbers. He’s a gunner who hits less than a third of his threes, 40% of his overall shots, and defends like Steve Nash or Monta Ellis. 

          • Jan 25, 20131:15 pm
            by I HATE FRANK

            Im not impressed by scoring guards…scoring…but the team is not winning….

            Kyrie Irving is a special talent, but the all-star game should be a reward for players that make their team better… Kyrie Irving does not make his team better…

            If he was a Pistons, and we had the Cavs record and he didnt make it…i’d be cool with that that…Last year at the all-star Break..Monroe was averaginf 17ppg 10rebs over 50 + % from the field…he did make the all-Star game because the pistons were not winning….

            All im saying is what Kyrie is doing is not special….We’ve seen it before….(Example Ellis did it GS…and everyone said he’s just a scorer…almost exact same numbers as Irving)…

            it blurs the lines too much…

            And D-Will averages 8 ast ppg…PG without him the Net are not the 3rd best team in the east ….

            With or without Irving the Cavs are still last…

            We can disagree to agree about JR smith, and Josh smith…but take them off those teams, and neither team would be as effective… that you cant argue with…

            Cavs were terrible without Kyrie and they are Terrible with Kyrie,,,however they are just more entertaining to watch

          • Jan 25, 20132:49 pm
            by tarsier

            No Kyrie is not doing anything special right now. But he is still outplaying D-Will. Does history say that worse players beat out better players for spots in the game by being on better teams? Absolutely. But I just think that is fundamentally stupid. Obviously, that is simply my opinion/perspective on what an all-star should be. But I think of winning as its won reward. Winning players get to be in the playoffs, they tend to end up with bigger paychecks, and they enjoy playing more. Honors like all-star or all-NBA should go to whoever is better, regardless of team context.

            And yeah, if Ellis on those GSW teams was competing for all-star berths with the same field as Irving was this year, he should have gotten in too. 

          • Jan 25, 20132:54 pm
            by tarsier

            Also, Irving definitely makes his team better. They are about 2 ppg worse defensively with him on the court and about 11 ppg better offensively when he plays (that +9 shift is huge). Also, they are 9-23 with him. They are 2-9 without him. A 28% rate of winning is a heck of a lot better than an 18% rate.

  • Jan 25, 201311:12 am


    Frank is a FOOL!

    “Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Look, man, you go with what you got. You can’t play Monday Morning Quarterback. … I guess you can, because you don’t coach.”

    1. You go with what you got….Exactly our Point Frank…you had all of your best spot up 3 point shooter on the bench in the 4th qrt…when you couldnt find any point, and the spacing on the floor was horrible

    “Their size has impact,” Frank said. “If you remember, they pounded us on the glass before, and that sort of thing. You can’t just take parts of that guy, parts of this guy. It doesn’t work like that”"

    2. No Frank you cant just takes part of that guy, part of this guy…but you use your players effectively….Which you didnt do…and if you want us size to match …why Give addition minutes to Maxiell over Drummond? why did Drummond and Monroe play soo many limited minutes (Did the gibson Monroe match up scare you that much?) ? Do you think the Bulls coach would have took out his best defender and rebounder down the stretch of the 4th qt? …No because Noad played the whole 4th

    We have a coach that makes no sense…and makes poor excuses

    • Jan 25, 201312:38 pm
      by apa8ren9


      Yeah, Im totally with you on that.  I tried to defend Frank and his antics last year because I thought the Pistons needed that tight structure because of the short season and it being his first year. But Frank just cant put it all together and its mind boggling because the answers are low hanging fruit!  I mean he is doing a decent job of giving guys legit shots in the rotation, but a terrible job of managing the games and situations.  This has led directly to us losing games.  I feel we should be at least 5 games better solely because of bone headed decisions that he makes.

      • Jan 25, 20131:18 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        low hanging fruit! Exactly…I like that

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