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Andre Drummond battled cold during his 18-18 game

John Niyo of The Detroit News:

Andre Drummond was fighting a cold Tuesday, so he might’ve had an excuse. Except he didn’t really need one.

It’s not Michael Jordan’s flu game, but this makes Andre Drummond’s performance against the Bucks last night even more impressive.

More importantly, it hopefully explains Drummond’s apparent fatigue during both the first and second halves. As someone who wants Drummond to play more, I was worried he’s not ready for extra minutes. But if the cold was a factor, he should be past that soon enough.


  • Jan 30, 201310:37 am
    by jacob


    He needs some vitamin c and some better teammates!

  • Jan 30, 201310:54 am
    by mixmasta


    Let’s not forget too that he’s still 19. I watched the game and saw at least 2 transitions where he signaled the coaching staff to relieve him but both times he was left in the game.
    I think this just pushes him to improve his stamina since now he knows how it feels playing 25 minutes and beyond.

  • Jan 30, 201311:03 am
    by G


    Hah! I wish the rest of the team was sick, might explain that defensive effort.

  • Jan 30, 201311:31 am


    Shouls have stayed in for 2 more 2pts and rebs

  • Jan 30, 201312:25 pm
    by hoophabit


    The cold played some role I’m sure, but it’s also a conditioning issue.  Represents quite a change in Frank’s behavior.  Early on he’d pull him for minor mistakes but now leaves him out there longer despite a few screw ups and obviously being gassed.  Sure, he’d pull Andre if he was playing poorly, but there seems to be a little more trust.  Maybe it’s part of the conditioning effort.  ;-)
    Drummond restores some fun to the Pistons.  Even in the season’s worst loss, it was fun watching him display that remarkable talent.

  • Jan 30, 201312:55 pm
    by Riz


    Kids most minutes this year he has a cold and get 18 n 18. Ya he definitely should be coming off the bench great coaching frank. SMH. Worst coach in the nba. 

  • Jan 30, 20131:01 pm


    i dont care if people dont like Knight, Monroe, if you say the Pistons have no true star…too many tweeners…ect…


    Either blow the team up and just start with Drummond as the foundation piece, or get rid of the coach its not working and the players are not responding

  • Jan 30, 20132:44 pm
    by Brian S


    Cold aside, it does seem conditioning is still somewhat of an issue, but the only way to build endurance is by pushing yourself.  Now, on the other side, research shows injuries are much more likely when you are fatigued, with Drummond’s huge frame amplifying that issue.  So I can see why the plan is/was to slowly build his minutes.  The thing is, if he was starting, then his minutes could be managed more efficiently to get more court time and more rest.  Last night was I believe the first time he ever re-entered a game for any substantial amount of time in the first half after sitting for a brief rest.  If he starts and gets 8 – 10 minutes, he can have a good rest and come back in for last 6 or 8, thus getting him up past the 30 minute per game mark, without single stretches longer than he is playing now.  This helps build his endurace, and makes the team better, and it needs to happen now.

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  • Jan 30, 20133:54 pm
    by sloppy joe


    A cold? Seriously?  A cold is nothing this guy is a professional athlete the cold has virtually no effect.  What I saw was a guy playing his ass off and looking tired because of it.  Much better than seeing him half ass his way to another 8 rebound 8 point game.  He is talented and if he keeps playing and practicing like he did last night, the conditioning will come along.

  • Jan 30, 20134:04 pm
    by sloppy joe


    Everyone hating so hard on Franks treatment of Drummond… IMO he has handled him really well, hes been getting better and better as his conditioning is slowly improving.  (As we saw last night even 28 minutes is still a bit much for him)  He has suffered no injuries or confidence setbacks.  He has us swooning over what he can be.  Why play him 30+ minutes and risk him getting hurt or losing confidence against other teams stars.  Like i said the dude could hardly handle 28 minutes get off Franks nuts he’s handling Drummond fine.

    The 50 point turnaround however was NOT fine on his part. 

    • Jan 30, 20135:07 pm
      by tarsier


      This “confidence” argument is absurd. Why does it keep coming up? If a guy can’t handle having a rough game against other teams’ starting caliber players, he will never be particularly valuable.

      Drummond managed to get past having a rough year at UConn and has played great this season. Why do you think he is so emotionally frail that he can only keep on going if he gets to beat up on inferior competition every night? 

  • Jan 30, 20134:21 pm
    by tarsier


    When charged up with adrenaline, I would not expect a cold to make much of a difference. I’ve played plenty of sports in my life, granted, never on this level. But a cold is far too common and minor to complain about. That’s like complaining that you’re sore from a bruise when you hit the floor.

  • Jan 30, 20135:48 pm
    by gmehl


    I’d say he caught the cold of the rest of team sometime during that 2nd quater. 

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