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Andre Drummond and Hooper light-saber fighting

Andre Drummond wins everything. Now that Ben Wallace is at least semi-retired, I’m looking for a favorite current player, and Drummond is strong contender. He just makes everything so fun.


  • Jan 9, 20135:16 am
    by Serge Geara


    I know ppl gon hate me but i really think being cool as a person helps ur ball game .. he got an entertainment factor in him and that why i love him .. thats maybe part of the reason the clip be doin better

    • Jan 9, 20132:37 pm
      by cr29


      Being cool helps in all facets of life, I should know. (implying I’m cool)

  • Jan 9, 20139:39 am
    by sebastian


    Dre Drummond is the best thing going for the Pistons, these days. This kid is going to be great for the franchise.

  • Jan 9, 20139:53 am
    by MIKEYDE248


    I wasn’t even going to watch the video because I thought it was just going to be the two of them horsing around, but they did a great job on the video.

  • Jan 9, 201311:25 am
    by Brigs


    So your saying he’s not ur favorite player yet because he’s been mine and most others favorite since the day we drafted him

    • Jan 9, 20131:15 pm
      by Blocks By Dre


      I second that!

  • Jan 9, 20131:25 pm


    @Patrick Oh okay, Maybe we ALL CAN AGREE…he is already a better actor than both Dwight Howard and Shaq at for his age?

    • Jan 9, 20135:33 pm
      by mixmasta


      He doesn’t act injuries that’s for sure.
      But let’s beat the DRUM for Andre. I enjoy watching him play. He’s not oversold like Moose, Jonas or BK.

  • Jan 9, 201311:31 pm
    by gmehl


    The force is strong with him. Now start the fucker!

    • Jan 10, 201312:10 pm
      by inigo montoya


      If you want to characterize some Pistons as Jedi.

      Andre Drummond = Anakin as a padawan.  The potential (metachlorians) is very high, but one still has to wonder where that red light saber in the locker room with Hooper came from.

      Greg Monroe = Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Brandon Knight = Yoda, smaller Jedi but also maybe because he is already named Knight or maybe the ears a little bit.  

      Stuckey = Mace Windu

      Prince = Qui-Gon Jinn, probably because both have a little tragedy associated with them.

      Stop there because I am not that familiar enough with the other Jedi to associate them with other Pistons. 

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