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3-on-3: Trading Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye for Jose Calderon

Modeled after ESPN’s 5-on-5, three of us will answer three questions about a Pistons-related topic. Please add your responses in the comments.

1. How do you grade the Pistons’ trade for Jose Calderon?

Patrick Hayes: A. Joe Dumars accomplished three pretty remarkable things. He moved Tayshaun Prince‘s significant long-term money for an expiring contract. He did not have to give up an asset to get a team to take on that money (apologies to Austin Daye). The “rental” player he received in return is actual a really useful veteran who solves the team’s biggest weaknesses – shooting, passing and ability to take care of the basketball at the point guard spot.

Brady Fredericksen: A. Not only did the Pistons rid themselves of a big contract and declining vet in Tayshaun Prince (and it does stink to see him go from a fan point of view), they gained $10 million in expiring contracts with Jose Calderon. Austin Daye "turned the corner" about five times in Detroit, so maybe he can make it a sixth in Memphis. The biggest thing is that Calderon is more than an expiring deal — he’s a legitimate NBA point guard who’s going to make his new teammates’ lives easier.

Jameson Draper: A. Although Austin Daye was finally starting to play to his potential, it was good to get rid of the Tayshaun Prince dead weight. Getting Jose Calderon is fantastic, because, unlike Brandon Knight, he is a true point guard. Knight is good, but probably shouldn’t be the starting point guard. Calderon has an assist percentage of 43.5, and Knight’s is only 22.9. It’s becoming clear that Dumars is building the team around Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, and acquiring Calderon, who can get the ball to them, is a step in the right direction.

2. Who should start for the Pistons now?

Patrick Hayes: Calderon-Knight-Singler-Monroe-Drummond. The Pistons are already shaking up their lineup with someone having to move into Prince’s spot, so why not just blow it up and start all over by putting Drummond in the lineup too? Calderon’s major weakness is defense, but with a rim-protector in the lineup, it’s less of an issue. And Knight/ Rodney Stuckey is a toss-up for me, but I’d lean toward Knight starting because, 1., I am skeptical Stuckey has much of a future here while Knight still likely does, and 2., the Pistons could surround Monroe and Drummond with three very good shooters in the starting lineup. Let Stuckey and Will Bynum anchor a second unit with Jonas Jerebko and Jason Maxiell that just runs the ball up and down the court at a frenetic pace.

Brady Fredericksen: Calderon-Knight-Singler-Monroe-Drummond. That lineup is going to have its struggles defenses, but it has so much potential to be really fun on offense. We saw a prime example on Sunday in Orlando that when Knight’s has good looks created for him, he’s a really good floor-spacing scorer; ditto for Singler. Calderon will bring playmaking and shooting to the team, which will help the bigs, too. I’ve worried that taking Drummond away from the second unit would hurt their productivity, but that lineup has its own reworking to deal with now, anyway.

Jameson Draper: Calderon-Knight-Singler-Monroe-Drummond. Calderon’s a great true point guard, but Knight’s still the best option at the two guard. Let’s not forget the 31 points he dropped against Orlando on Sunday. Singler is probably the best candidate to replace Prince at starting small forward. Drummond and Monroe should also start together, but Lawrence Frank will probably still start Maxiell over Drummond for some unknown reason.

3. How will the trade affect the Pistons’ playoff chances?

Patrick Hayes: It helps, but they’re still a longshot. We still don’t know whether Calderon wants to be in Detroit or whether he’ll be thinking about his next stop as a free agent. We don’t know if Knight will bristle at a potential implication that the Pistons aren’t sold (and they shouldn’t be) on his point-guard abilities. We don’t know how long it will take the offense to adjust to playing with someone who actually understands how to run an offense. The Pistons would need a lot to go right for the team to put together enough wins to close the gap on Boston in the playoff race.

Brady Fredericksen:

Maybe Dan’s been a bit more realistic about those chances than I am, but I’m an eternal optimist and think this helps those chances mightily. The Rondo-less Celtics aren’t in any better spot than the Pistons and Philly has been a mess this month. They get Andrew Bynum and his awful hair back soon, but how can you guarantee he’s going to be healthy, and is he going to affect the growth of Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young? The Pistons’ (surprisingly solid) defense is going to suffer without Prince, but Calderon’s ability to execute and create is going to help every Pistons player — and that might be what this team needs most in the second half.

Jameson Draper: This trade indicates that the Pistons are trying to make a playoff run, which is nice to see. The real threats seem to be the 76ers with Bynum returning soon, the Celtics, who are limping – no pun intended – without Rajon Rondo, and the Raptors, who just acquired Rudy Gay but lost Calderon and Ed Davis. It will be tight, but if Calderon can get the ball to Monroe and Drummond, I wouldn’t be surprised if Detroit sneaks in to the playoffs.


  • Jan 31, 201312:46 pm
    by Bo


    Three untouchables: Drummond, Monroe (unless you trade him for Boogie), Singler (based on contract, intelligence, takes over the Prince “glue guy” role)

    Everyone else is available.

    Joe, do what it takes with the potential $35M to get Trey Burkes and Ben McLemore in the draft.

    Personal Dream Starting Five:

    PG Burke
    SG McLemore
    C   Drummond
    SF Singler 
    PF Monroe (preferably Boogie)

    Shooting, intelligence, athleticism, youth, balance, ball handing, decision making, A SOLID SOLID SOLID CORE that can GROW together for years…..

    If we don’t make the playoffs and maintain our pick, this dream becomes more realistic. We have potentially around $30M, a first-round draft pick, a second-round draft pick, Knight, Stuckey, and a few other parts to translate into draft positioning for McLemore and Burke. 

    Besides this line-up I want nothing else in my life! LOL

    • Jan 31, 20131:25 pm
      by sloppy joe


      dude singler is not that good… No way I would consider him untouchable.  Personally, I’m wondering why this guy is still starting.  The “bucket man” gets a surprisingly small amount of buckets for someone sporting that nickname.  He isn’t athletic enough to compete with these other Small Forwards in the league.  I’m not saying hes awful, but move his ass to the bench.  And how is it possible for us to get Burke and Mclemore?  Its not possible.  Nobody is going to give up a high first round for stuckey.  I would be shocked to see knight leave.
      IMO we need to see a few things before we start trading all our players away.
      A.) See how knight fares with a passing PG like Calderon handling the ball.  His defense is more aggressive when his offense is clicking so maybe he can hold his own against some of these SG’s
      B.) Granted we see Drummond move to the starting lineup, see how Monroe stacks against Power forwards   Offensively it seems good.
      C.) See if Calderon can be a long term solution.  The guy is 31, which isnt ancient for a PG.  I like what I saw from him when we played.  If he can be the facilitator we need, I would be all for resigning him to a reasonable deal.

      As for the current Roto this is my best guess:
      PG: Calderon (Knight) (Bynum)
      SG: Stuckey (Knight) (Bynum)
      SF: Singler (Jerebko)
      PF: Maxielle (Charlie V)
      C: Monroe (Drummond)

      Maybe not ideal, but thats what I see us going forward with as of next game.

      Doesnt answer what to do with that 30 million.  Id have no problem sitting on it through the off-season   None of these free agents get my dick too hard. 

      • Jan 31, 20132:09 pm
        by Bo


        Valid points. 
        In my dream scenario I see us keeping our pick and it being high-lottery to equal McLemore.
        Some sort of trade (Stuckey?) to get Burke in the mid/late first.
        I keep Singler in the line-up for now…I didn’t want to get too greedy. Definitely a place to upgrade.
        If those two things were to become reality, we still have $30 to facilitate trades.
        MY biggest nightmare is that JoeD signs a Josh Smith or an OJ Mayo…not the direction I personally want to go. Keep Charlie one more year (to have $8M-ish the following year…to use to extend Monroe–or Boogie)…and use the remaining free-agent money to facilitate trades. I do not want to sign any free-agent available either. Use the money to facilitate, not sign free agents. 
        Last note, even if Calderon stays a few more years, I still want Burke learning and coming off the bench…he could be our true PGOTF, our version of Eric Bledsoe.  

        • Jan 31, 20134:01 pm
          by Crispus


          I’m with you on hoarding the money. Unless some of the free agents out there aren’t commanding the interest that’s expected (I’d love to pick off an Okafor or Redick for 5-7 mil), I think the cap space will be worth more down the road when all the accountants start waving their arms about the luxury tax.

        • Jan 31, 20134:31 pm
          by Keith


          I just have to chime in here, but we don’t want an Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe is an inefficient scorer with a high turnover rate (worse in his first two season than Knight, barely better right now). He’s also a poor passer with limited vision and a shoot-first mentality. His only real value is defensive, where he’s quite good. Burke and Bledsoe shouldn’t be anything alike. Burke is likely to be an offensive creator with defensive problems – Bledsoe is a weak scorer/passer that defends like crazy.
          I would appreciate a better defender at the point as well, but I’m still hoping Knight realizes what he’s good at and becomes a lockdown defender.

  • Jan 31, 201312:55 pm
    by frankie d


    “A. Joe Dumars accomplished three pretty remarkable things. He moved Tayshaun Prince‘s significant long-term money for an expiring contract. He did not have to give up an asset to get a team to take on that money (apologies to Austin Daye).”
    sorry, but you just identified the one weak point of the trade.  by including daye, he actually did – despite your personal opinion of daye’s value – give up an asset.
    daye was a first round draft choice.  hence he had a certain value.  therefore, joe d did give up an asset to get memphis to take tay.
    one can argue and discuss how much of an asset daye was, has been and may be in the future, but it is simply categorically incorrect to state that he did not give up an asset.
    imho, that makes this a good trade, not a great trade.
    i love calderon’s game and you can check some of my recent past posts where i argued that detroit should obtain exactly this type of guard.  so he will help, while he is here.
    but a great trade would have been the rumored trade – which i think was confirmed by dallas – where dallas would have sent caron butler and a first round choice to detroit for tay.
    a great trade would have been tay for a mid-first round choice.
    a great trade would have been the trade that occurred with detroit getting a first rounder or a couple of second rounders.
    a great trade would have been getting a young version of calderon – say an eric maynor-type – who could come in and become part of the team’s building core.
    relative to what dumars has done recently, this is a great trade.  objectively, what it gets is simply potential to turn it into a much better deal.  it is very similar to the iverson trade in that respect.  and we all know what happened the last time joe d had a bunch of cap space burning a hole in his pocket. 
    and i also recall how ecstatic detroit fans were when joe d made the trade for iverson.
    sorry to rain on the joy, but that is what i see.
    i will hoist a great NW Double IPA – Deschuttes Hop Henge is on tap at the brewery – tonight here in portland, to celebrate tay’s butt leaving detroit, but that joy is tempered by the fact that this move only sets up another move, and joe’s record in that regard has not been great.
    in fact, in my nightmare, i see josh smith sitting at a table with dumars after signing a max contract. 
    oh no!!!!! 

    • Jan 31, 20132:11 pm
      by Bo


      Agreed…good trade, not great. If Dallas was offering cap space and a first rounder for Taye…I would have preferred that option. I’m not upset with what Joe did, but I like the Dallas version better. Damn.  

    • Jan 31, 20132:41 pm
      by Mateo


      Do you live in Rip city? If so, I do too! It was good to see Prince move on(loved him for years though, best wishes). I think we would have a small chance to resign Calderon, if we make the playoffs(unlikely), we lose our lottery pick. At least we will have a good amount of money in the off-season. But who is really out there worth 9-12 mil $ per? And would they come to Detroit? We would have to overspend to get a J Smith or OJ Mayo type player. I do like the fact that Dumars is possibly moving forward from the “glory days”.

      • Jan 31, 20132:58 pm
        by Keith


        I would rather pick up Kevin Martin than OJ Mayo. Mayo is young and will be looking for a big contract. Even this year, his breakout year, he hasn’t even been at the all-star level of play. Kevin Martin is older, likely cheaper, and is a better shooter. Martin is also elite in terms of drawing fouls, so he makes Stuckey (Stuckey’s ONLY real skill is drawing fouls) completely obsolete.
        And though I doubt he opts out, I would be willing to give Iguodala a sizable contract. He’s an actually elite defender, and a great passer/finisher. We would really need to get great shooters at the other perimeter spots, but he still makes a lot of sense.

        • Jan 31, 20134:09 pm
          by Crispus


          What do you think about trying to get Royce White while his stock is extremely low and hope he turns into the next Iggy? Too much risk and distraction?

        • Feb 1, 20138:42 am
          by G


          Totally agree with Martin over Mayo (sounds like a sandwich), plus I get the feeling Mayo would be a giant headache. As far as Stuckey getting to the stripe, he doing that MUCH less this year compared to last year, despite playing similar minutes. And his FT% dropped about 5%, which is unheard of for a guy his age.

      • Jan 31, 20133:21 pm
        by frankie d


        yep.  a detroit native living in rip city.
        a great time to be a basketball fan.  i get to watch and root for drummond, but i also get to watch damon lilliard on a regular basis.
        probably the two most exciting, if not the best, 2 rookies out there.
        and i am definitely going to celebrate.  
        probably at deschuttes.  I’d love a hop henge.  or maybe burnside brewing.  maybe at hop haven, as they always have a great selection of ipas on tap.  or a new place that has the best stout in town, base camp brewing.  one of their s’mores stouts would taste very nice in celebration of tay moving on.  or maybe amnesia, which is right down he street, as they have a great, hoppy 8.5 abv winter warmer, frosty’s revenge, on tap….
        wherever i end up, i will definitely be consuming a pint of the best beer in the world right here in portland!

        • Jan 31, 201311:47 pm
          by frankie d


          just for the record:
          my celebration beer at deschuttes was a smoked imperial por ter on cask.
          very yummy, and something i would definitely recommend if you see it in your vicinity.
          of course…unless you are lucky enough to be in beervana, it is pretty freakin unlikely that you’ll get a taste of that wonderful beer in your town.
          it was, however, delicious.
          and a fitting send off to a guy, tayshaun prince, who had a great run in the motor city! 

  • Jan 31, 201312:56 pm
    by Pratik


    I agree with the starting lineup my only change would be to take Will Bynum and CV out of the rotation completely and develop Kim English on the bench at SG and give Kris Middleton a shot behind Singler, Jonas needs to return to his natural stretch 4 energy player, and Jason Max can be a small center bench player, doubt Slava will crack the rotation. But I just don’t see Frank rewarding Drummond with a starting job (really hope I’m wrong though). I think he’s going to take it real slow, and maybe after FEB or the all star break, make some changes. Let’s see though.

    Although Will Bynum has clearly been much better then Stuckey as of late, when Stuckey gave up his starting position and came off the bench, Bynum was out of the rotation and things were working well, Stuckey seemed more comfortable and was equally as effective as WB with Drummond. And Stuckey doesn’t turnover the ball as much as WB or force, as well as his defense would be much better as he would be guarding much smaller players then him at the PG position off the bench.

    Frank really has to take control of this team though, thats why I felt Mike Woodson was always the better choice, don’t feel as if the players can really look up to him as the coach and really respect his decision making on the court, something that Flip Saunders struggled with during the playoffs when it really mattered. I believe Frank is a good coach and the young players can really trust him and listen to his instructions, as there new to the NBA, but think about guys like Stuckey, Bynum, and even JJ who have had different coaches every season they’ve played as a Piston (they have no one to look up to, there is no leader in the locker room, and please I respect Tayshaun for what he did in all the great years, but Chauncey, Sheed, Ben Wallace, and Rip made the all star team for a reason and were much better leaders then he could be for this young team).

    Calderon hopefully can take leadership through his playmaking skills and really gain the respect from his teammates. Negative players like Stuckey have to leave. There is no room for them on this roster, I do feel he can be effective though when he’s in the right frame of mind (and that can only happen when he’s in charge of the team). Your talking about a guy who started his career with his team predicted to compete for a championship and at least make it to the eastern conference finals, and then he replaced our captain/finals mvp and was seen as the franchise player to rebuild on. That’s a lot of pressure to handle for a guy who never really had the potential to be a franchise player. I think he would have been great off the bench as a 6th man, but after going through what he did, being a starter, and now just playing 20-25 mins a game, it hurts. And it’s been hurting Stuckey all season long. Time to move on. Trade Stuckey now or during the off season, but I say now and the Will Bynum can run the 2nd unit.

    Here is how I see the rotation with the current Roster:

    Jose Calderon (Rodney Stuckey)
    Brandon Knight (Kim English)
    Kyle Singler (Khris Middleton)
    Greg Monroe (Jonas Jerebko)
    Andre Drummond (Jason Maxiell/Slava)

    CV and Bynum and Maggette need to rest it out for the remainder of the season, they won’t be here next year as well, and hopefully Jason Maxiell can find a good team to fit his unique size and talents/effort. Stuckey also should be gone, unless he accepts his role as a backup point guard that runs the 2nd unit permanently (which actually was the case until he broke his tooth, and Will Bynum had some crazy games and took advantage of his absence, and then Frank tried both Will Bynum and Stukey together which failed, until late 4th quarter in the Atlanta game). Frank’s gotta stop being emotional and make some harsh decisions because he is the coach of the team, not Rodney Stuckey or Will Bynum or Joe Dumars. He’s gotta play the players who bring it every single day and who are the best 8 to 10 players on the team period. At the same time he has to look towards the future and develop Kim English and Khris Middleton by giving them responsibility to get minutes off the bench. 

  • Jan 31, 201312:59 pm
    by Andrew


    As a Raptors fan, I can tell you that Jose is going to be great for your bigs. A huge part of Ed Davis’ improvement was the fact that Calderon was a PRO at running the PnR and finding both Ed Davis and Amir Johnson where and when they needed the ball.

  • Jan 31, 20131:15 pm
    by LT


    i have been skeptical of Monroe’s ability to execute in Pick and Roll situations. I have tempered my skepticism due to weak guard play. By all accounts, if Monroe and Calderon get minutes together, it seems that we will find out if Monroe can be effective in those sets. 

  • Jan 31, 20131:34 pm
    by Keith


    Honest question to everyone here. But what if Calderon comes in and only averages 5-6 assists per game?
    Does that make you re-evaluate your perspective on Calderon, does it make you think Knight might be more of a true PG than previously thought, or do you just curse the system with play in?

    • Jan 31, 20132:21 pm
      by vic


      if the assists stay the same, and the turnovers go down, Pistons win more games.

      assist/to ratio is the key stat.
      turnovers lead to transition buckets, which make the defense worse than it really is.

      the Pistons average point differential is less than two points a game. 

      • Jan 31, 20132:51 pm
        by Keith


        Ast/Turn is a big stat with our team for a number of reasons. Our bigs (outside Drummond) are slow, and easily beat in transition. Tay and Singler are equally slow for their positions, and Knight is often the one turning the ball over. So it makes sense that we would get eaten up by teams that can get out and run after a turnover.
        However, I do think there is more to it than just that. Chauncey was not generally an elite assist man in his time, but he was an incredibly efficient scorer and never turned the ball over. I’m just seeing a lot of sentiment about how Calderon will make everyone around him better (especially Drummond), but I have legitimate concerns that the system we run isn’t open or creative enough to fully take advantage of a quality PG.

  • Jan 31, 20131:35 pm
    by tarsier


    I think people are underestimating how much Prince helped the team. He was nothing special and I am glad to see his contract gone, but I have no reason yet to believe that Calderon is more beneficial to their odds of making the postseason than Prince.

    • Jan 31, 20132:14 pm
      by Bo


      I hope you are correct. I am not suggesting we tank, it’s not in my DNA…but I would be much happier keeping our lottery pick (regardless of where it lands…high, preferably, of course) for at least one more year to continue rebuilding. Pretty soon we won’t even want young talent…but we do now. I hope Calderon shows us we can be good with a pass-first point guard (to answer that question), but not help us make the playoffs.

    • Jan 31, 20132:42 pm
      by frankie d


      pure speculation alert:
      i wonder whether the recent stuckey trouble moved joe to get rid of a guy – tay – with a proven history of undermining his coaches.
      tay has a long, long history of subtle and not too subtle jabs at his coaches.  going all the way back to flip saunders.  his usual method is the oblique, vague reference to something that has happened during the game, but there is little doubt that he is making a harsh critique of the coaching staff.
      there is no doubt that he helped put the shiv in kuester’s back, warranted or not.
      stuckey’s little dust up with frank may have been the first sign of discontent bubbling up in the locker room, and joe may have wanted to get rid of a guy – tay – who would have been more than willing to help undermine his coach.
      he’s made a few critical comments already in the press about various coaching decisions, this year.
      he made the recent comment about maybe having to lobby for stuckey to not get hammered by the organization. 
      the team has looked absolutely listless recently.
      listening to the orlando broadcast team the other day, they ripped tay for his lackadaisical play and uncaring posture. 
      did all of that add up to a player mutiny in the bud that dumars was aware of and wanted to nip by getting rid of a guy who would readily stand in the background and shout encouragement?
      dumars has always been so protective and supportive of tay.  tay obviously believed that he was almost untouchable and his words and actions backed that up.
      maybe dumars say a storm coming and decided to be proactive and eliminate someone who could have been a ringleader.
      in that sense, tay would clearly be less than a positive.
      again, this is just speculation, but it is an odd coincidence and collection of odd happenings.   if it took joe finally realizing just how toxic tay could be, in order to move him, great.  
      just wondering if it may have finally had an impact. 

  • Jan 31, 20131:36 pm
    by Travis


    I still don’t know why there is a fervent community of fans hoping to land another young and unproven player in this year’s draft. Having 3 out of 5 of the starting 5 with less than 3 years of experience and no playoff experience is difficult for me and other like-minded fans to buy into.

    A 1st round exit in the playoffs would create positive momentum going into the ’13-’14 season; playoff experience – increased level of competition and playoff game atmosphere; national televised games; builds team chemistry and character – ala 2003 Pistons; and a postseason buzz in Detroit.

    In summary: “I hope we have a high pick in this year’s draft” said no Red Wings or Tigers fan ever in the middle of the season.

    • Jan 31, 20132:15 pm
      by Keith


      The issue is that getting a top 3 pick is the quickest way to respectability. Right now Drummond is our best player. That’s not reflected in his minutes, but the minutes he plays are more effective than the minutes played by anyone else. That is not to say Monroe isn’t more skilled, but the fact is Drummond gets more out of limited skills than Monroe is currently getting out of his more diverse ability.
      That should be an indictment of our team’s overall talent. It is, really. So while it’s not ideal to have 3-4 starters with less than 3 years experience next year, talent is still the most important long term factor. It would be ideal to draw in veteran superstars, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, we are forced to bank on developing young players that can round into form as Drummond-Monroe take their next steps.

    • Jan 31, 20132:16 pm
      by Bo


      I want just one more lottery chance. Then I never want to see the lottery again. The future is brighter with a Ben McLemore (as a high-pick option). I do not diagree with you…not at all…however, I want one more chance at a Ben McLemore to go with Drummond. Then…NO MORE LOTTERY. EVER.

  • Jan 31, 20132:09 pm
    by Jones


    Squeaking into the playoffs this year is the worst possible thing that can happen to this team.  They’d lose their first rounder next year to Charlotte and it would probably mean that Frank is playing the wrong guys to ‘win now’ rather than letting the young bucks take their lumps and discover the chemistry and roles necessary ot be anything more than fodder for the next couple of seasons.  The cap room is nice, and hopefully it helps secure a wing that this team in its current construction lacks.  The most important thing going forward is Knight learning the PG position from a seasoned pro like Calderon.  The second is the development of Drummond and Monroe as a tandem comfortable on the floor at the same time offensively and defensively.  Third, miss the playoffs and keep a pick in a decidedly deep if not top heavy draft.

  • Jan 31, 20133:24 pm
    by Brady Fredericksen


    I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this year’s draft class, but it’s terribly underwhelming. Outside of UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad there’s really no athletic wing scorer who can come in and make an impact. Guys like Otto Porter or Marcus Smart aren’t going to lift this team to exponentially new heights.

    • Jan 31, 20133:32 pm
      by frankie d


      i’d avoid muhammed.  seen him play a bunch of times and he has been extremely underwhelming.  not really that explosive, and he is limited, skill-wise.  he does, however, have a real nose for the basket.  like a heat-seeking missle, when he gets close to the hoop.
      heck, the big kid on ucla, kyle anderson, has usually been a more impressive player when i’ve watched them.
      while he has huge negatives, anderson is an intriguing player.  might be the closest thing to magic that i’ve seen in a while.  he plays like royce white played last year at iowa state.  nowhere near as good as magic – he’s about at austin daye’s level as an athlete –  but he has great ballhandling skills, is a great passer and he is a very good rebounder.  i’d take anderson off that ucla team before muhammad.  but that is just me.

  • Jan 31, 20133:54 pm
    by joe


    If Knight get move to SG, I think drafting Knight was a failure, because the Pistons could of just drafted Klay Thompson, which was clearly a better SG. My opinion is this is no different than what Stuckey is currently going through right now, sometime u got to know when to cut your losses. what you think? 

    • Feb 1, 20138:49 am
      by G


      I think you should wait and see what Knight the SG looks like. I know he basically played SG in the Orlando game where he scored 31 points… I think he’s similar to Stuckey in that the team has been trying to squeeze him into a position where he doesn’t fit, however I think Knight should be an NBA starter and Stuckey should not.

  • Jan 31, 20134:04 pm
    by piston moribund


    The playoffs are only a secondary concern right now.  The long term approach should be taken in the best interest of the team
    1.  Evaluate the current core group and designate key components of the roster.  Now that the team has a proven and capable PG, what are the roles that the players will take and how do they perform.
    2.  Will the PG position determine the success of the team.  With the trade for a PG, the team is now secure in 3 of the five positions.  Although the lack of defense is still a concern for Bullwinkle, at least not, he does not have to be concerned with the responsibility of initiating the offense and concentrate on D and scoring….etc
    3.  If BK starts with Calderon, then the second part of the evaluation can start.  Since his shooting skills are far more advanced then is PG skills, putting him in his more natural position should lead to more production.  It doesnt seem like much different that what he does now so the difference shouldnt vary much in terms of his adjustments.
    4.  Is Frank the proper coach for this group of developing players.  Now that the veteran of the team and bridge to the past is gone, I suppose Frank will have a bigger voice and will not have to concern himself with the possibility of a mutiny.  The entitlement aura should now be gone and everyone will be on notice.  I think now, the coaching will be a little different and free.
    5.  Since most of the remain legacy players from the losing era will be gone in a year or two, Who is the leader of this team?  Captain Bligh has been traded.
    6.  Can Bullwinkle develop into a star and start winning for the team or is his game too flawed to warrant that kind of status, metrics aside.
    Barring some amazing turn of events, the team is still 4 to 5 years away from becoming a consistent playoff performer.  Squeaking into the playoffs and losing in the first round dosent count, really dont want to relive the post Bad Bays era of Mills, Hill, Houston, Stackhouse again.

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