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Your dose of ‘Everybody Loves Kim English,’ team player edition

David Mayo of MLive and Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News both have stories on Kim English today, and both are filled with the types of quotes we’ve all come to love from English. This one from Goodwill’s story was the best:

“I’m elated,” English said of Singler’s starting role. “We work out together. I’m thrilled to see him take this opportunity and run with it and have a great rookie year.”

Kyle Singler is starting for the Pistons mainly because Rodney Stuckey crashed and burned as the team’s starting shooting guard and the Pistons needed a perimeter shooter in their starting lineup desperately. English is 50 percent of his 3-point attempts on the season. He’s a natural shooting guard who has had good moments in the preseason and in the handful of regular season games he got to play in. Last most of us saw of Singler, when he was in college at Duke, dude was a power forward. English could’ve very easily been jealous or felt like, since he’s actually a shooting guard and all and also happened to play decently in spot minutes, maybe he should’ve got that first opportunity at a starting spot and big minutes. Instead, he’s ‘ecstatic’ for his teammate’s newly found position and solid production.

Seriously Lawrence Frank, find some minutes for English. (Hint: It shouldn’t be hard. Most of your guards have played awful this season.)


  • Dec 7, 20123:59 pm
    by labatts


    It is interesting to see Stuckey’s play improve as the leader of the second unit.  Honestly, I am not sure what to make of him anymore.

  • Dec 7, 20124:04 pm
    by Piston87


    Most of your guards have played awful this season”

    For all the talk about Frank, Drummond, Singler THIS is the issue with this team.  Our best guard is a Small Forward playing out of position!  Even if you believe Knight should be the starting PG because we need to develop him and find out if he’s out future starting PG, you’ve got to admit that he’s a below average starting PG right now.  I’m OK with Stuckey as the backup PG (please God let Will Bynum remain on the bench the rest of the season, nice guy horrible NBA player).  We need a real starting SG and capable backup.  I really feel that English should be getting a few minutes here to see if he can be the backup next year.

    We should be looking to trade some of our SF for a serviceable 2 guard (much easier then trying to trade of big men), or planning on making a run on someone this offseason.  Although I have no idea if there are any SG worth making a run at this off-season.   

  • Dec 7, 20124:51 pm
    by Jon


    Here’s what the pistons should do.
    give up on the playoffs this season. start tanking now
    trade prince for a late first rounder to a contender
    move singler to sf, english to sg, and let knight play out the season at the point. also give middleton some time so we know if he’s good
    if knight shows something by the end of year, leave him there.
    if not, slide him to shooting guard where he seems to be more suited since his best looking shots are spot ups and it doesn’t seem like any of his drives result in passes.
    throw a ton of money at kyle lowry in free agency.
    through tanking we should get a top 5 pick where we should draft a sf. shabazz (if we’re lucky),poythress or porter.
    This gives us a fringe all star point guard to pair with two future all stars in drummond and monroe, an athletic/skilled sf, and a sg who can shoot the three well and get to the hoop. get rid of cv and this gives us our best shot at top 4 in the east for the next 4 years if we can keep all our players.
    Of course all this is dependent on Frank being willing to tank which won’t happen bc he’ll be fired if he has another bad year, so dumars should either fire him now and tell the next guy to tank this season or guarantee frank his job next season as long as he tanks. 

  • Dec 7, 20126:31 pm
    by WW


    I think Singler is more a Sf and English should get some minutes at Sg.
    The problem is Tayshaun has played well this season.

  • Dec 7, 201210:10 pm
    by DasMark


    English needs to play and become a representative of this team. He would almost get a pass on bad production due to his likable demeanor and kander. 


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