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Will Bynum: Small role (always), big numbers (at least lately)

Will Bynum, to put it lightly, has had a good week.

He scored 31 points against the Hawks on Wednesday, and then he had 25 points and 10 assists against the Hawks on Friday. In isolation, those feats – multiple 25-point games and a 25-point, 10-assist game – aren’t all that remarkable. Plenty of players have reached those marks this season.

But most of them are stars – or at least starters. Bynum is, deservedly, a fringe rotation player.

By either measure – multiple 25-point games or a single 25-point, 10-assist game – Bynum is the least-used player to reach that level.

To me, that makes his last two games even more special. Bynum, when he’s clicking, is a joy to watch.

Please don’t mistake this as a case for Bynum to play more. When he’s struggling, he’s brutal. But it’s worth appreciating how he can, seemingly out of nowhere, play like one of the league’s top players.


  • Dec 30, 20122:03 pm
    by Ryank


    Lets just hope he never sees another minute of playing time as a piston.  The human black hole has swallowed up too many possessions to ever deserve playing time at this level.  Don’t give him the ball because you will never see it again.

    • Dec 30, 20122:51 pm
      by PG


      But then again we could have lost the heat game and had a blow out loss in Atlanta. I don’t mind him ballhogging when our starters/bench are struggling. I think his role atm is a scorer off the bench ala Vinnie Johnson. 

  • Dec 30, 20122:36 pm
    by omar


    He is a ballhog but he has the best playmaking skills on the team

  • Dec 30, 20122:58 pm
    by 19880607


    Any team would be lucky to have a 10th man that explosive. He does the same exasperating/mesmerizing things Iverson could still be doing in the NBA if Iverson had half the discipline and class Will Bynum has. I like him as a third point guard. It’s fun wondering if he is going to go for 30 in the last six minutes of the game but comforting knowing that we aren’t depending on it.

  • Dec 30, 20123:07 pm
    by Mrshourite


    Lately we have had to depend on it and both games again the Hawks and the Heat it was welcomed. Those were the most exiting and enjoyable games all season, in my opinion. I’d rather have Will “ball hogging” while taking high percentage shots than our starting PG dribbling it off his foot or giving away the ball like its a hot potato. 

    • Dec 30, 20125:23 pm
      by rick


      Thanks for your insight as most on here mistake people praising him as a way of annointing him. The guy shows even with all his deficiencies how a team is supposed to look when ran by a competent point guard. Yeah he may be a ball hog but when you play a sparse as him, could you really blame him?

      Never understood the hate for a guy who is undersized and has to make the most out of what he has. He is no different than Earl Biykins with the exception of speed and hops. Folks on here act like the Pistons have a go to guy who is consistent enough where you could really complain about him being a ball hog. I am sure Frank told him in both instances to take your shot and hit the open man when appicable.

      If the team had a legitimate point on their team alot of players deficiencies would be masked and guys could slide into their traditional roles.  As it is we have Knight playing point and people think by some strang measure he will turn into Billups because “Hey Billups struggled early on” and I just dont see the cerebral play in his game anytime soon. Maybe he will get it maybe he wont but a veteran point guard would have really helped his maturation process. 

  • Dec 30, 20123:08 pm
    by Mrshourite


    Pardon the typos. Meant to say against and exciting. 

  • Dec 30, 20128:07 pm
    by duke


    great comment, Will has always given his all regardless of the situation.

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