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Video: Rasheed Wallace gets ejected; is the league cracking down on his signature phrase?

Former Piston Rasheed Wallace was ejected in less than two minutes in yesterday’s game between the Knicks and Phoenix Suns. After picking up his first technical, his second T-inducing crime was shouting the familiar ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ after a missed free throw. ‘Sheed also picked up a technical for shouting that during the Knicks-Pistons game earlier this season. As all Pistons fans know, ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ never used to be worth of a technical in the eyes of officials. Perhaps with the return of ‘Sheed a certain non-Sheed fan who happens to be commissioner sent a memo to officials?

First Popovich, now ‘Sheed. It has been a good week for Stern sticking it to his enemies. If ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’ is indeed dead, that might be Stern’s worst atrocity as commissioner.


  • Dec 3, 20128:53 am
    by Rodman4Life


    What’s worse than the petulant child?  The petulant parent!  If they think Rasheed’s antics are bad, letting them get under their skin makes the officials and the league look pretty petty.  The only words that hurt are the ones that you let hurt you.  Grow up Stern!

  • Dec 3, 20129:08 am
    by Scott Free


    Stern’s biggest contribution as commissioner was to take the personality out of the game.

  • Dec 3, 20129:30 am


    Someone from the Pistons were shouting it out for awhile at Pistons games (unless it was a fan) an no techs … Definitely personal against Rasheed

  • Dec 3, 201210:53 am
    by Crispus


    Good job Stern, you’ve almost scrubbed emotion completely out of the game!

  • Dec 3, 201210:56 am
    by 19880607


    I love ‘Sheed but I have always hated that catch phrase. I used to play with a friend who would shout ‘BALL DON’T LIE’ nearly every time we played and it drove me nuts. For a moment I thought it might be useful to see if anyone kept advanced stats as to how many times the ball does in fact lie but if techs and fines won’t stop him, stats certainly won’t. 

  • Dec 3, 201212:02 pm
    by revken


    I think the Spurs fine is a separate issue.  If I’m a fan and buy a ticket to see them play the Heat, I expect to see Duncan, etc. play.  Reducing minutes is understandable, but sending guys home early is not, IMHO.

    Giving Sheed a second tech for saying BDL is stupid and petty.  While his rep is probably part of the issue, they should at least make him “earn” a technical by doing something clearly offensive.

    • Dec 3, 20122:23 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      I wonder if Stern would have fined the Spurs even if they won the game?  Even with all their best players not there, they still gave them a run for their money.

  • Dec 3, 201212:21 pm
    by sebastian


    Techs and fines levied towards ‘Sheed for shouting, “Ball Don’t Lie” should be rescinded, immediately.

  • Dec 3, 20122:04 pm
    by Tiko


    I love Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

  • Dec 3, 20122:56 pm
    by Mone


    I hear you brotha.. You can’t even celebrate after a dunk or shot… These aren’t robots, these are guys who are very passionate about the game.

  • Dec 3, 20123:06 pm
    by Ryank


    Sheed was T-ed up several times in his pre-retirement days for saying that.  I side with the officials when it comes to Sheed…he should get thrown out of just about every game.  There are rules…if someone doesn’t want to follow them, they have the option of not playing in the NBA.

  • Dec 3, 20123:42 pm
    by Scott Free


    Personally I miss the fights, the swaggering, and the taunts.  It really separated classy guys like Dumars from the rest of the league.

  • Dec 3, 20127:11 pm
    by ryan


    I disagree very strongly with the Spurs fine because I value competition ahead of entertainment and the Spurs are extremely competitive.

    I also disagree with what they’re doing to Rasheed Wallace.

    I strongly dislike David Stern because everything he does is so personal and petty. I really hope something forces him out of his job sooner than his announced retirement date.

  • Dec 3, 20129:55 pm
    by Todd


    I LOVE “Ball don’t lie”! I coach another sport and even in that sport, BDL has caught on. Sometimes you have to be able to express your emotions without doing or saying something that ultimately would be worse. It is one thing to go out seeking to embarrass the officials, it is another thing to disagree with emotion, in my opinion BDL has always been an intrinsic motivator to guys like Sheed – simply put if they really did something wrong the other team would have scored off it.

  • Mar 17, 20136:19 pm
    by test2


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