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Video: Andre Drummond, point guard?

Andre Drummond has been nothing if not versatile this season. He’s already shown off his stretch four skills and last night, he broke out his point guard abilities. Not really sure what that celebratory dance was afterwards, but the pass was certainly nice.


  • Dec 4, 20122:01 pm
    by sebastian


    Dre Drummond to Charlie V., a lethal UConn connection.

  • Dec 4, 20122:05 pm
    by Crispus


    There was a ton of this stuff in those HS mixtapes someone was posting on here. Drummond has a feel for the ball that most other bigs don’t. I hope someday soon he earns enough goodwill from his coach to do this more often. If Greg Monroe can shamble down the court and awkwardly lead the fastbreak, why can’t Andre the Giant?

    • Dec 4, 20122:15 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      i might have been me,because I was just ready to say..if you watch him in High School… he loves that quick no look shovel pass

      • Dec 4, 20126:16 pm
        by Mark


        yeah, his passing skills are legit. I might even dare to say he could end being a better passer than Monroe one day. Or at least just as good. Its going to be fun watching them play hi-lo together.

  • Dec 4, 20122:35 pm
    by Westen


    I hate when these are described as “no look” passes. The no look came after the pass. Nice feed eitherway though. He usually has at least one youtube worthy clip a night.

    • Dec 4, 20125:20 pm
      by T Casey


      Yeah, “look away” is probably more like it.

  • Dec 4, 20123:14 pm


    Lol its a streetball thing, all for show

  • Dec 4, 20123:48 pm
    by MIKEYDE248


    Unfortunately for CV, that was his only points.  The old CV is back.

  • Dec 4, 20124:02 pm


    Austin Daye Turn

  • Dec 4, 20124:10 pm
    by vic


    He’s going to be really nice when he’s let loose on the offensive end.

  • Dec 4, 20124:18 pm
    by frankie d


    that pass was rodmanesque.
    just like with rodman, people are surprised that he is as smart as he is on the court.
    me makes a move like that every game.
    it simply mystifies me why any coach would hesitate in putting two bigs like monroe and drummond, with their superior court vision, on the court at the same time. 

  • Dec 4, 20124:21 pm
    by gmehl


    “Not really sure what that celebratory dance was afterwards”

    Cause if you can feed CV for a dunk you can do anything! 

  • Dec 4, 20124:33 pm
    by bvpiston


    Haha, that dance was hilarious. I love it! He’s just a kid having fun, enjoying himself out there. If he keeps doing that, he’ll be alright. I see it as a very positive thing. If he keeps having fun, his performances will be better and better. You can notice when a player is just out there with no drive, I saw it in Austin last season, unfortunately.

  • Dec 4, 20126:17 pm
    by Mark


    I think he was doing his best Magic Johnson impression. Keep doing it big fella!

  • Dec 4, 20128:41 pm
    by Mel


    Drummond is the man, as his confidence goes the better he’s going to play. I love the little dance at the end. Like the other commenter said he’s 19 and having fun. When was the last time the Pistons looked like they were having fun. I was one of the guys posting high school videos of Drummond during the summer because I felt there was nothing to worry about his game at the NBA level. You can see back then in those videos he was smart and had great coordination for a big man. Some were saying how can you compare high school with NBA, but now we see how. Dude is gifted and only 19, can’t wait till when he’s comfortable with his game. That’s when his jumper will improve. Right now he’s trying to do what Franks wants so he can at least stay on the floor. English and Middleton are good players as well just need playing time.

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