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Tom Ziller: Rodney Stuckey ‘must be traded for the good of the NBA’

Tom Ziller of SBNation wrote about the “seven players who must be traded for the good of the NBA,” and Rodney Stuckey made the list:

OK, Detroit, enough with the hot-and-cold, yes-and-no flirtation with Rodney Stuckey as a critical piece of the team. You like him or you don’t. You had let him become a restricted free agent, making us think you didn’t like him. Then you signed him to a ridiculously appropriate deal, making us think you did like him. Now you have him coming off of the bench behind Kyle Singler. KYLE SINGLER. As a result (and only a result, dammit), Stuckey is shooting 38 percent.

Enough! Stuckey has always been considered the next Billups — so much so that you, Detroit, drafted Stuckey and traded Billups himself to make room in the rotation. We need to see Stuckey reach those heights. Or alternately, we need to see Stuckey and Tyreke Evans abandon the NBA and begin a one-on-one league. Dear Basketball Gods, you must smile on that possibility, no? Does that idea please you?

I know Ziller is being somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I’m obliged to point out:

  • Stuckey’s field-goal percentage as a starter: 28
  • Stuckey’s field-goal percentage as a reserve: 42

As far as Ziller’s larger point that the Pistons should trade Stuckey to set him free? Yeah, I don’t care anymore whether Detroit keeps Stuckey. Stuckey is a fine reserve and OK starter, and though he’s a nice piece to have, he’s no longer integral to the Pistons. But I’m not convinced he’d be integral to another team, either.


  • Dec 21, 201211:54 am
    by Jordan Smith


    Here’s the problem: Nobody wants Stuckey. Unless a team is willing to trade a 2nd round draft pick and a strawberry poptart, Stuckey will be a Piston until his contract runs out. 

    • Dec 21, 201212:00 pm
      by MrHappyMushroom


      Disagree. Stuckey’s good. And I can see lots of folks thinking that in the right situation with the right coach and right teammates, he could be really good. And they may be right.
      At the end of the day, Stuckey’s been very worth the 14th draft pick he was.  Okay, he’s not Kobe at 13, but he’s also not Austin Daye at 14.  He’s not a star and won’t be.  But if the team had kept Billups and JoeD had gone on his heroin-addict-dissociative-identity-disorder-suffering spell a few years back, we’d probably be really happy to have him as a solid part of a good team.
      (Full disclosure–no evidence exists that Joe was a heroin addict or mentally ill from 2008-2009. But that sure what explain a lot…)

    • Dec 21, 20126:25 pm
      by tarsier


      I would not trade Stuckey for a 2nd round pick unless there is no contract being taken back or it is expiring and there is a plan for the cap space (in other words, it would have to be this season because next offseason should be the last time for a while that Detroit is under the cap unless Dumars whiffs and doesn’t use it or gives up Monroe).

      Stuckey is not an amazing player. But he is a solid rotation player. He would be one of the best 8 players on almost any team in the league. In other words, there is well under a 5% chance that a second round pick would yield a better player.

    • Dec 22, 20121:53 am
      by MrCarter


      Why not try and swap him to Toronto for Jose Calderons expiring contract? Stuckey, regardless of what anyone wants to think, IS better than Calderon. Bigger, quicker, more athletic, better scorer, and a little better on defense too. I’m just sayin that it’s possible I don’t see why we at least couldnt try it. After JoeD made that BG/Magg trade last summer, it’s apparent that clearing cap room for this summer is a priority for him.

  • Dec 21, 201212:37 pm
    by Vic


    Stuckey is absolutly perfect for the role he has now: backup pg.

    Square peg – Meet square hole.

    Im totally satisfied with that because it’s about time the Pistons stopped trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

    Now they need to draft Tony Mitchell or (this years Andre Drummond, will probably be undervalued because of system/team issues) or Otto Porter to push Singler to backup SF.

    Or draft Ben MClemore or Shabazz Muhammad and make English the backup SG.

    • Dec 21, 201212:43 pm
      by Vic


      Or CJMcCollum as a 2nd combo guard that hopefully can handle the ball better.

      • Dec 21, 20123:39 pm
        by Vic


        I like Trey but they seem sold out to Knight as pg, and he definitely won’t hide any of Knights weaknesses on defense. 
        I was all about MCW a little while ago, but his shooting numbers aren’t even close to Rondo or Kidd in their college career. I wouldn’t be mad but I doubt Joe D will draft him 

        Shabazz is a one-trick pony but if his defense picks up like his offense has, that’s a good pony, because at least you know where your going

        • Dec 21, 20125:38 pm
          by Lake Side Live


          I still would like MCW like you said his shooting numbers aren’t on par with Rondo or Kidd, but they are on par with Deron Williams, Greivis Vasquez, and Raymond Felton.

          If his assists and steals (3.4 pg) hold up against Big East competion I’d be all about drafting him and Nate Wolters, let stuckey’s contract run through the end and by the end of 2014 have a backcourt rotation of Williams, Knight and Wolters plus a SG to be named later hopefully a big one got in FA this offseason, when we have 20 million to play with or next with about 16 million if we let contracts run there course. 

          • Dec 21, 201210:44 pm
            by Vic

            Hmm I hadn’t thought about comparing him to Deron Williams, I’ll look into that, maybe I might jump back on his bandwagon. 
            Who knows maybe working on his 3 pointer instead of shoplifting will help him up his shooting percentages when he gets to the leauge 

      • Dec 21, 20123:39 pm
        by Reaction


        I would love to see McCollum run point lol. I think that might give Knight a  run for his money

  • Dec 21, 20121:28 pm
    by George


    Shabazz seems like a one trick pony (scoring), but he looks to be good at it.

    If we can’t get a Shabazz, we really have to look at Michael Carter-Williams or Burke, since I could see one or both making their way into the lottery as the college season progresses. 

    • Dec 22, 20121:54 am
      by MrCarter


      What about Ben McLemore? That might be a good option too for our SG spot.

  • Dec 21, 20122:17 pm


    It would never happen but if we could trade Stuckey to the Thunder or Perry Jones … Then our future would be so bright!

    • Dec 21, 20126:26 pm
      by tarsier


      This would be an acceptable return for a player of Stuckey’s value. 2nd round pick, not so much.

  • Dec 21, 20122:22 pm
    by Scott Free


    I’ve been thinking and I’m going to be a contrarian: I don’t want to trade Tayshaun Prince, I just want to see him with limited minutes (rested by Singler).  He’s been playing much better, he’s as steady a hand as this squad has, and I think if we got rid of him at this point, it would be a little like the Lakers losing Derek Fisher for cap space.  Plus we’d NEVER be able to grift a return investment for Tayshaun.

    • Dec 21, 20126:28 pm
      by tarsier


      The difference being that the Lakers were a contender. The only reason to keep Prince would be if you believed that he has enough left to be a solid contributor by the time the Pistons return to contention (whenever that might be). Even if that would be true, trading Prince may be the best plan. But if it is not the case, he should definitely be sent off for any, even minimal, value in return.

  • Dec 21, 20122:28 pm
    by Crispus


    Enough about next year’s draft already! Let’s focus on this season!

    • Dec 21, 20122:54 pm
      by Vic


      I tried that, and they wont do anyrhing that makes sense, so that’s why I’m  focus on the draft

    • Dec 21, 20126:29 pm
      by tarsier


      This season is already lost for anything more than a hope that players might develop and be better for next year.

    • Dec 22, 20122:07 am
      by MrCarter


      Sorry man, this seasons done already! Time to look to this years draft and this summer and hope that our cap room brings in a quality addition(unlike the LAST time we had lots of cap room, when we took a certain two scrubs from UConn)

  • Dec 29, 20125:41 pm
    by tim


    how abut you trade Stuckey and Prince to Houston for our expiring contracts (Cook, Aldrich, Patterson and Douglas) + a second round pick 

       Rodney Stuckey:

    Very big PG who can guard PGs, SGs and SFs. Can get to the paint with ease cause of his strong build and height. Scoring 10 pts a game with 4 assist coming off the bench. Has 88 assist to 28 turnovers so he take care of the ball. Would look good in a three man guard set with Lin, Stuckey and Harden all in the game at the ssame time.

    Tayshaun Prince:

    A talented all-around player.Good coordination and shooting skills.Long arms… Looks good handling the ball… Extremely athletic… Can drive to the basket… Excellent defender… Great durability… Never misses a game.

    Since Detroit is a bottom feeder of the NBA why not take some good players from them so they can likely rebuild.

    So this trade would work:


    Cook (Expiring)
    Aldrich (Expiring)
    Patterson (Tradeable piece)
    Douglas (Expiring)

    = $9,701,062


    Tayshaun Prince

    Rodney Stuckey

    = $15,264,045

    So with the 9.7 million going out with the 7 million in cap space this trade can happen and it will make this team even better than the players that are going out would.

    Why Detroit would do this trade?? Simple, they get to move players who are shadowing the young players like Daye, Jerebko and Knight progression even though Joe Dumars is not smart as a GM

    Why Houston would do this trade??? To sure up our bench so we can make a push towards the playoff this year and what are we actually giving up 9 million in Expiring contracts!!!

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