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Talking Nets-Pistons with The Brooklyn Game

Justin DeFeo of Brooklyn Nets site The Brooklyn Game asked me a few questions prior to tonight’s Pistons-Nets game, including my impressions of a certain former Nets coach:

The biggest complaint about Frank has been his rotation. For a rebuilding team, he’s still pretty heavily reliant on veterans (even limited ones on expiring contracts who may not be here next season like Jason Maxiell and Corey Maggette). Drummond has played consistent minutes, but nowhere near the minutes he should be receiving considering his best attributes — rebounding and protecting the rim — are two of Detroit’s deficiencies. And the one drastic change Frank did make, subbing Kyle Singler into the starting lineup for Rodney Stuckey, which added needed perimeter shooting to the first unit and let Stuckey begin to thrive as a playmaking combo guard leading the second unit, wasn’t even Frank’s idea. Stuckey actually had to beg his way out of the starting lineup, as weird as that sounds. The biggest issue with Frank’s rotation is simply his unwillingness to play Drummond and Greg Monroe together. They rarely see the court at the same time, and when Frank is asked about why he doesn’t play them, he gives evasive, vague answers.

I wouldn’t say that Frank’s tenure has been a disaster. After all, he’s following up awful coaching tenures by Michael Curry and John Kuester, so the bar for him has been pretty low. But for a coach who preaches defense, for a franchise that desperately needs its young players to develop rapidly, Frank has underwhelmed in both those areas. The defense, though (very) slightly better this season, is still bad and the team is not playing its young players enough.


  • Dec 14, 20122:03 pm
    by Big Rick


    Patrick, let me say that agree with you 100% about Coach Frank. I posted before that his after game interviews are eerily reminiscent to that of former Lion’s Coach Rod Marinelli. LOL Given the sample size you can drive yourself crazy wondering what the agenda is with this team. They send quite a few conflicting messages….., “trying to develop talent and win games, playing the lineup that gives us the best opportunity to win, playing players off of merit, not playing players off of merit”, preaching defense but inserting Charlie V into the lineup to create more offense. Like I said, quite a few inconsistencies. The most frustrating thing about all of the talk, is that we’re not WINNING!!! So why not play the young guys, why play Tayshaun the most minutes on the team? Why not play Drummond & Monroe together? Why not start the transition now of letting Moose (I hate that nickname) play PF with Dummond the Bull at center? Use this season as a learning curve and get the bumps out of the way early on so at least they can start to build some chemistry this season moving forward.

  • Dec 14, 20122:15 pm
    by Big Rick


    Oh yeah, nice call on Golden State. I’ve always rooted for them to do well since the days of Run TMC, and the C-Webb days. It’s nice to see them rolling, especially given that our in state product Draymond Green is getting playing time and recognition. I wish we would have snagged him in the draft. They’re looking like a playoff team already, although it’s early this YOUNG team wins on the road which is important. Their young guys get PT and contribute while learning from their mistakes, and they have a good coach who played the game at the most cerebral position as a long time PG in the league. They shipped out a potential star for another potential star who has yet to really contribute this season and they are still playing winning basketball! It took awhile for the Warriors to get back on track so they have some very nice assets and a competitive team. So as of now, they are further along in the rebuilding process than we are and they’re sitting pretty nicely also. Any doubt on that statement, just check the attendance records. Barring catastrophic injuries to you know who I expect them to make the playoffs this year. 

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