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Pistons waste Greg Monroe’s career game in loss to Raptors

Detroit Pistons 91 Final
Recap | Box Score
97 Toronto Raptors
Jason Maxiell, PF 21 MIN | 2-6 FG | 2-4 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | -7

Maxiell didn’t shoot efficiently from the field or the free-throw line, and otherwise, he didn’t stand out positive or negatively.

Tayshaun Prince, SF 33 MIN | 3-6 FG | 3-4 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 9 PTS | -2

Prince was pretty efficient, but he didn’t impact the game much. His defense on DeMar DeRozan was shaky early, though it picked up late.

Kyle Singler, SF 31 MIN | 3-9 FG | 2-2 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 9 PTS | -16

Singler fouled out, and though the final one was a late intentional foul, his lack of foot speed is really starting to be exposed on the perimeter.

Greg Monroe, C 35 MIN | 14-22 FG | 7-8 FT | 10 REB | 2 AST | 35 PTS | +5

Monroe – whose 35 points were a career high – did everything he could to help the Pistons win, but all his teammates either scored fewer than 10 points or had at least three turnovers. Monroe’s play has been up and down this season, but this is the type of performance many were hoping he could deliver at least on occasion this year.

Brandon Knight, PG 36 MIN | 1-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 6 AST | 2 PTS | +3

Knight didn’t hesitate to look for his shot early in possessions, but he just didn’t make many of them. His playmaking (six assists and two turnovers) was fine. His ability to stay in front of Jose Calderon was not. Calderon frequently beat Knight off the dribble to create passing lanes for his 17 assists.

Charlie Villanueva, PF 20 MIN | 4-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 8 PTS | -2

Villanueva was cold on his 3-pointers, but he scored well inside. He rebounded and defended as well, or maybe a little better, than usual. He wasn’t the problem tonight.

Austin Daye, PF 15 MIN | 1-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 3 PTS | -4

Daye’s shooting line was hurt by forcing one with the shot-clock expiring, but it’s still not good. His defense, considering my expectations for him, was alright. But I certainly wouldn’t trade for him.

Andre Drummond, C 20 MIN | 2-3 FG | 2-7 FT | 8 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | -4

Drummond mixed scintillating savvy, youthful mistakes and, of course, elite athleticism. At one point, he sneakily stole an inbound pass after a Detroit basket and immediately made a layup. At another point, Drummond grabbed a defensive rebound, but as he looked to pass upcourt, he allowed Alan Anderson to steal the ball from his hands. Though plays like those balanced out tonight, Drummond’s athleticism made him a net positive. Too bad he didn’t play more.

Rodney Stuckey, PG 29 MIN | 5-12 FG | 2-5 FT | 1 REB | 4 AST | 13 PTS | -3

Stuckey’s 13 points and four rebounds, a game after he sat out with back spasms, were welcome. But he was a bit out of control tonight with three turnovers, including a crucial botched entry pass to Monroe late.

Lawrence Frank, head coach

It’s not his fault that only Prince can reliably throw an entry pass to Monroe, but there were other problems that can be pinned on Frank. I didn’t like that Villanueva and Daye played 13 minutes together, and the Pistons were outscored by seven points in that span. I didn’t like that Monroe and Drummond played just seven minutes together, and the Pistons outscored Toronto by three in that span.


Jose Calderon masterfully ran the Raptors’ offense with 17 assists and just two turnovers. Now, he’s the only NBA player with three 17-assist games this season.

That was… overshadowing.

Monroe was the game’s best player, and Calderon was important to the Raptors’ success, but DeMar DeRozan and Alan Anderson played very well. After shooting 2-of-9 in his first game against Detroit this season, he scored 23 points on 10-of-19 shooting tonight. Anderson scored 12 fourth-quarter points, including back-to-back 3-pointers that gave Toronto some breathing room.


  • Dec 19, 20129:50 pm
    by Brigs


    still cant beleive franks stubbornness on drummonds minutes, how do you take him out instead of Charlie v. Charlie wasn’t scorin and playin his normal horrible defense while Andre was really active on both ends of the floor. Up until now I supported frank but watching Andre consistintly outplay every big man not named Monroe and still not get more minutes it’s become pretty obvious that its not about bringing him along slowly it’s about frank showing too much respect to veterans 

    • Dec 20, 20122:33 am
      by Otis


      The stated reason was that Villanueva spread the floor, giving Monroe more room to operate. It’s a legitimate point. Obviously Monroe had a huge night. I want to see more of Monroe and Drummond together, but obviously the team is worried about pairing them together very much or it would be happening by now.

      • Dec 20, 20122:51 pm
        by rick


        Thank you for detailing that small but astute obseravtion. It is what I have been trying to tell anyone who would listen about his role on this team. He has stated that he is willing to come off bench in reserve role but moving forward if Detroit does not add a stretch four then they will be who they are. I get why Frank doesnt use Drummond and Monroe together as they clog the lane and make it tough for team to operate. I bet he is not even the one who made that decision. The main problem though is the team/coach has no direction or anything to put their hat on. Why does everyone seem to want to go young and then when the results dont come to fruiation everyone is mad, but dont realize a team is more than just young guys playing minutes? I want some infusion of talent but not at the cost of constant losing. We could be losing just as much with a young lineup as we are today with the one we have. The bottom line is we need a point guard that can run an offense and slide guys over to their natural spots. That is when I will judge each member of this team moving forward.

        Now this has nothing to do per sa with what is being talked about but I hate the way people dog Tayshaun. How do you go from being a cerabral, heady,defensive minded player whom everyone adored to malcontent in everyone’e eyes? Is it because he is the lasting memeber of a great era. If so how do we pin this all on him. We knew who he was when he was inserted into the lineup, not an allstar but a good role player on a contending team. His voice should be heard on a team of players who have not won anything.   

  • Dec 19, 20129:54 pm


    GREG did not need to sit soo long in the 4th….

    I dont like what Knight did tonight….he needs to score…forget all the TRUE PG mess…Calderon can not defend him, and Knight wasnt aggressive ….im a huge supporting of aggressive scoring PG BK..Not take what the defense give him BK….

    Drummond now has has clearly out played Maxiel so, now Charlie gets that addition 10 minutes….

    Pistons all of Sudden want to play Austin to boost his trade value…mentally thats not how to build team chemistry….also, how is that “the Process, how is that Merit“? So as easy as Dumars can tell Frank to play Austin to boost his trade Value is the same way he could tell Frank to Start or play Drummond 30+ mins a game…

    This is just ridiculous!!!!! 

    I’ve never seen soo much talent misused…. Singler clearly needs to go back to bench, and he could either be used as a SF or SG … the guy does not have the legs to chase SG around screens for 30+ minutes

    Drummond does not get any lob passes where he can use his athleticism….(think about all the BIG men even similar to Drummond, how many lob passes do they get per-game?)

    We dont play our best two Big men together…

    We dont push the ball to create easy scores…

    We play a SOFT! Zone Defense that a PG like Calderon can pick apart….

    HORRIBLE!….I can accept losing to The Clippers..but not the Raptors 

    • Dec 19, 201210:27 pm
      by Anthony


      I’ll even raise you one higher and say that I can deal with the pistons losing IF we had significant gain from it. Therefore, myself and many other fans wouldn’t mind as much if the Pistons actually played guys like Jonas, Middleton, Drummond (more), Kim English and Kravtsov. 

      The Pistons are obviously losing with Tayshaun getting his glorious 30+ minutes and J max getting his 25+ minutes and Charlie getting his 15+ minutes… Yea that makes sense Lawrence Frank… Lose with the veterans when we have players on the bench that could be with this team for years to come… Atleast if we lose while playing the young guys they will improve…  

      • Dec 19, 201210:34 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        i agree….completely

        Been saying it since day one…

        this team has no directions.. 

  • Dec 19, 201210:01 pm
    by gmehl


    Hey looking on the bright side if the season was to end today we just gained a couple a hundred ping pong balls.

  • Dec 19, 201210:06 pm


    54 mores games to go!

    • Dec 19, 201210:34 pm
      by Anthony


      54 more losses to go… hopefully.

      The one thing that I want for Lawrence Frank to do is play the young guys!!! If I was coach my lineup would be:

      PG- BK7, 30+ mpg

      SG- Stuckey, 30+ mpg

      SF- Singler, 30+ mpg

      PF- Greg Monroe, 35+ mpg

      C- Drummond, 30+ mpg    

      6th man- Tayshaun (just to keep the man happy), 25+ mpg  

      7th man- Kim English, 20+ mpg

      8th man- Jonas Jerebko, 20 + mpg

      9th man- Khris Middleton, 15+ mpg

      10th Man- Kravtsov, 10+ mpg

      then everyone else will just fall into place.

      Yes with a lineup like this our record would be worse but imagine these young players getting better and end up having a top 3 pick come draft time… Then the Pistons may be on the track to winning… Sigh… Too bad we have Joe D and Frank running the show…                          

      • Dec 19, 201210:47 pm
        by I HATE FRANK


        never gonna happen

  • Dec 19, 201210:11 pm
    by dtmfr


    Knight and Daye, you are the one.
    Only you beneath the moon and under the sun.
    Whether near to me or far, makes no matter darlings where you are,
    I think of you, Knight and Daye.

    Knight and Daye, why is it so?
    That this longing for you follows wherever I go.
    From the roaring traffic boom,
    To the silence of my lonely room,
    I think of you, Knight and Daye.

    Cole Porter didn’t like their combined 2 for 16 tonight.


    • Dec 19, 201210:30 pm
      by bob


      shouldn’t it be day and night?

      the lonely stoner seems to …

      • Dec 19, 201210:32 pm
        by dtmfr


        Well I can’t go against the way Cole Porter wrote it.

  • Dec 19, 201210:18 pm
    by Patrick


    So frustrating to watch…I’ve watched every game this year and this team just finds a way to lose….Besides a few bright spots in Singler and Drummond.  We need more pieces to compete

    • Dec 19, 201210:22 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      we are missing a coach!

      thats the biggest! 

  • Dec 19, 201210:26 pm
    by Clint in Flint


    I saw a very scary thing in the first part of the 2nd period, Daye was explaining to Andre how to play basketball.

  • Dec 19, 201210:35 pm
    by dtmfr


    Another lowlight….ANDRE DRUMMOND from the free throw line. Drummond is gonna cost this team a ton of games in the future with his pathetic shooting.

    • Dec 19, 201210:45 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      he has a nice touch and form tho,,, all of them look good

      • Dec 19, 201210:50 pm
        by dtmfr


        once a bad free throw shooter, always a bad free throw shooter.

        I’d give up Drummond’s rebounding for a higher offensive skill level center.

        Hopefully Dumars deals Drummond for a lottery pick next June that can land Shabazz.  Then takes our regular pick and drafts Len or Zeller. 

        • Dec 19, 201211:41 pm
          by Jon


          that would not help our team at all. drummond has more potential than any player in this years draft. we need elite defense from the center position more than we need average offense which is what either of those players would bring. the way we’re tanking right now will give us shabazz without a trade

          • Dec 20, 201212:43 am
            by dtmfr

            I think we are already seeing just about the best that Drummond will ever be able to give…and it’s not good enough.  If you can’t shoot, you can’t shoot.  That’s never gonna change for Drummond. I feel Len and Zeller’s all-around game will be more effective in the NBA than Drummond’s. I hope Dumars realizes that and looks to trade Drummond on draft night next June.

            I’m not sure where Shabazz will be taken.  He has next to no steals, assists, and blocks so far this year.  He is knocking some 3′s down.  His stock may be dipping a bit.

            If we draft 6th or 7th one of Len or Zeller should be available.  If other GM’s buy the hype on Drummond, Dumars shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing Drummond in order to get a pick high enough to land Shabazz.  

          • Dec 20, 20121:44 am
            by Jon

            how can you think that the one of the youngest players in the nba has shown all he has to offer in under half a season? shooting is absolutely one of the things that can be taught and honestly if the rest of his mental game progresses to the league average his athleticism will make it so that the only necessary shot for him to have is a free throw which is almost there now. his free throws look good coming out of his hand. he is light years ahead of dwight in that department, who looks like a robot trying to shoot a free throw and he’s been pretty successful to this point.

            as far as where we would draft, we are already fourth worst in the league and trending downward. frank/dumars are clearly playing for the future with the lineups that are being played currently. they are rotating through the bench early in the season to try to boost trade value for all our useless peices and by the end of the season will be using the playing time to see what we have in our rookies. neither of those rotations will make for a lot of wins this season so i can only see us moving up to fifth worst in the league at highest, which could be in range of shabazz since he is only playing offense so far in college.

            but even if we don’t move low enough to draft shabazz, i would rather have drummond than shabazz if it was between the two 

    • Dec 19, 201210:48 pm
      by Jon


      it’ll get better in a couple years. his stroke doesn’t look that bad

  • Dec 19, 201210:50 pm
    by Fennis


    One point of clarification.

    Frank is not choosing between player development and competing now. The young players give the Pistons the best chance of competing now! 

    The only reason Drummond and other youngsters aren’t playing is because Frank believes that the players who do not make *technical* mistakes should play over the players who do. That is what Franks means by “building the foundation.” That is Frank’s metric for “merit.” He wants guys who can flawlessly execute the system, regardless of whether they can objectively score/defend/rebound better than their counterparts. 

    Let’s pull back the layers on some of these euphemisms (i.e., “merit,” “build the foudation,” etc.) to discover the method to Frank’s madness. His principles aren’t irrational — they just aren’t working. 

    It’s clear to all sensible observers that the younger players are better than the older players. The young players give the Pistons the best chance to win now and to win in the future. Forget about technical mistakes with scheme, rotations, etc. Build the foundation by allowing the young guys to make mistakes and teach them along the way. You give yourself the best shot at winning now *and* you simultaneously develop your talent for the future.  

    • Dec 20, 20123:44 am
      by Vic


      Excellent point. All his decisions have to do with his system, not winning decisions. The winning decisions are to play your best players in the right situations

  • Dec 19, 201211:10 pm
    by Dave


    I’m fully supportive of whoever is on the fire Frank bandwagon. Cannnot believe the lineup of Stuckey, Singler, Daye, Charlie V, and Drummond played nearly half of the fourth quarter and allowed the raptors to seal the victory. 

    • Dec 20, 201212:11 am
      by jerrific


      agreed. How is it that Singler, Daye, and Charlie V can see the floor together, but Monroe and Drummond can’t because “the offense suffers”? Frank realizes it takes solid efforts on both ends of the floor, right? I thought he was supposed to be a defensive minded coach?

      • Dec 20, 20121:09 am
        by gmehl


        Its called tanking…nothing short nothing less… just plain old tanking!

  • Dec 19, 201211:11 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Singler continues to get exposed and mess up my teams image, smh…

  • Dec 19, 201211:13 pm
    by Riz


    Frank sucks and his crap coach is hurting the teams development the only positive is he’s going to make us suck enough for a top 5draft pick shabazz or Marcus smart please

  • Dec 20, 201212:09 am
    by jerrific


    I honestly don’t get the Tayshaun hate. Outside of Monroe he’s been our best consistent player this season. Even if he doesn’t mean anything to are team going forward he’s at least increasing his trade value, and it’s not like we have any extremely promising options who deserve playing time at his position (ala Drummond.) However, it is infuriating to see Drummond put up better numbers than Maxiell on a nightly basis and still get less minutes. That alone proves that Frank’s “merit based” talk is simply coach speak designed to please the fans. Whatever his reasoning, at this point it’s clear Frank is far too stubborn to admit that Drummond is simply a more productive player, no matter how he get’s there. 

    • Dec 20, 20121:47 am
      by Jon


      playing drummond with monroe would ruin our current draft position which is what it appears we’re playing for. i imagine we won’t see them together much until later in the season

  • Dec 20, 201212:45 am
    by dtmfr


    Trade Drummond and draft a center with offensive skills. Len or Zeller please.

    • Dec 20, 20121:55 am
      by Trysdor


      If you were in charge of the Pistons, I would pick a different sport to watch, and probably a different planet to live on. 

    • Dec 20, 201210:55 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      Drummond has not even had a chance to display his offensive skills…You can give a guy one play in the post every other game and determine how effective he is our isnt…

      Now he could suck in practice…but Maxiell this month is shooting under 36%! from the field!

      how worse can Drummond be?

  • Dec 20, 20123:55 am
    by Vic


    This season is all about the draft. I was a Michal Carter Williams supporter but upon further research he doesn’t even shoot well enough to be a Jason Kidd or Rajon Rondo, let alone a shooting guard. He’d be a backup pg at best right now.

    So my number 1 pick is Otto Porter. He’s a small forward, but he’s better defensively than Singler and offensively than Jerebko.
    Next is Ben Mclemore. Elite athletics and a shooter at Sg.
    Next is CJ Mcollum. We’d have a backcourt that could rival the Warriors in shooting- but no defense.

    Im off the Shabazz wagon until he does more than score. 

  • [...] Pistons waste Greg Monroe’s career game in loss to Raptors | PistonPowered Monroe was the game’s best player, and Calderon was important to the Raptors’ success, but DeMar DeRozan and Alan Anderson played very well. After shooting 2-of-9 in his first game against Detroit this season, he scored 23 points on 10-of-19 shooting tonight. Anderson scored 12 fourth-quarter points, including back-to-back 3-pointers that gave Toronto some breathing room. [...]

  • Dec 20, 20127:30 am
    by Eric


    Pistons will cintinue to be a mediocre team in many years to come. That’s the sad truth. Raptors have a much brighter future. You Pistons fans enjoy our garbage in Charlie V. LOL!

  • Dec 20, 20128:24 am


    “Knight didn’t hesitate to look for his shot early in possessions, but he just didn’t make many of them.”

    1. Knight hestiated ALL game…. Its like he re-verted back to the player he was in early November, trying to manage the game, rather than just play aggressive all game. In the last 10 game he has been averaging 16-18 shots per-game, and four 3 point attempts… 

    “His ability to stay in front of Jose Calderon was not. Calderon frequently beat Knight off the dribble to create passing lanes for his 17 assists.”

    2. ????? i dont remember alot of that…But that Zone Defense, was picked apart…The Pick and roll remains a problem….

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55sgENLtkL0 - Calderon 17 ast

    Notice the SOFT ZONE, No pressure on the ball at the point of attack…Thats not Knight thats by Design! that Coaching… Calderon has the ability to take his time and set the Defense, No pressure on the ball allows the Raptors to get into their offensive set….Knight cant take the fall for playing the way the Coach tell him to play…

    Its a “I Hope They Miss Defense” …

    Knight did deserve a D- , but I just dont agree your reasons why

    • Dec 20, 20128:42 am
      by Vic


      That is their defense right- don’t gamble too aggressively, just keep position and hope they midd

      • Dec 20, 201210:40 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        That video totally exposes how bad our defense truely is!!!!

        i’ve matched it twice times, and it makes me cringe, because that what happens to us every game.

        Calderon was under no pressure, he walked the ball up court….Even in the half court defense..we are playing soo far off the ball we arent in position to get steals or force mistakes.

        Its NOT THE PLAYERS! Its the system, guys are out of position playing a sloopy soft zone defense. We had Austin and Charlie on the floor together twice as long as Greg and Dre….

        How can dumars support this? ….

    • Dec 20, 20124:44 pm
      by T Casey


      I agree on Knight being hesitant. What seems to be the issue to me, is we’re running him off the ball so much the past few games that it limits what he can do as he’s not a good wing player. The moment he crosses into the frontcourt we almost immediately have him dish off to Tey or Stuckey and then he’s relegated to the corner three until like the last 10 seconds of the play when he flares back out to the top of the key. As a result he’s been shooting too many long shots and his confidence offensively seems to have taken a bit of a hit. Just my two cents, but I’d like to see him at the top of the key more. Although, he’s gonna have to become a bit better at distributing before the team has more confidence in him being the primary option.

  • Dec 20, 20129:14 am
    by danny


    second worst team in the league pathetic

  • Dec 20, 20129:28 am
    by Day and Knight


    I’m about ready to call the “Singler Movement” a failure. Not that he’s horrible or anything but Stuckey would be better or better yet, IS better than Kyle right now. Only problem is Stuckey is doing a good job coming off the bench and giving our team a spark. We need to draft a SG with our likely 1st pick (Idc what anyone has to say, I know this team will definitely finish with the worst record) so Singler can play at SF

    • Dec 20, 20129:57 am
      by Mack


      The way I look at Singler is he needs to embrace a Jon Barry role. Obvilously Jon Barry was a better shooter, but Singler should come off the bench with a strictly shooting role, JJ Redick if you will. They do need a true starting SG. I like Stuckey off the bench.

      • Dec 20, 201210:10 am
        by Corey


        Singler is going to be (maybe already is) a competent rotation player – at small forward.  But we’d rather play him at SG than try out the SG we drafted (English) at SG.

        Keeping Stuckey in his current role – backup PG, and sometimes SG, is better than having him start at SG.  And it has the added bonus of keeping Bynum off the floor.

        I agree that we badly need a SG.  If we’re at the top of the draft, I don’t know how likely it will be that a top SG will be available. But, if there isn’t, it may be a good time to deal the draft pick. A top five pick (top 3 is likely, the way we’ve been going) could net a really good player – and the pistons will have tons of cap space to absorb that player salary-wise – and maybe another draft pick as well.

      • Dec 20, 201210:22 am
        by Crispus


        JJ Redick has become a good passer though. Look at his assists this year. I wish he was on our team.

        • Dec 20, 201210:31 am
          by Mack


          Yes, Orlando’s BACK UP SG (Reddick) is averaging the same amount of assist (4.9/game) as Detroit’s starting PG, Knight. I would be ok with Reddick in a Pistons uniform if we could get him at a low cost, of course.

    • Dec 20, 201210:46 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      Singler is being ran off of screens and picks all game…. In college the guy played SF/PF … SF being his most natural position.

      and it was nice for a moment to play him at SG…but its clear endurance is becoming a issue for him..so too see this happen game after game and not make any adjustments…

      It just doesn’t make since…. Prince and Singler should be Splitting time …. Singler as a Starting SF makes more sense because of the defensively assignments….

      This team is a mess….

  • Dec 20, 201210:03 am
    by Mack


    How poor of a record do the Pistons have to have until Joe D. considers parting ways with Frank?

    This is an honest question. I understand the team is young, but at what point should progress be made? Detroit has about the same record as last year up to this point, but better players, however they seem to only be getting worse.

  • Dec 20, 201210:31 am
    by normal 2


    Pistons’ John Kuester takes Jason Maxiell out of rotation after starting rookie Greg Monroe. (2010)

    Come on Frank..you can do it too..hehe (2013)

    • Dec 20, 201210:48 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      only season Kuester was fired was because of Rip and Tayshaun.

      Younger players loved Kuester…. BECAUSE THEY GOT A CHANCE TO PLAY!

  • Dec 20, 201210:52 am
    by jamesjones_det


    It’s called, learn to play Defense.  That include Greg who just camps the basket for a rebound most of the time instead of trying to get a hand up.
    For a supposed “Defensive minded” coach Frank’s defensive schemes blow.  I’ve seen high school teams that do a better job of trapping out of the zone then this team does.

    • Dec 20, 201211:13 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      The I’ve NEVER COACHED!

      But the Trapping Defense is horrible….we run about the perimeter trapping and chase who ever touches the ball… FOR WHAT?

      You trap for only 2 reasons

      One: To Force Turnovers
      Two: Get the ball out of a certain players hand…We will trap a cold shooter…and leave open thier best scorer/shooter

  • Dec 20, 201211:06 am
    by Mark


    Man, thats a depressing stat. 

    When CV/Daye play twice as many min together than Monroe/Drummond, there’s a major problem. WTF 

    Its funny how they can rationalize not playing BullMoose together, using excuses likes how they don’t matchup defensively to other teams PF’s etc, etc. Yet they have ZERO hesitation about how CV/Daye work together defensively. WTF

    I mean, ppl have been calling for BullMoose all year, and it seems like it takes them months of pondering just to decide to give them 5 min together. Yet, at the spur of the moment can just give CV/Daye 13 min together without even thinking twice.


  • Dec 20, 201211:23 am
    by dtmfr


    Drummond has to go.  Building your team around bigs with no offensive skills is like having a running quarterback to lead your football team…it never works. We are 7-21 with Drummond getting 18.5 minutes per so we know playing him is not helping the Pistons win games.

    The more minutes Drummond gets the more his per 36 minutes numbers have been dwindling. Sell high on him and get Len or Zeller in June.

    • Dec 20, 201211:41 am
      by Vic


      You must be a Bulls fan or something, you can’t be serious.

      • Dec 20, 201212:44 pm
        by Mark


        Either that or he’s mentally retarded

      • Dec 20, 201212:57 pm
        by Mark


        Also, he must not be familiar with Bill Russell, who the Celtics built the greatest dynasty ever around, resulting in 8 straight championships.

        He must’ve never heard of Ben Wallace either.

        Most odd though is that he thinks Drummond has no offensive skill, when he giives you moves like this.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Prz5JVSN63s

    • Dec 20, 20122:36 pm
      by Mark


      Saying his PER 36 numbers are dwindling with more min too is false.

      He’s gotten 22 mpg his last 4, and avg 8 pts, 8 rebs, and 3 blks

      PER 36 thats 13 pts, 13 rebs, and 5 blks/gm.  

    • Dec 20, 20123:36 pm
      by Ozzie-Moto


      Ridiculous thought. He is 19. Big men taker longer to develop offensive skills .  He could be as good as Tyson Chandler is now in a few years with a lot of similar skills.  He been a very important part of winning teams. A guy with his and TC skills feeds of a point guard that can break the defense down and ACTUALLY  throw a pass / alley-oop, which he gets none of from this team.  I only get to watch the pistons on away games and i can tell you that the opposing teams analysts are very impressed with his transition already. (more than the detroit ones)….   

  • Dec 20, 201211:38 am
    by Vic


    So the difference between the Pistons and Lions is that in football, turnovers are more random, whereas in basketball, it’s more a systemic problem with the players.

    No wonder we just lost to a PG that controlled the game w/ 17 assists.

    • Dec 20, 20125:51 pm
      by Big Rick


      Agree totally, just happens that same PG that torched our supposed PG of the future for 17 assists is at the top of my wish list.

      • Dec 21, 20128:21 am
        by I HATE FRANK


        he did torch Knight…

        People kill me…. they get caught up in numbers rather than know what happened

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