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Pistons’ locker room reportedly has ‘obvious internal divisions’

David Mayo of MLive:

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank has a locker room with some obvious internal divisions. Will Bynum and Jonas Jerebko have slipped out of the rotation. Austin Daye and three rookies, two of whom are in the NBA Developmental League right now, never were in it. They are the disaffected.

I don’t mind players being unhappy with smaller roles. Just making the NBA takes so much effort, only extremely competitive people have a chance. Within the league, of course, there are players who are more or less competitive than others. In the context of real life, though, everyone in the NBA is competitive.

However, players upset with their minutes can handle it in productive ways. So far, I’ve seen no indication Will Bynum, Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye, Viacheslav Kravtsov, Kim English and Khris Middleton have strayed from doing that. Until they do, I don’t really consider this a problem.


  • Dec 17, 20121:15 pm
    by frankie d


    notice anything about that list?
    except for bynum, all of the players noted are young guys dying for a chance to contribute on a regular basis.
    and while those young guys, on a supposedly rebuilding team, are dying to get on the court, old-timers, almost all of whom will not be part of any future contending team – tay, maxiell, maggette, CV – are firmly entrenched in the rotation, with little indication that their positions will change, no matter how they play.
    pure, unadulterated insanity.

  • Dec 17, 20121:27 pm
    by 19880607


    I thought this was an example of Mayo trying to create news rather than reporting it. Until he actually quotes players saying “Frank sucks” or something to that affect, I will doubt that there is a serious divide.

    • Dec 17, 20126:29 pm
      by MNM


      Bingo. This is a non issue.

  • Dec 17, 20121:29 pm
    by hoog


    Agreed and anyone expecting Dumars to trade those guys at the deadline need to look at his history.  He hangs on to the older guys.  These young guys need to play and he’s wasting a year of their development.  Joe needs to do whats right for this team and play the young guys and get some extra practice balls from he vets by trading them for some.  Tay is the only one that might bring something back but with Joe’s insane contract with him I doubt anyone will take him. 

  • Dec 17, 20121:32 pm
    by Derek


    Bynum, JJ, and Daye bummed their way out of the rotation. 

    Middleton probably had lingering knee issues coming into the season.  I’m fine with him getting an extended rest until he can prove that he’s completely healthy.  The fact that he got injured in his second D league game makes me feel like he still needs to build strength in his legs.  I could be wrong.  Incidentally Middleton looked really smooth creating his own shot and dishing passes in his first game.  He seems to be really creative off the dribble.  He looks like he could get pushed around (need more strength).

    English is playing well in his D league stint (so is Middleton).  I believe he can contribute in a role player capactiy, just not sure that will happen this season. 

    • Dec 17, 20122:10 pm
      by frankie d


      “Bynum, JJ, and Daye bummed their way out of the rotation.”
      if those guys “bummed” their way out of the line up, WTF do you call what maggette is doing?
      and why is he playing?
      he has a PER of 8.1, the worst shooting percentages of anyone in the rotation and the worst offensive and defensive rating of anyone in the rotation.  all coming from a guy who is on the last year of a contract.
      maggette is following in the sorry tradition the pistons have maintained recently: playing sorry, over the hill vets, while their young players cool their heels on the bench.
      maggette has played every game since he came back from injury and he has been the worst player on the court, most nights.
      the fact that he sucks up 14 minutes a night while a guy like JJ sits and watches should be enough to get frank fired, by itself.
      it is just ridiculous, and i’ve yet to see anyone explain in a rational way, why this clown is set as a rotation player.
      the only  possible explanation is that he is being showcased for a trade, but i will believe that when i see it.  such a move would be totally contrary to everything joe d has done over the last 6 or 7 years.

      • Dec 17, 20122:20 pm
        by MIKEYDE248


        Maggette will not get traded, unless we get something really good for him, since he is an expiring contract.  Why he is being played though, I have no idea.

        Frank keeps saying that he is playing the players that give him the best chance to win.  If that is the case, shouldn’t we being seeing some wins.  We could be playing all the young guys and still be getting the same results.

  • Dec 17, 20122:02 pm


    Maggette, Charlie, Tay, Maxiell ….. All Playing game changing minutes …and we still only have 7 wins out of 25 games …

    That say a lot …

  • Dec 17, 20122:49 pm


    Only person we can potential be showcasing is Charlie … The truth is Maxiell is only starting because of Franks pride and its the same pride that has maggette getting minutes, and Prince will not allow anyone to cut into his minutes because of his pride…

    The vets and the younger guys have no chemistry…

    The only player that looks decent with any line up is stuckey…

  • Dec 17, 20123:05 pm
    by jake


    the only player who probably deserves a shot at the rotation at this point is english. i’d swap corey’s minutes out for kim who will player better defense and give us another shooter to spread the floor. everyone else either played themselves out of a spot, or just don’t deserve one to begin with.

  • Dec 17, 20123:23 pm
    by ShawnJ


    I would rather see the young guys but these moves are justifiable.  All of the vets have a body of work.  They are known for something.  The youth have not developed their game.  If the young guys can’t force Frank to play them by outplaying these old stiffs then what does that tell you regarding their games?!!  They are not ready (or Frank is obstinate)…

    I would rather that they earn playing time by outplaying the vets rather than have playing time given to them. 

    • Dec 17, 20123:51 pm
      by frankie d


      If the young guys can’t force Frank to play them by outplaying these old stiffs then what does that tell you regarding their games?!!  They are not ready (or Frank is obstinate)…
      I would rather that they earn playing time by outplaying the vets rather than have playing time given to them.

      i thought frank apologists had abandoned this tired old trope, especially in the face of drummond’s situation.
      this evidence this year easily proves the falsity of this tired cliche.
      if only it was true. 

    • Dec 17, 20126:35 pm
      by Zekekhaseli


      This is gonna be a long year pistons fans

  • Dec 18, 20122:02 pm
    by Pepe Silvia


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