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Pistons’ defensive problems can be attributed to youth, Corey Maggette

The Pistons have been spotty defensively this season, and though they’ve improved on that end, they still rank 22nd in defensive rating. In the chaos of Detroit trying to stop other teams, it can be difficult to tell exactly that’s happening. Thankfully, someone smarter than me examined the Pistons and came away with two major takeaways about their defense. Michael Pina of Shaky Ankles:

  • Their defense is frantic, especially when they go to a zone (which happens a relatively decent amount). They scramble constantly, chasing a basketball traveling through the air like a cat trying to murder a set of floating car keys.
  • Too many times they have two players close out on one shooter, leaving one of said shooter’s teammates wide open on the perimeter. Some of this can be attributed to youth, and some of it can be attributed to having Corey Maggette on the court 15 minutes per game.

I highly recommend clicking through to see the video and screenshots Pina pulled to support his conclusions.


  • Dec 8, 20125:07 pm
    by Mark


    yes, I’ve also often wondered why it seems our guards are instructed to double team EVERY big man in the post. I mean, Varejao is a great player, but he’s no Shaq. He doesn’t command a double team in the post. Yet I bet you’ll see our guards do it at least once tonight, leaving a 3 pt shooter open and paying for it.

    Why, oh why is Frank telling our guards to double team avg offensive offensive big men all the time?

    I just don’t get it. I think its another one of those system things. He probably saw Doc Rivers do it once BOS and thinks thats how you play good defense, so regardless of who it is with the ball, we’ll just do it every play and stay with the “system”. He’s clueless

  • Dec 8, 20125:15 pm
    by tim


    article is spot on.  they are frantic and scrambling on D on most possessions.  Pretty clearly a poor system rather than just poor execution.  Where is Bill Laimbeer when you need him?

  • Dec 8, 20127:17 pm


    Dan… I have been saying this since the first game off the season….

    Thank you for writing about it, because I knew i wasnt crazy…

    Its a defense that says…. I HOPE THE MISS JUMPERS…
    None of our perimeter players even averages close to a steal…because they put no pressure on the ball…

    His defense dont force any turnovers….But it drains our players defensively by switching and chasing the ball all game long….

    Man to Man … would be the best fit…. and trusting Drummond, Maxiell, Monroe and eventually Slava to protect…

    Its a terrible defense! right now


  • Dec 8, 20127:19 pm



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