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Pistons are 0-17 when trailing entering fourth quarter

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

If it tracks with the NBA calendar, the Pistons will host Washington on Friday night looking to snap not only a six-game losing streak but a season-long stigma of being unfailingly doomed to defeat when they trail after three quarters.

The Pistons are 0-17 in such circumstances

This is a great stat by Langlois, and I wanted to give it a little more context:

  • The Pistons have the league’s worst record when trailing entering the fourth quarter – followed by the Hornets (0-15) and Wizards (1-18).
  • NBA teams have a 61-302 (.202) record in such games this season.
  • Obviously, a team’s deficit entering the fourth quarter matters a great deal, and the Pistons are near the median.


  • Dec 21, 20126:41 pm
    by tarsier


    Wow, San Antonio wins half the games in which they enter the 4th quarter trailing, even though that is by almost 10 points on average. Memphis would be even more impressive except they have a sample size of 3 to SA’a 10 (but then, I guess consistently leading after 3 is also a good thing).

  • Dec 21, 20127:06 pm
    by frankie d


    geez…i guess SA’s success might have something to do with the quality of their coach?  and detroit’s lack of success might have something to do with the quality of their coach?

  • Dec 22, 201212:54 am
    by rick


    Let everyone else tell it, Detroit is devoid of talent. I beg to differ and would offer to say that if the coach utilized all his players then maybe they would win more. We don’t have a proven star so why not throw waves at teams and make them work? I like the fact that they won but will temper my excitement because it was Washington w/o John Wall. If they ran teams with their entire lineup then I think they would be a much better team and other teams would not know what to expect.As it Frank is just plain stupid and will continue to do what he does, lose.

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