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Pelicans, regional name suggestions and mysterious sewer clouds

The New Orleans Hornets  decision to reportedly change their team name to ‘Pelicans’ has caused quite the wave of reactions. So capitalizing on that, Amos Barshad of ESPN’s Grantland decided to rename several teams with nicknames better connected to their local surroundings. Here was his Detroit suggestion:

 The Detroit Inexplicable Giant Plumes of Sewer Steams

Hey, considering how mean national media sometimes are to the city of Detroit, that’s not too bad. And I honestly don’t know why all of the sewers in Detroit steam either. Perhaps someone in the comments can enlighten the ignorant slugs like me out there?


  • Dec 7, 20128:44 am
    by Matt


    The simple explanation is that there is a steam system that is used to heat many of the buildings in Detroit.

    For a more detailed explanation, you can go to the following article:


  • Dec 7, 20129:46 am
    by Scott Free


    David Stern is enough of a micromanager to pull this off — here me out.

    The Jazz should trade their name back to New Orleans.  Toronto should send theirs to the Jazz.  Charlotte should trade their name to Toronto and the Hornets should go back to Charlotte.  Then almost everyones names would make sense (what the hells a knickerbocker anyways?)

    1. New Orleans Jazz
    2. Utah Raptors (look it up)
    3. Toronto Bobcats
    4. Charlotte Hornets 

    • Dec 8, 20123:33 pm
      by oats


      Knickerbockers are short pants that go below the knee. Think old school baggy baseball pants. You know, the ones from when Ruth was playing. Or old golf pants. You could do an image search on Bobby Jones if you need help picturing them. They go slightly below the knee. The first organized baseball team was the New York Knickerbockers, named for their pants, but the Knickerbockers were an athletic club that would play various sports. Knickerbocker is also a Dutch last name, and Washington Irving wrote a book, The History of New York, which featured the fictional author Diedrich Knickerbocker. The pants actually got their name from the idea that aristocratic Dutch in New York wore them after they went out of style in favor of trousers. The point is, Knickerbocker as a name, the short pants, and athletic clubs have all been associated with New York for a very long time before the New York Knicks chose their name.

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