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Pacers seize control of game in second half

  • It’s somewhat perplexing to see that Pistons only gave up six fast break points considering how awful the transition defense was. Detroit players failed to pick up players when sprinting back down court and didn’t seem all that interested in communicating which player should pick up the open guy at the 3-point line getting ready to catch the ball.
  • Indiana scored 46 points in the paint on the night on the strength of their cutting, screening, driving and dishing, coupled with David West’s spectacular second half.
  • With Hibbert out of the game in the second half, the Pistons started their offense with their big men at the elbows with the perimeter players running hand offs to get into the lane where the Pacers didn’t have any shot blockers. The strategy was successful but Detroit then progressively went away from it.
  • Greg Monroe was a monster on the interior in the second half, and yet he only had nine field goal attempts. With Indiana clearly at his mercy on defense, the spotlight went away from the Georgetown product.
  • The Pistons played a game in double overtime last night and it showed. There was a stretch in the third quarter in which the Pacers looked like the home team by virtue of their energy level and effort, whereas Detroit players looked tired, played with their hands and were a step slow defensively on close outs.


Indiana Pacers 88 Final
Recap | Box Score
77 Detroit Pistons
Jason Maxiell, PF 25 MIN | 0-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 0 PTS | -14

Maxiell did a good job of setting screens, making himself available to ball and rotating on defense to contest shots, but his jumper betrayed him tonight and Indiana’s aggressive paint defense just allowed him to float around the perimeter without much worry, and quite frankly, he rewarded coach Vogel’s strategy.

Tayshaun Prince, SF 32 MIN | 2-7 FG | 0-1 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -19

Prince was solid defensively, especially when matched up against Paul George; he shadowed him around the court and cut off his angles as well as his shot attempts. On offense though, Tay was just a train wreck. His jumper wasn’t falling, his post ups took too much time and he was indecisive when defended by a bigger player after a switch.

Kyle Singler, SF 30 MIN | 3-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 7 PTS | -10

Singler stretched out the Pacers’ defense a little with some timely perimeter shooting, but the Pacers routinely had his man (Hill or George) cut to the basket and he was more often than not a step behind, which resulted in easy scores in the paint.

Greg Monroe, C 33 MIN | 8-15 FG | 2-3 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 18 PTS | -15

The Georgetown product was tentative early but eventually asserted himself despite looking as though he was headed for one of his worst nights ever as a pro given that Hibbert kept successfully challenging his shots. With the Pacers’ starting center sidelined with an injury in the second half, Monroe went to work and seemed much more comfortable in the paint against Indiana’s smaller frontline players.

Brandon Knight, PG 33 MIN | 6-17 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 3 AST | 14 PTS | -15

Knight was aggressive from the outset as he put the ball on the floor to blow by his defender and also set up his jumper. He was also quite active off the ball, which meant that the Pacers had to account for him at all times.

Charlie Villanueva, PF 9 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -1

Villanueva was inserted into the contest to stretch a tight Pistons defense, and thus he went into the game ready to put the ball up. However, other than a nice drive stemming from a pick-and-roll, the UCONN product had little to show for his efforts tonight.

Corey Maggette, SF 16 MIN | 1-7 FG | 4-5 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 6 PTS | +8

The former Dookie was late on a few close outs and his jump shot was completely absent on the night, but Maggette still helped create some offense by posting smaller players and forcing the Pacers to send a double at him. No matter though, he will always get to the line.

Andre Drummond, C 29 MIN | 5-7 FG | 1-2 FT | 9 REB | 1 AST | 11 PTS | +8

Drummond has a tendency to stay a little too long when helping in the pick-and-roll but otherwise his defense tonight was solid. The swats will get most of the attention, but he defended both Hibbert and West early in the contest and held his own admirably; but David West eventually got the best of him though in the fourth quarter.

Rodney Stuckey, PG 32 MIN | 6-14 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 7 AST | 15 PTS | +3

Stuckey came into the game looking to feast and he did just that. He was assertive early and his eyes lit up when he noticed Ben Hansbrough was defending him. He naturally posted him up and also attacked him off the bounce, forcing Indiana to allocate more defenders in his general vicinity and he made them pay by dishing off to open teammates.


  • Dec 16, 20122:27 am
    by Mrshourite


    Season is a prep, pretty boring game. 

  • Dec 16, 20122:29 am
    by Mrshourite


    Meant to say, “season is a wrap”, lol. 

  • Dec 16, 20122:30 am
    by Mark


    C+ for Drummond? 

    idk how you criticize him for David West at the end. Drummond had played 12 min straight, perhaps the best 12 min stretch of any Piston this year, consecutively dominating on both ends, and he was completely exhausted by the 12th min. Then Frank took him out for like 1 min and put him right back in on West. Its not fair to judge him for those final 5 min as he was completely drained and the game was all but over. If you judge him on the first 24 min he gets an A from me, no doubt.

  • Dec 16, 20123:28 am
    by willy


    why are we persisting with losing with the old guys, i’d rather see us lose with the young guys and see what they have to offer, see if they are part of the future, but we seem to prefer to stick with a schedule as to when andre checks in, middleton and english can’t buy a minute, where’s jonas gone surely he’ll play with a bit of heart, bring bill laimbeer in, we need him

  • Dec 16, 20123:38 am
    by HorsePower


    NBA is so yesterday – the D-league is all the rage in 2012.

  • Dec 16, 20123:50 am
    by gmehl


    After watching today’s game and all the ones where we have built a double digit lead it is clear that we are lacking a clear ‘go to’ scorer. A guy that can hit the big shot when we need it or that can go on a huge scoring run. Now i know guys like that don’t grow on trees and are very hard to find. The guy i am talking about is the guy that no one else on his team has any doubt that he will deliver and is the clear cut number one option to get the ball. Watching this season so far Monroe isn’t that guy, Stuckey isn’t that guy and Knight isn’t that guy. The only way i can see us getting one is through the draft. No one is going to give us a guy like that and it is pointless over paying one to be that guy like we did Gordon so i guess we’ll all have to remain patient. The sooner we find him the sooner it will all come together.

    • Dec 16, 20124:54 am
      by Nick


      I agree with you bro. This team is missing a go to scorer. I don’t think we will find one in the 2013 draft.With all the cap space we would have I would like to make a run at OJ Mayo this offseason.If we can’t get him the 2014 draft will be loaded with all type of allstar talent. Thats the only draft I know for sure we can get an allstar with a lottery pick.

  • Dec 16, 20124:17 am
    by Trysdor


    Knight and his 33% volume shooting getting a better grade than Drummond and his stretch of absolute dominance boggles the mind.  Literally boggles it.  Like the board game.  It’s that absurd. 

  • Dec 16, 20125:08 am
    by Mikko


    Drummond deserves A- for this game. It was one of his best games and it`s not his fault that Frank left him in for too long before giving him a breather in the 4th.

  • Dec 16, 20125:30 am
    by piston moribund


    Is there anyone on this team besides Dre, Kim, and Scooter that anyone would pay money to see?  Why is Corey looking like he cant start for an IM team?  Does he really believe that he can score more from foul shooting?  Is he the guy in school who all the teachers like but you dont know why?  How is it that Jonas went from cult classic to lance blanks?  Is all the statins Joe D is taking slowly culling the fat from his brain?  Why do I still watch them play?  Is the team going to be moved to Tampa?  Who will take over for frank when he is fired?  What year are we on this seven year cycle?  Is it really only year three and we have four more bad years to go?  How much money are we going to overpay for Moose when his contract is up?  Is there any way we can trade Dre for a washed up has been who will work hard and show leadership skills?  Is losing by ten instead of twenty really a sign of progress?  When Joe D gets fired, who will replace him??????????????????

  • Dec 16, 20128:39 am
    by Tyrone


    I find it very revealing that JJ or Daye have not been able to take minutes from Maggette.  Not in multiple game stretches or back to back game nights.  

  • Dec 16, 20128:40 am
    by Travis


    Off topic – I like the new mobile page by PistonPowered. There are still a few bugs to work out; scrolling back to add a or edit a word that I may have left out is the worst bug. When I go back to edit the sentence, the comment box won’t allow me to type the new word or edit the word. I can delete words that I entered, but I can’t add new letters. The same goes for the last word I typed, which is annoying.
    The auto-correct is 90% better. Before, if I were to spell two words correctly, the auto-correct feature when on PP would change the two words into some incoherent words. I.E. ‘Lawerence Frank’ would be changed to ‘Ladder Truck’. WTF?
    FYI – I had to complete this posting via the notes app b/c the comment box was having issues with editing as I mentioned. I’m using a iPhone 4s if that matters.

    • Dec 17, 20124:25 pm
      by Graham Simmington


      Thanks for the feeback, Travis. The new mobile feature is a plugin we’re trying out, and we’re still in the testing phase. It looks to be pretty customizable, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly how much control we’ll have over the features. I’ll take a look at what options we have for leaving comments and see if we can make any improvements. Let us know if you see other ways we can make it better.


  • Dec 16, 20129:05 am


    Drummond could have played the entire 4th qrt…he only played 18 vs the Nets…..finished with 29 minutes last night unless the game went into OT…he would have played no more than 36 minutes…

    Greg should have came in with 8 minutes left in the game down two…They would have likely put Tyler Hansbrough on him, which is a match that favors GREG…

    But Instead…. At the 5 minute mark Monroe comes in for Drummond, and Maxiell stats in the game down 7….

    Maxiell was not effective at all…..

    Coach Thibodeau plays his players big mins every night sometimes its a mental thing and the confidence of your coach to perform, we dont last a high pace offense, we waste more energy chasing the basketball on defense.

    Drummond changed that game around… he should have a higher grade….

    Maxiell should get an F

    Knight was probably a C – (but he just missed some nice looks, and the ref did not reward him when he attack the basket) 

    Coaching overall D+ , but making the right decision down the stretch “F”, and even that defense HoRRIBLE!!!!…for the love of GOD just play man to man defense 

  • Dec 16, 20129:21 am
    by MitchEPooh


    You’ve got to question our bench coach. On a night when all the announcers could do was excuse the players effort on a back to back game, Frank uses a nine man rotation. Tay and Max were clearly too exhausted to play. Neither is part of our future. And yet Tay goes 37 min, 4 points 2 boards 1 assist. You can not win in the NBA with that little production from that many minutes from a posistion where points need to come from. I figure Frank could go one of two ways: Either win now for the sake of record, or prepare this team for the future. He is doing neither. Frank allowed West to dominate without trying anything. Hey Frank! Try something! Jerabko could have banged on West for 5 minutes at least. And for the love of God, stop playing Charlie V !

  • Dec 16, 20129:25 am



    “It could’ve helped us, just to see what they could give us, anybody,” said Pistons veteran Tayshaun Prince, who played 44 minutes against the Nets, and 31 Saturday. 

    From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121215/SPORTS0102/212150403#ixzz2FHe4O9lq

    “I work every day and I’m ready every second. That’s what I’m waiting for,” Jerebko said. “Where am I mentally? I’m ready to play. I’m working at my game every day and doing what I can, just getting better.”

    From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121215/SPORTS0102/212150403#ixzz2FHfoPCcU


  • Dec 16, 201210:24 am
    by hirobeats


    Hmmm.. Not sure i like the new mobile version. And here is a shocker, I actually think BK7 deserved a lower grade.

  • Dec 16, 201210:52 am
    by Corey


    Prince and Maxiel obviously were worn out. It is astounding that he still wouldn’t play other people (e.g. JJ, Kravtsov).

    • Dec 16, 201211:54 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      there were two plays late where Prince could not even get the ball up on the rim, Jonas would have finished much stronger than Prince. Its just bad coaching 

      Prince was 2-7 for 4 points… looked slow all night, so when you say …if you are going to play the fresher player …it would be in the first half.. that logic is flawed, you make the decision based on the performance of your players…

      Prince had nothing in the 2nd half and neither did Maxiell … you are down 7 with 5 minutes left…what do you have to lose?

      I just dont Trust him as a coach… I dont like what Kuester went through, almost felt like he wanted the youth movement but the Vets caused Hell, and he never got a favor shot, but Frank I just dont trust.  

  • Dec 16, 201211:07 am
    by Corey


     why is Popovich the only coach smart enough to rest a guy when he’s worn out and too tired to play effectively? Why are so many players too selfish to realize it’s better to sit occasionally than play when you’re exhausted to uselessness? 
    It’s sad as a fan when you realize “professional” basketball is dominated by egotistical children.

  • Dec 16, 201212:11 pm
    by tarsier


    The expectations for Drummond have clearly risen. His grading curve is looking steeper than other.

  • Dec 16, 201212:52 pm
    by Vic


    The Pistons don’t need another iso scorer…
    They need somebody that can stir the pot they already got cooking. 

    Its obviously not the coach, so they need somebody who can get the most out of their teammates and challenge incompetent decisions and override some of them. 

    Thats why Tay was asking for a vet pg… I just think we need a Michael Carter shoplifting Williams, Marcus Smart, Nate Wolters or Trey Burke. 

  • Dec 16, 20121:58 pm
    by Mone


    Fire this damn coach and be done with it. What the hell is Dumars  thinking???? Dude if you just set there and look stupid for the rest of the season without doing something.. Your gonna lose your job along with the horrible coach you hired..

    • Dec 16, 20122:19 pm
      by tarsier


      You think? In that case, I guess I better get on the “keep Frank for the rest of the season” side.

    • Dec 16, 20122:43 pm
      by tarsier


      A bad coach for this lost season is a small price to pay to get rid of the man with no plan.

  • Dec 16, 20123:10 pm
    by frankie d


    have to say that frank is actually performing worse than i expected.  after last year, i thought he would at least try to stay away from some of the same really harmful mistakes – playing old retreads like wilkins and maggette over young guys, eg – but i guess that type of response is so ingrained in his system, he can’t help it.
    i actually think he is doing a decent job with drummond in one respect.
    i think the method behind his madness with drummond is that he has been trying to keep him fairly fresh for the second half of the season.
    good move, actually, cause almost all rookies hit a wall sometime near the all-star break, simply because they are not accustomed to playing 82 games in a season.  i think he has been trying to avoid that possibility with drummond.  i’ve just been surprised that he hasn’t publicly acknowledged it, assuming that is one of his reasons for being pretty strict with drummond’s PT.
    and i’ve advocated drummond remaining on the bench so as to lessen the pressure on him.
    so i don’t have a problem with drummond coming off the bench and playing somewhere around 20 minutes per night.
    i do wish frank would show more flexibility and on those nights when drummond really has it going  and can obviously contribute, let him stay in and play 30 minutes.  so far he has mostly resisted that impulse and stayed fairly rigid.
    the mystery and the area where frank has shown no common sense is in his refusal to play monroe and drummond together consistently.
    imho, he has refused to do so out of loyalty to maxiell, who is obviously the player whose minutes would drastically decrease if monroe and drummond played together consistently.
    that loyalty is the sign of a very mediocre coach and thinker, however, as it should be clear to anyone that maxiell’s best performance would probably equal an average performance by drummond.  and there are just so many things that maxiell is simply physically limited in and cannot do.  that last second tip in by gerald wallace was the perfect example.  maxiell was there, in position, but wallace simply went over him and got the offensive rebound.
    my guess is that drummond’s far superior size would have simply prevented wallace from being able to physically reach the ball, if drummond had been in the game and in defensive position to get the rebound. 
    and i think he would help get monroe out of his recent funk because of his availability as a low post target and because he would cause teams to make tough decisions regarding which big would cover either monroe or drummond and one of those guys would probably have an extremely positive match up with a smaller defender.
    seems like frank is more interested in trying to “match up” rather than forcing the other team to deal with detroit’s superior size.
    again, another sign of a mediocre coach. 

  • Dec 16, 20123:48 pm
    by vic


    I said before the first game of the season that Monroe and Drummond together was Detroit’s only competitive advantage. They don’t have better iso scorers, passers, or shooters than anyone else. The two bigs are their only hope.
    Looks like they understand that and are tanking the season to keep their draft pick… so they can possibly pick up another advantage.

    • Dec 16, 20124:53 pm
      by frankie d


      wish i was that optimistic…that they had a strategic plan and were following it.
      i just think they are stuck in their patterns of conduct – dumars and frank – and what we see is the disaster unfolding.
      if however, you are correct, then i will applaud joe d’s genius plan. 

      • Dec 16, 20129:05 pm
        by Vic


        Right I’m just desperate to believe something good. They can’t be this dumb

    • Dec 16, 20125:50 pm
      by I HATE FRANK


      @ Vic I agree and Disagree….

      For us to be Factor this year….Monroe and Drummond are our only hope….Knight has been good but not enough to carry a team.

      But if we could, use an athletic wing…. so many play Tayshaun just cant make any more… 

  • Dec 16, 20126:34 pm
    by Mark


    Frank cannot coach.  We were going to take our lumps anyway this year, but Woodson was a better choice, but I think Frank is the owner’s choice. You get what you pay for…

    • Dec 16, 20127:07 pm
      by I HATE FRANK



  • Dec 16, 201211:06 pm
    by moe


    what happen to Jonas Jerebko?

  • Dec 17, 20127:58 am


    I hate that we are only 25 games in, and it feels like the season is already over….AGAIN!

    • Dec 17, 20124:46 pm
      by Mikko


      Exactly. There is no point watching Pistons games this season. Actually, if we didnt have Drummond, I propably wouldnt.

  • Dec 17, 20129:37 am
    by danny


    here we go again year after year i think we are getting better and im always wrong. 

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