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Lawrence Frank: Austin Daye has ‘become a professional player’

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Frank said Daye would continue to occupy a spot in the rotation until he gets a chance to settle in and he lauded his approach during the season’s first 26 games when he was on the outside looking in.

“He’s been an unbelievable professional this year,” Frank said. “Not being in the rotation, not getting an opportunity and every day being the same guy. I’ve seen really good growth from him and he’s become a professional player. He’s always had skills, but it’s the makeup. A lot of guys are for the team when it’s going well for them. It’s when it’s not going well for them or not getting a chance. Can you be for the team? That’s what a professional player does.”

David Mayo of MLive:

"I’m older," said Daye, 24. "When you’re a kid and things don’t go your way, you want them to go your way no matter what. As a man, you have to mature and you have to make things happen on your own."

If you’re so inclined, it’s pretty easy to read between the lines and get a rough idea of Austin Daye’s previous attitude. Instead, I’d rather credit Daye for doing the right things this year. This very well could be his last NBA season, and good for him doing what he can to ensure he gets another shot.


  • Dec 19, 20122:52 pm
    by Tom Y.


    He could be good in Europe, on the right team. I don’t see him ever being more than a small-minutes role player in the NBA.

  • Dec 19, 20123:29 pm
    by Crispus


    You look at him and want him to evolve into Rudy Gay or Kevin Durant so bad… and it just never happens. Still it’s good he get an audition instead of Corey Maggette’s expiring contract (For the last couple games Lawrence Frank has just been throwing the contract itself on the court and that’s why Maggette’s stats are so terrible).

  • Dec 19, 20125:21 pm
    by Mone


    I’m happy for Daye.. He is the best shooter on the team IMO… I really hope he evolves this season…

  • Dec 19, 201210:40 pm
    by Talan


    The below are possible Austin Daye Scenarios.

    Most likely:  Proves he is not NBA material given consistent minutes, out of the NBA after the season
    Could happen: minor part of a larger trade, resulting in him finishing the year with another team, still out of the NBA next season.
    Crazier things have happened: given training camp invite by Spurs, shows out in summer league again and replaces Matt Bonner in the rotation.  

    He’s got all of the tools, but he’ll probably be one of those guys who bounces back and forth from the d-league. Time for the Pistons to move on. 

  • Dec 20, 20129:30 am
    by apa8ren9


    And just like a kid that didnt listen to his parents until its too late, he is shit out of luck.  Dont let the door hit you in the ass. He cannot be moved quickly enough.  Ive only been saying this about Daye since his second season.  meanwhile he was planking and twittering and sulking and feeling entitled like a spoiled child.  He had flashes of success but never built upon it.  All of this despite having a journeyman NBA father that im sure told him how hard it is to stick in the league.  What a waste, good bye!
    /rant over.   after all of that he still gets another chance to salvage something.  He’ll be in the rotation for at least through Jan. 

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