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Khris Middleton cools down in third D-League game

Before we get started, let me say that my stream to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants-Canton Charge game cut out about four times, so I saw the Mad Ants’ 97-81 loss in chunks. From what I saw, here’s what I picked up on.

Khris Middleton played poorly. He shot 3-16 from the floor. 3-16. He also had six points and six rebounds while playing only 28 minutes. He had five assists, which was nice to see. At least he did something. Overall, though, it was a disappointing sight to see such a poor performance after two solid performances to begin with.

Kim English, on the other hand, played better. He was second on the team in points with 15 while playing 33 minutes, but the most impressive stat is that he was 7-12 from the floor, which is 58.3% field goal shooting. He also had six assists, proving that he scored points unselfishly and spread the ball around nicely. It was another promising performance, reaffirming my beliefs that English could find himself in the rotation at shooting guard for the Pistons in a short amount of time.

The Mad Ants next game is away on Friday against the Maine Red Claws at 7:00 p.m. The game will be streamed on the D-League’s YouTube channel.


  • Dec 18, 20129:42 pm
    by gmehl


    What would be nice to know is who Middleton was matched up against. NBA players in the D-league players obviously get more attention on defense likely seeing double and even triple teams at times so i this could be a factor in his poor shooting display.

  • Dec 18, 201210:27 pm
    by Talan



    The rest get spot minutes when necessary. English looked good in summer league, preseason, and D-league. Have you seen the dude on the bench? He’s so engaged and just looks like he loves basketball. I remember reading that he’s out of the rotation because of a defensive mistake in one of our first few games. That’s dumb. Now that he showed out in his D-League stint I hope he gets a chance to play. 

    • Dec 18, 201211:37 pm
      by NickB


      I wouldn’t be so fast to bench Singler. He’s done nothing wrong really. Maybe reduce his minutes a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with having him start over English. They’re both rookies you know.

  • Dec 19, 20125:24 am
    by Derek


    I personally believe Middleton is a year away from making it into the rotation.  Hopefully he benefits from spot minutes this season and explodes in the summer league, preseason, and next season.  All the scouts can’t be wrong about this kid.

    English can contribute now, but not at the expense of Singler.  Eventually I’d like to see Singler at the 3 cutting into Prince’s minutes and English occupying some time at the back-up 2. 

  • Dec 19, 20128:38 am
    by Vic


    Looking at his college numbers, I’m not too confident on Middleton anymore…. He’s a good outside shooter but the rest of his shots are too low percentage.

    Right now the Pistons have one SF and 5 backup SFs, Singler, Middleton, Jerebko, Daye, Maggette.

    Id be totally comfortable drafting Otto Porter and getting ridof everyone except Singler, Jerebko, and MidDleton – and playing Middleton at Backup sG to Kim English. 

  • Dec 19, 20129:11 am
    by Mark


    These guys need to be getting NBA minutes. This d-league is a waste of time, whether they have good games or bad games, nothings accomplished. 

    The way Singler has played recently, I don’t see why English couldn’t be doing the same thing for us in the starting lineup for a few weeks. At the least it would give Singler some rest.


  • Dec 19, 20129:15 am
    by Mark


    Think about what Singler does – makes open shots, plays defense, makes smart decisions/high IQ plays. Is English not capable of doing all those things?

    Frank needs to take more chances and trust his guys more. When you have the worst record in the league, what are you really risking at this point by giving some rookies a chance?

    If it doesn’t work and costs us a game, is that going to mess up our playoff seeding? LOL 

  • Dec 19, 201212:04 pm
    by joe


    @ this point Singler is a back up SF thats starting @ SG. If you look @ Singler play, he get burn alot by quicker guards. He do some good things on the offensive end but fact is he is playing out of position.

    Now English on the other hand, I thing can be a starting SG because of his defense, he can be used like Selfaloshi on the OKC.

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