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Khris Middleton and Kim English quiet down in second D-League contest

In a chance to build on their great D-League debuts, Kim English and Khris Middleton did not do as much.

Khris Middleton played only 20 minutes, scored eight points and had eight rebounds. Considering he only played 20 minutes, his stat line wasn’t too bad. For instance, if he played 36 minutes those 8 points would translate into about 14 points. Of course, we aren’t sure that’s what would happen but it’s just a better prediction of what he would do if he played enough.  Although I didn’t see Middleton play as much as I’d like to, he did a nice job drawing fouls when driving and showed some athleticism on a great alley-oop play from Russell Walker. Towards the end of the first half, Middleton went down with an apparent leg injury, which was probably the source of his play time being limited.

Kim English played almost 38 minutes and got 15 points while racking up eight assists. Unlike Middleton, English played about just as much as he did last night but had nine less points. He seemed to have less points, though, because he was looking to spread the ball around more. He had eight assists, which is a good thing to see. He also looked great driving to the basket, and there were multiple plays where English showed great strength at the hoop while making some really nice moves.

Again, both of these guys looked like they could make the switch back to the NBA and get some solid playing time despite how quiet they played.

The Mad Ants next game is at home on Tuesday against the Canton Charge at 7:00 p.m. The game will be streamed on the D-League’s YouTube channel.


  • Dec 15, 201211:51 pm


    what was their shooting percent? and how many turnover did they have?

    I really believe english comes back as part of the rotation 

  • Dec 15, 201211:51 pm
    by jacob


    It’s about time for the Pistons to have a fire sale, and get ready for next year. Trade some vets for picks or expiring contracts. Let these young guys play. Maybe even trade someone for a younger player who they don’t use. (Derrick Williams would be cheap)

  • Dec 15, 201211:56 pm


    we’d have to Give up Maxiell and or Daye for D.Williams, and they another multi-million, multi-year contract for that to happen….

    Not saying its not worth it…. 

    • Dec 17, 201212:34 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.  I’d gladly give up both of them and about half the rest of the team.

  • Dec 16, 201212:17 am


    Dan and Patrick what are your thoughts about the Pistons going after a Derrick Williams ? or even if it makes sense…

    He is still only 21 years old, alot of potential, many people thought Minny was not going to be a good place for him in the first place because of the position and the talent they already had….

    Maybe a change of location… would be great for him or maybe he just is what he is 

  • Dec 16, 201210:30 am
    by tommy t


    Not to pile on Larry too much, but I wonder if even he could take something away from this (besides that Tay is actually playing really well this year)


    • Dec 17, 201212:32 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      If you notice that almost all the top ones also have Drummond in there too.

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