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Joe Dumars: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond complement each other well

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

“Those kids, when they’ve had a chance to play together, they’ve played well,” Dumars said. “We certainly believe, going forward, those guys can make a pretty good tandem up front, because they complement each other and that’s the main thing you want to see with any tandem – that they complement each other.

“The things Greg is really good at, he can make up for Andre not having that. The things Andre is really good at, he can cover for Greg at that. Nice tandem. We’re hoping they’ll grow together as two young big guys who can control the paint for us for years to come.”

This is an evaluation everyone has made. Nearly everyone.


  • Dec 17, 201210:39 am
    by Ahmed


    Well then play them together!!!

  • Dec 17, 201210:50 am
    by vic


    That’s very encouraging – a concrete, committing, conclusive statement from Pistons management that actually makes basketball sense.

    So that leaves Frank holding the bag as either tanking on purpose for a draft pick, or just a bad coach. Good to have that narrowed down.

    Now if they can get someone strong where Brandon Knight is weak, they would really start to make basketball sense on the court:

    A PASS first guard good in DEFENSE like Michael Carter Williams or Marcus Smart. At the very least trade for another pick to get Trey Burke later…. He’s not good defensively but he controls the floor offensively.
    MCW – Rubio Lite or Andre Miller
    Smart – Harden Lite or Baron Davis
    Burke – Irving Lite 

    • Dec 17, 201210:57 am
      by I HATE FRANK



      We need an Athletic Wing player or a Big Athletic SG…

      that is a must in todays NBA…

      • Dec 17, 201212:06 pm
        by Vic


        Not really. A defensive wing is necessary, but your wing doesn’t have to be your best player to succeed. I would say that defenses Wayne is even more necessary than that. And we already have two of those with JJ and Kim English.

        mJ KD and LeBron don’t grow on trees either. Do you know how many score first wing players dominate in college and then strikeout in the NBA? 

        I’d rather pick up someone guaranteed to make our team better with defense and passing, rather than play Russian roulette with another dribbling shot chucker.


    • Dec 17, 20122:55 pm
      by Jon


      the only one of those who makes us better is MCW the other two are combo guards which we have plenty of. MCW works if we move BK over to the 2 since MCW has good size and can defend the 2. still i’d rather have shabazz, poythress, or porter unless there’s some way to get rudy gay or granger 

      • Dec 17, 20123:28 pm
        by vic


        yeah i like MCW the most too.
        Shabazz would be good if he’s available, but only if he has elite defensive numbers, which I haven’t seen yet. 

      • Dec 17, 20123:29 pm
        by vic


        Porter would be great but we have so many SFs…

        • Dec 17, 20128:29 pm
          by Jon


          we have a ton of sf’s but i don’t see any of them as being the future. prince will be gone in a couple years, and none of the others are really good enough to be starters. i think shabazz will be able to learn defense even if he’s not great coming out. he has the length and explosiveness to be a solid wing defender

  • Dec 17, 201210:53 am


    I dont know how to respond…

    I mean this wasn’t this clear back during the pre-season?

    Lawrence Frank (Speaking on Playing time):Guys get it based on merit, they understand the process. to me, whether you are young or old, it has to be based on merit.

    MERIT MEANS: Worthy of Praise or respect, superior quality, excellence. (FRANK YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE)

    To Joe Dumars stop trying to be subliminal, and tell your head coach to play Drummond and Monroe and save a whats left of this season.

    The fans deserve better…

  • Dec 17, 201211:49 am
    by piston moribund


    Obvious Frank is an autocrat.
    “Benefits of Autocratic Leadership
    Autocratic leadership can be beneficial in some instances, such as when decisions need to be made quickly without consulting with a large group of people. Some projects require strong leadership in order to get things accomplished quickly and efficiently.
    Have you ever worked with a group of students or co-workers on a project that got derailed by poor organization, a lack of leadership, and an inability to set deadlines? If so, chances are that your grade or job performance suffered as a result. In such situations, a strong leader who utilizes an autocratic style can take charge of the group, assign tasks to different members, and establish solid deadlines for projects to be finished.
    In situations that are particularly stressful, such as during military conflicts, group members may actually prefer an autocratic style. It allows members of the group to focus on performing specific tasks without worrying about making complex decisions. This also allows group members to become highly skilled at performing certain duties, which can be beneficial to the group.
    Downsides of Autocratic Leadership
    While autocratic leadership can be beneficial at times, there are also many instances where this leadership style can be problematic. People who abuse an autocratic leadership style are often viewed as bossy, controlling, and dictatorial, which can lead to resentment among group members.
    Because autocratic leaders make decisions without consulting the group, people in the group may dislike that they are unable to contribute ideas. Researchers have also found that autocratic leadership often results in a lack of creative solutions to problems, which can ultimately hurt the performance of the group.
    While autocratic leadership does have some potential pitfalls, leaders can learn to use elements of this style wisely. For example, an autocratic style can be used effectively in situations where the leader is the most knowledgeable member of the group or has access to information that other members of the group do not.”
    I think Joe D looks a lot like Idi Amin.  Joe D, “butcher of detroit pistons”

  • Dec 17, 201212:03 pm
    by Fennis


    This is hilarious, but misplaced. Frank is the autocrat and Joe D appears to be along for the slow, painful ride. 

  • Dec 17, 201212:36 pm
    by moe


    Tyreke evans is gonna be a FA , thats who detroit needs

    • Dec 17, 20122:57 pm
      by Jon


      more combo guards? why

  • Dec 17, 20122:05 pm
    by Brian


    I like reading the comments on this site, but haven’t in a couple weeks.  Clearly this pairing is a huge topic.

    Has anybody considered the idea that not playing the two together may actually help Drummond’s development?  If Monroe’s skill set covers up Drummond’s deficiencies, then Drummond may not be forced to develop those much needed skills.  It is one thing to try them in practice, but another to apply them in games.  Frank seems quite intentional with his moves, so perhaps he is intentionally putting Drummond in this position to force hime to develop different parts of his game in game situations.  Monroe’s presence on the court may adversely affect the situations that Drummond is forced into.

    • Dec 17, 20122:24 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      This is a good point of thinking outside the box, but I think we would all like to see the play together.

    • Dec 17, 20123:14 pm
      by Corey


      Interesting thought, but there doesn’t need to be a conflict. Drummond can play both with and without Monroe. If Monroe plays 35 minutes and Drummond 25, then Drummond could play 13 without Monroe and 12 with. The really frustrating thing for me is when Frank seems to think he has to trade of “center” minutes between the two, without playing Monroe at PF.

    • Dec 17, 20123:16 pm
      by ShawnJ


      I thought at one time that Frank had some sort of plan regarding Drummond’s development.  Now, I’m not sure.  I think Frank is more concerned with quality minutes from particular positions.  I think, for now, that he sees Monroe and Drummond at the 5 and and thinks in terms of having minutes for that position covered. 

      If he were to play these two simultaneously, who would he play when both of his bigs are resting? Viacheslav Kravtsov, I guess, is not ready for real minutes.  So, Frank plays both of his best players at different times at the same position. 

      Perhaps the real reasons that Drummond is not playing with Monroe is because Viacheslav is not ready to play and Maxiel is serviceable.   

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