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Joe Dumars: Andre Drummond is even more likable than you think

Via Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

“What people see is this raw talent that he brings,” Dumars said. “What people don’t see is the infectious personality that he has. That’s why you see so many people embracing him. That’s why he’s such a likeable guy. He has an infectious, great spirit about him that makes you root for him. He’s a guy you root for when he gets on the floor because he’s so open and pure and honest with you. That’s what people don’t see about him that we all – everybody, internally – know this kid has a great spirit about him.”

I already like Andre Drummond a great deal, so this is a bit of an existential crisis. Is it possible to like him even more? As I ponder this question, I’m comforted that everyone is probably in the same boat.

Nearly everyone.


  • Dec 18, 20123:14 pm
    by Victor


    after all star game break he’ll average 30mpg wait and see 

    • Dec 18, 20123:40 pm
      by MIKEYDE248


      Why?  Is that when they are going to fire Frank?

  • Dec 18, 20123:57 pm
    by John


    He’ll get his minutes at some point, Grantland has an article up that brings up some good points about why we haven’t seen Drummund and Monroe too much at this point (5 points for 100 possessions). The offensive already stinks enough, and to be honest I don’t think its fair or wise to make it more challenging for knight at this point.

    • Dec 18, 20124:17 pm
      by Day and Knight


      Offense sells tickets but defense can win games. We may or may not be worse on offense with Drummond out there, but our defense definitely improves when he’s on the floor. Monroe to me is overrated more than underrated because if you go by stats (like most people) he looks good but I’ve watched all of our games and the guy stinks it up on defense…badly! 

      • Dec 18, 20125:16 pm
        by tarsier


        “Offense sells tickets but defense can win games.”

        No, winning games sells tickets. And both offense and defense win games. The sometimes offensively challenged Pistons of the mid-2000s sold plenty of tickets. because their D rocked. But there is no more correlation between O and wins than D and wins. 

        • Dec 18, 20127:05 pm
          by Day and Knight


          Then why did Glden State always have people go to the

          • Dec 18, 20127:07 pm
            by Day and Knight

            why did golden state sell tickets and had butts in the crowd? They were horrible on defense, weren’t winning..hmm…lets think here oh ya: Ellis and Curry! People came out to see them they always drew a large crowd so that statement (like mine) is flawed

  • Dec 18, 20123:58 pm
    by John


    5 pts worse

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