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Injury partially explains Brandon Knights performance against Golden State

The clear topic throughout Wednesday’s Pistons game against the Golden State Warriors was what, exactly, was wrong with Brandon Knight, who had one of his worst games of the season. Knight has been dealing with a thigh bruise since the team’s loss to Dallas last Saturday, and according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, the injury is still bothering him:

For the first time, he admitted it was bothering him.

“It feels like you are playing dead-legged,” Knight told the Free Press.

It’s clear Knight is the tough, silent type who would likely rather play through a painful injury rather than sound like he’s complaining about it. But the injury pretty clearly impacted his performance and cost the team in that game. Perhaps it’s worth resting him if it’s still bothering him.


  • Dec 7, 20129:59 am
    by Victor


    I really don’t understand Stuckey and Knight playing through injuries. They’re no Kobe Bryant. We can wait for full recovery… If you’re hurt, go see the doctor and don’t play. No hero pose. If your hurt, your hurt.

    • Dec 7, 20121:45 pm
      by Big Rick


      Right. Knight is a work in progress still. Greg Monroe still isn’t a finished product yet. So I really don’t understand the philosophy that you can’t win with playing young talent, especially when the young talent exceeds or supercedes the talent of the veterans (Drummond in particular). It’s possible to do both. But why is Knight able to play through his mistakes for the most part? isn’t that reinforcing those mistakes? It was pointed out that his game total recently surpassed that of a whole 82 game season so the arguement was made that he was still a rookie basically. But he seems to have been given the reins to the team and we either sink or swim with him at the point. It’s just frustrating that you hear coach speak about Drummond, and making mistakes while it’s obvious that he helps us more than he hurts us. At the same time Brandon Knight makes at least 3 or 4 crucial mistakes a game and usually hurts us more than helps. Anyone see that Golden State game when there was 46 seconds left we were down by 3, Knight grabbed the offensive rebound and tried to force an ill advised pass to Prince through 3 of the Warriors big men, ultimately resulting in another costly turnover. Those mistakes seem way too common as of late, injury or not. As was stated earlier, if you play hurt but it limits your play then sit until you’re 100% unless you’re Kobe or Lebron, lol. I guess he’s trying to hold on to his starting position at PG. Afterall, that’s how he became our starting PG because of injury. I do agree with Patrick tho, as of late surprisingly Stuckey has been our best PG.

  • Dec 7, 201210:23 am


    I agree….Knight was playing well up until the injury ….Stuckey has played better since the migraine ….

  • Dec 7, 201211:44 am
    by vic


    playing bad doesn’t help the team win. you can try hard, but when you see that things are difficult, sit out.

  • Dec 7, 201212:30 pm
    by bugsygod


    If they had not traded billups and not signed CV and BG, then knight would not even be on this team! 
    Its gotta be the ownerships fault for not spending enough money on the medical staff to keep knight healthy. 
    If Joe would have made a trade down on ’09 draft we could have ty lawson instead of daye, then we would be championship contender! 
    If we didnt try and give curry & kuester there first HC opportuities we would be further along in this rebuild! 
    If the coach would just start all the rookies and cut the vets we would be a more pleasing team to watch and get excited for. 
    If they would cut those dumbass half time shows, they could take that money and spend more on player development!   
    If we would have drafted Blair instead of Summers then we would have the best rebounding team in the league!
    If we would have kept Hammond, then Joe would have a brain and not made all these poor decisons as Hammond has the bucks in championship race this year!
    If we would just follow the warriors, kings, raptors, suns, magic, bucks, nets, pacers, plans we would be a much better organization and have championships like them!

    Who am I?

  • Dec 7, 201212:43 pm
    by Crispus


    If Knight had sat, we could have had a Kim English sighting!

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