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Greg Monroe leads league in shots per game at rim, emerging as post passer

Blake Murphy of HoopData:

Greg Monroe may be the league’s best passer out of the low post. His 3.4 assists per game are solid and, without digging deeper, show a passing skill most big men don’t have. However, unlike the other names around him on the leader board, Monroe isn’t really an inside-outside big man in terms of the shots he takes.

To wit, look at his Hoopdata page. He actually leads the entire league in field goal attempts per game at the rim with 7.1 and also takes another 2.6 from three- to nine-feet out. In total, he takes more shots inside of 10 feet than any other player in the NBA except for Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez and Nikola Pekovic, and they’re all razor-close.

Monroe proceeds to take just 2.5 shots per game outside of 10 feet, meaning that roughly three quarters of his touches come from in the paint or short out on the baseline. So he’s spending a good amount of time down there.

It’s very interesting that Monroe leads the league in shots at the rim, and that’s a big positive. Although his shooting percentage at the rim is down this season, it’s still – by far – his most-efficient area.

Murphy also asked for my thoughts on Monroe’s passing, which he included in the post:

Monroe works from the high post more than his shot selection would indicate. He’s been a hesitant mid-range shooter lately, which has frustrated many fans, so most of his scoring comes in the low post. But most of his assists have come from the high post, from where he hits cutting teammates.


  • Dec 21, 20125:50 pm
    by frankie d


    he needs to start taking and making that 15 foot jumper without hesitation.
    teams are daring him to take it.  
    they are giving him the shot and laying back for his drive.  it sets up an extremely awkward situation, often, where he is faking…faking…faking…doing anything to try to get the defender to guard him, rather than just taking that open shot.
    weird, cause it seemed as though he was starting to take and make the shot last year.
    i’ve thought that he has been passing it up and driving as a way to get to the free throw line.
    whatever…he will start scoring 20+ per game once he starts taking that open shot.  it will open up everything – his drive, his passing, everything – once defenses start playing him honestly. 
    it’ll even keep him from getting his shot blocked so much, as defenders won’t be able to cheat and play him for the drive only. 

  • Dec 21, 20126:43 pm
    by Corey


    When he starts hitting that 15 footer regularly he’ll start making all star games- deservedly

  • Dec 21, 201210:51 pm
    by revken


    Monroe attempted more inside shots last year than any big other than Dwight Howard, and it looks like he’s continuing that trend this year.  I agree he needs to get better at shooting jumpers.  If he could consistently make that 15-foot bank shot that Tim Duncan has, his effectiveness would increase a lot.

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