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Grant Hill, Rasheed Wallace, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson – Hall of Famers?

ESPN asked five panelists whether four former Pistons – Grant Hill, Rasheed Wallace, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson – are Hall of Famers (hat tip: bball4224). Here’s a sampling of the responses, cherry picked of course to match my personal beliefs.


Haubner: Yes, based on precedent. Remember that college counts, and Hill’s résumé is quite similar to Hall of Famer David Thompson’s: great college player who had six exceptional pro seasons. Plus, Hill’s post-injury run has given him more longevity. If there were an NBA-only Hall of Fame, as there should be, I’d lean against Hill’s candidacy, due to his unfortunate career-derailing injuries.


Adande: No. Rasheed didn’t care about being an All-Star, so why would he care about being in the Hall of Fame? He’d be more likely to carefully pick his ‘fro, then spray it with activator before he’d be concerned with validation from outsiders. It’s a refreshing approach, but it’s why he didn’t put up surefire Hall Of Fame numbers, and why he wouldn’t get my vote. That’s a shame, because I’d love to hear his induction speech.


McPherson: No. Beloved by deep basketball heads for the nearly supernatural abilities he displayed for a brief window at the beginning of the 2000s, McGrady has had a career too potholed by difficulties to be a lock for the Hall. It’s roughly equivalent to putting the band Television into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just on the strength of the "Marquee Moon" album. I mean, "Marquee Moon" is so good but … hmm. Can I change my vote?


Haubner: Yes. Basketball-Reference rates Iverson as having a 99.8 percent probability of making the Hall. With an MVP, seven All-NBA teams (three firsts, three seconds, one third), 11 All-Star appearances, four scoring titles and more than 24,000 career points, The Answer is a no-brainer, even though his overall impact on winning is likely overrated (too much low-percentage, high-volume shooting).


  • Dec 12, 20127:08 pm
    by Jon Young


    It’s probably true and too bad that Rasheed won’t make the hall. Every team he plays for is successful. He knows how to win and what to do in order to make a team win. Of course that can be overlooked in the stat box. He is still an all time character and one of the more well known figures in the league over the last 15 years. Maybe he’ll get the call someday.

    • Dec 12, 20127:30 pm
      by Clint in Flint


      I hope so. Dennis Rodman made it so there is hope for Rasheed.

  • Dec 12, 201211:53 pm
    by Jay


    LOL all were Pistons at some point. 

  • Dec 13, 20121:28 am
    by Nine_Fat_Stalks


    Marquee Moon is too good for the RnR HOF

  • Dec 13, 20128:43 am
    by Steve K


    Surprised there’s so much love for Vince Carter. He never was a top-5 talent, even in his prime. 

    T-Mac, however, was. He should be a shoe-in to the hall. Even as a Piston, he was the smartest, most talented player on the team. It was tough for us to watch because we so desperately wanted our draft picks to outshine the grizzled, beat-up vet. But the fact that he played out of position (at Point Guard) and still was often the best player on the court showed his value.

    • Dec 14, 20127:56 am
      by I HATE FRANK


      “”T-Mac, however, was. He should be a shoe-in to the hall. Even as a Piston, he was the smartest, most talented player on the team”"

      that does speak well about T-Mac, it just goes to show how bad the Pistons have become…

  • Dec 14, 20127:53 am


    sometimes we forget that Grant Hill was the Lebron of his era, and he was most popular player in the NBA for like 5 out of 6 year….

    Grant Hill was such an amazing player, sometime I go on youtube and watch his highlights the he was amazing…

  • Apr 15, 201312:39 pm
    by CK8s


    G. Hill: Very good player whose career was derailed with injuries. Too bad – No HOFer.
    R. Wallace: Unless the HOF is only considering stats and not impact on the team this is a no-brainer: YES!
    T. McGrady: Its tuff but….man, nope. He didn’t get it done.
    A. Iverson: I think it is terrible to have him listed w/ these other 3, he is the only 100% yes on this list.

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