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Detroit Pistons year in review: 2013

Plenty of websites do a Year in Review at this time, and PistonPowered didn’t want to be left out. But we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, so we’re not looking back on 2012. We’re looking back on 2013, and what a year it was.

Jan. 1: The Pistons ring in the new year with a victory over the Kings. By winning three straight this season, Detroit joins an exclusive club that already includes 26 other teams.

Jan. 17: Playing the Washington Generals to the Knicks’ Harlem Globetrotters, the Pistons lose in London.  Austin Daye decides he doesn’t like British food and loses eight pounds during the trip.

Jan. 31: The NBA All-Star teams are announced, and no Pistons make it. Unlike last year when Greg Monroe was a near-equal to Roy Hibbert, nobody really complains. Except one guy who whines that the league is only about stars and hates Detroit. There’s always that guy.

Feb. 1: Jason Maxiell suffers a leg injury against the Cavaliers that will cause him to miss two games.

Feb. 3: Andre Drummond makes his first start.

Feb. 6: Maxiell returns and scores 10 points off the bench. After the game, Lawrence Frank says Drummond will remain in the starting lineup as long as he merits the spot.

Feb. 8: Before the game, Frank answers the last question he’ll ever face about Drummond starting. With a 12-point, nine-rebound, two-block game against the Spurs that night, Drummond fully entrenches himself as a starter to the point nobody brings up the topic again.

Feb. 21: The trade deadline passes without the Pistons making a deal. A report will later surface that the Pistons were really, really, really, really close to a trade this time, they promise. According to the report, the Pistons offered Rodney Stuckey for DeMarcus Cousins and Francisco Garcia, and the Kings countered with John Salmons for Corey Maggette.

April 7: The Pistons lose to the Bulls and are officially eliminated from playoff contention.

April 10: Pistons beat the Cavaliers.

April 12: Pistons beat the Bobcats.

April 15: Pistons beat the 76ers.

April 17: Pistons beat the Nets, finishing the season on a four-game win streak and with a 32-50 record.

April 18: Joe Dumars says Lawrence Frank will return for a third season. I write a post explaining that Dumars has repeatedly said coaches will keep their job and then firing them days later.

April 19: Dumars meets with the media and reiterates Frank will keep his job. Dumars also says how unacceptable this season was.

May 2: Andre Drummond finishes third in Rookie of the Year voting behind winner Damian Lillard and runner-up Anthony Davis. The placement seems about fair – though Drummond could make a case over Davis and has better per-minute numbers than Lillard.

May 6: Drummond receives a two All-Defensive second-team votes.

May 21: Continuing a tradition, last year’s lottery pick represents the Pistons at this year’s lottery. Andre Drummond brings a lucky penguin toy, but Mumble doesn’t bring the Pistons good fortune. Seeded sixth, they stay at the sixth pick.

June 27: The Pistons draft Shabazz Muhammad, who inexplicably slips when the Cavaliers reach for Tony Mitchell to prove they’re smarter than everyone else and the Kings draft Otto Porter to attempt to add character to their locker room. I write a post arguing Muhammad has some tendencies that could cause major trouble down the road, mainly his need to be a high-volume shooter, but because he’s so talented and potentially such a good fit, the Pistons are very fortunate to draft him. Some commenters bash me for being a hater. Others bash me for not concluding Muhammad’s advanced stats during one season playing for Ben Howland, who’s notorious for making future NBA players look subpar, ensure Mohamed will be a bust. Everyone agrees I’m an idiot.

June 30: Pistons let the deadline pass to extend Austin Daye a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent.

July 1: The Pistons agree to terms with O.J. Mayo on a four-year, $48 million contract with a player option for the fourth year – just in case Mayo decides he doesn’t want to make $12.75 million in 2016-17.

July 3: Chris Paul re-signs with the Clippers, and a annoyingly vocal segment of fans complain the Pistons didn’t sign him instead of Mayo.

July 4: Josh Smith re-signs with the Hawks, and the Pistons begin to leak how much they like Charlie Villanueva and brag about all the trade offers they got for him three years ago.

July 15: The deadline passes without the Pistons amnestying Villanueva.

Oct. 1: Pistons open training camp with 16 players, including training-camp invite Terrence Williams.

Oct. 21: Pistons cut Terrence Williams

Dec. 6: Austin Daye scores 21 points to lead the Hornets over Detroit.

Dec. 13: Pistons fire Lawrence Frank after a 6-18 start. Brian Hill is named interim coach.


  • Dec 31, 201212:07 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    I hope you are trying some form of reverse psychology on the universe in pretty much everything you stated.  The only things I’d agree with is the Drummond gets to start and we end the season on a 4+ game winning streak.  But, here’s to hoping it all works out in the end.

  • Dec 31, 201212:37 pm
    by Reaction


    I really hope we get Shabazz Lol

    • Dec 31, 201212:37 pm
      by Reaction


      It would answer either our SG problem or SF problem

  • Dec 31, 201212:42 pm
    by Otis


    Well that was fun.

    But these pipe dreams about OJ Mayo or any other free agent who can impact a team aren’t doing anybody any good. There are more teams with cap space than free agents worth pursuing, which means the Pistons will miss out.

  • Dec 31, 201212:44 pm
    by Travis


    About 95% correct. 

    12.13 – The Knicks with Coach Woodson and Austin Daye have the best record in the Atlantic division at 19-5. Pistons fire Lawrence Frank and name Brian Hill interim coach. Triple wammy for Pistons fans.

  • Dec 31, 201212:44 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    lol, good read…

  • Dec 31, 201212:44 pm
    by Haan


    Nice.  You make me feel like an optimist, Dan, which is a good feeling to have heading into a new year.  I’ll stretch my counterprediction to the end of the 2013-’14 season, saying that the Pistons will be around .500 then.  How?  One more useful high draft pick, a good trade based on salary cap space, and moderate improvement by the youngsters, and we’re about there.

  • Dec 31, 20121:05 pm
    by Scott Free


    Sounds about right, and heck, if Drummond/Monroe/Knight manage to improve, while adding Mayo and Muhammad — I’ll be pleased as punch.

    • Dec 31, 20121:14 pm
      by Reaction


      TBH I don’t know how much Knight can grow as a PG.. he just doesn’t have the natural court vision necessary to be a dominant PG. He’s more of a combo guard type player.. I can see him developing into a Jason Terry style player though and I think he would be best as a 6th man. I haven’t seen an insane strides on Knight’s part despite his hard work ethic. Kemba has improved substantially from last year and is putting up crazy stat lines that I didn’t even expect he wold be able to put up. However, Kemba is more explosive than Knight is and I don’t know if Knight can develop that explosiveness as well.

  • Dec 31, 20122:16 pm
    by Maeby


    Austin Daye decides he doesn’t like British food and loses eight pounds during the trip.”

    - Where I lost it. 

  • Dec 31, 20122:41 pm
    by Crispus


    Dude everybody wants to trade Austin Daye but I say keep him if he wants to be here. The talent is real and he’s finally out of the doghouse after 4 years of shame.

  • Dec 31, 20122:42 pm
    by Crispus


    And I think Drummond will put up more like 20 and 20 and 5 blocks in his first start, smiling the whole time, and stunning everyone.

  • Dec 31, 20123:07 pm
    by Lake Side Live


    Quatrains worthy of Nostradamus!  Scary to think about getting oj mayo and muhammed log jam at sg with two players who are  alot a like sound familiar?

  • Dec 31, 20123:13 pm
    by Accelerator


    Keith Langlois will write about how Shabazz Muhammad has a high ceiling.

  • Dec 31, 20123:41 pm
    by EMan


    Groundhog Year? This all sounds too familiar.

  • Dec 31, 20123:58 pm
    by Herman Neutic


    Possibly the most common blind spot continually demonstrated by pistonpowered posters is the failure to appreciate Lawrence Frank’s coaching and teaching abilities. The players obviously are developing, both individually and as a team, they play hard and never quit, but Frank gets little, if any, credit. Furthermore, players, who everyone wanted to dump five minutes ago, suddenly have their career’s rejuvenated, yet Frank gets absolutely no credit for this. It’s as if everything good that happens is the result of magic. Next year, however, this all changes. Detroit, continuing where it left off, starts the season strong and criticisms of Frank begin to fade. Meanwhile, Frank slowly brings the team’s latest and most excellent draft picks into the rotation. When the Piston’s make the playoffs, win the first round, and Lawrence Frank is named Coach of the Year, everyone is claiming that they always liked Frank. Frank goes on to become the winningest coach in Pistons history.  

    • Dec 31, 20128:17 pm
      by Chris H


      Can I have what you are smoking?

      In all reality I am not against Frank, I do think he is a decent coach.  Probably the best that we have had since Brown (Never been a Flip fan, but I understood the hire just shouldn’t have gotten rid of Big Ben)Players do seemed to have developed, and the team seems to click more as the season goes on.  Are we actually better than the league average? Probably not, but Frank seems to be nursing those bright spots we have.  I’m not saying we’re goign to win a championship with him, but we could do much worse.  I mean who else is going to coach this team that is any better?  Someone with a championship pedigree isn’t going to come running to detroit right now.   

  • Dec 31, 20124:14 pm
    by Mongo Slade


    I feel like even though Shabazz will be a good player in the pro, I think he will be one of those player to leave for a bigger city like LA or New York. I wouldn’t mind a player like Marcus Smart who could be next years Damian Lillard or Alex Poythress who could in near future be a suitable replacement for Prince. I would have to say both of these players are very good defensive players I hear that Marcus is a vocal leader which Detroit is lacking, also a decent playmaker. I know everyone is tired of combo guards but he looks for someone else before getting his own shot.

  • Dec 31, 20124:34 pm
    by Maeby


    Scouts loved Muhammad far too much in HS for him to fall to the sixth overall pick. Compound that by UCLA’s said continual penchant of making good prospects look bad, and I would really be surprised.

  • Dec 31, 20124:46 pm
    by Corey


    Drummond fell to 9. Shabazz could fall to 6.

  • Dec 31, 20125:06 pm
    by Pete C


    Disappointing prediction. Love your player grades and your practical stuff, but you lack imagination. Andre Drummond is going to before after an NBA off-season and the team will continue to mprove with this base.

    • Dec 31, 201210:00 pm
      by jerrific


      I don’t know if I would say “you lack imagination” to someone who writes a crwative take on the end-of-the-year review that gets over used everywhere else on the web. Also, it’s just unnecessarily insulting. 

  • Dec 31, 20126:02 pm
    by Vic


    Shabazz could fall.. And I wouldn’t be mad about it. His scoring numbers are great, he just doesn’t pass or get steals. He won’t bust that’s for sure, the NBA game will suit him well.

    I would rather have Otto Porter or Tony Mitchell though, especially if Prince is traded.

    Frank is a great system coach, and systems do make players better. He’s just a bad decision making coach , which causes losses in winnable games.

    Scotty Brooks is a great system coach, but has lost the last two playoff series with bad decision making. If you dont enjOy the luxury of having 3 of the best players in the World on your team, you’re going to need more than a system coach.


  • Dec 31, 20127:28 pm
    by revken


    Brilliantly done!  Aren’t you glad I didn’t call you an idiot!

  • Dec 31, 20128:43 pm
    by joe dumars


    OJ May and Shabazz? ohhhh the chemistry!

  • Dec 31, 201210:42 pm
    by Ahmed


    hahah this is so funny :)

  • Jan 1, 20131:46 am
    by Reaction


    What I want to see happen is the Pistons attempting to get two lottery picks(1 high lottery one and maybe one 10-15 pick) so they can try to draft both Shabazz and a actual PG who has solid court vision like Marcus Smart, CJ McCollum, MCW, or even Trey Burke even though he is only 6′. This would enable the team to build a lot nicer with a PG that can pass well and a wing player that can shoot amazingly. As I said above, I see Knight as a combo guard/6th man type player and not a starting PG since he lacks the explosiveness/court vision I think a dynamic PG needs.

  • Jan 1, 201310:46 am
    by vic


    December 30th. Joe Dumars hires Bill Laimbeer

  • Jan 1, 201312:51 pm
    by jkg1610


    We need to hire phil jackson!

    • Jan 1, 20131:55 pm
      by James Jones


      Phil only coaches guaranteed winners, I doubt he wants any part of the troubled Pistons.

  • Jan 1, 20131:52 pm
    by James Jones


    Everything sounds about right, except the part where Daye scores 20.
    Daye is going to ride the pine his whole career, just my opinion.

  • Jan 1, 20133:17 pm
    by Nick


    With all the D Cousins trade rumors going around I dont believe the Pistons are trying to get him, but Detroit will probably be the 3rd team in a trade to help him get to Boston at trade deadline. I don’t know who detroit will trade but I think the Pistons will end up with Jeff Green. I think Green with be a better fit in Detroit that in Boston. Everyone says Prince slows the offense down, Green is the athletic SF that we can use that will run and space the floor. Just my opinion.

  • Jan 1, 20133:42 pm
    by Talan


    Great writing Dan, i really enjoyed it! I sure hope we don’t end up with Jeff Green. His contract is worse than Tayshaun’s and Green might be a worse player. 

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