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Detroit Pistons salary page updated

It was long overdue, but the “Salaries” tab at the top of this page has been updated. To celebrate this Christmas miracle, I’ll be around to answer any questions about the Pistons’ salary structure in the comments.

Also, there are a lot of figures involved, so if you see any errors, please let me know, and I’ll fix them.


  • Dec 25, 20124:23 pm
    by gmehl


    Hey my salary for being a long standing (suffering) piston fan isn’t on there. Seriously though I can’t wait to see what the salary situation looks like next season…as long as Joe doesn’t fcuk it up that is.

  • Dec 25, 20127:14 pm
    by picknroll


    Thanks for updating……..don’t like going to another site for accurate salary info.  Excited about the salary flexibility next year but very concerned about how it will be used!!

  • Dec 25, 20127:55 pm
    by Guus


    Dear Dan,
    Merry Christmas (and a Merry Christmas to my fellow commenters/readers as well, ofcourse)!
    I had a question about the caphold for each player after their last years. What is a caphold exactly? How is it calculated/ estimated? What is its function?
    I know quite a bit about the basics of the NBA’s salary structure, but this term I haven’t looked into yet :)
    Thanks for finding time in between watching any of the games and christmas dinner to answer questions :)
    Eindhoven, Netherlands

    • Dec 26, 20126:05 am
      by Dan Feldman



      Essentially, when a player’s contract expires, he continues to count against his team’s cap until he’s renounced or signs a new contract (with his previous team or a new team). That way, a team can’t sign other free agents and then go over the cap to re-sign its own free agents.

      The amount of a cap hold, or free agent amount, depends on the type of contract the player just completed.

      More details can be found in Larry Coon’s FAQ, beginning with No. 36.

      Cap holds are also applied in years the Pistons don’t have 12 players in the form of roster charges (explanation here). 

  • Dec 26, 201212:40 am
    by gmehl


    Here is a fun fact of the day: Andre Drummond’s 11 points, 14 rebounds and 5 swats Friday against Washington made him the first rook to hit those levels in one game since Dwight Howard in 2005. The kid is on limited minutes too.

  • Dec 26, 20124:47 am
    by Tiko


    I have the same question as Guus regarding cap hold. It doesn’t make any sense to me

  • Dec 26, 20129:52 am
    by Tyrone


    It looks like Joe D has done a good job managing the cap for the next two seasons.  Prince, Singler, JJ, and Knight are the only players whos contract will not be expiring with in the next two seasons and they could all be good trading pieces if a good deal is presented.  

    Everyone else has incentive to play and preform for there next contract.  Lets see who wants it more.  Pistons have options going forward, we can be players in multiple team trades, go after unsigned players, and this season will probably be another top 10 draft pick. 

    This team is going in the right direction.   

  • Dec 26, 20122:21 pm
    by bugsygod


    Just so im correct in reading this.  If we renounce max, bynum, daye, maggette AND anmesty CV, does that give us appoximately 29mil in cap space?

    • Dec 26, 20125:01 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      That 29 million is how much the Pistons have committed in salary if no options (player and team) are exercised and all free agents are renounced. I don’t list cap room for future seasons, because the salary cap is not yet set for future seasons.

      In the scenario you described — assuming the salary cap remains the same as this year, which isn’t a bad estimate — the Pistons would have $23,362,127 in cap room.

      • Dec 27, 20122:49 pm
        by bugsygod


        Thanks, but if they have 29mil in committed salary and the salary cap (in this scenario) is 58mil, doesnt that give them approx 29mil?  Not sure how you got to 23mil?  I must have missed 6mil somewhere.

        • Dec 27, 20124:02 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          A few things counted in your scenario that the $29 million figure does not include:

          The non-guaranteed portion of Stuckey’s contract
          The non-guaranteed portion of Kravtsov’s contract
          English’s contract, which is fully non-guaranteed
          Two minimum-salary roster charges for having fewer than 12 players 

          • Dec 27, 20124:13 pm
            by bugsygod

            Ok, just thought it was more than the 23mil.  So Mayo gets 10mil, Milsap gets 10mil, E. maynor 3mil?  Sound good?

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